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AN: This is my first attempt at a sustained songfic, so please bear with me if it doesn't always work out well! Basically, I was going through my music collection one day and found that so many songs could apply to New Moon but felt I couldn't tell it from Bella's POV, thus Alice came into the picture. Please review with praise or criticism! Enjoy!

To say that I was upset with him was a gross understatement. The rest of the family didn't like his decision, but they felt it was made for the right reasons. I, however knew more than they did. I had seen it all. And I was angry beyond all belief. He was trying to keep her from being hurt, but in the process will hurt her more than he can ever imagined.

Ha! Look at how his head snaps at me with those eyes of fury. Bring it, asshole. I have a whole lot of pixie fury building up and I will tear you limb from limb if I need to Edward.

"Alice," he muttered quietly.

No, Edward, I will not show you my vision. I turned my attention back to my furious packing, not even paying attention to what I was packing anymore. I wouldn't let him see what he would do to Bella very, very shortly. Instead, I began singing in my head.

Perfect by nature
Icons of self indulgence
Just what we all need

Yes, Edward, vampire nature has made you look perfect and we indulge in our beauty. But what you did was so much worse.

More lies about a world that
Never was and never will be
Have you no shame don't you see me
You know you've got everybody fooled

You lied when you said you would never leave Bella. You lied to me when you said I could be her best friend, no strings attached. Because I now had to leave her, and that is not what best friends do. You fooled us all into thinking that you truly cared for Bella and would protect her from every hurt that came her way. You don't see how much she needs you here.

Look here she comes now
Bow down and stare in wonder
Oh how we love you

No flaws when you're pretending

We are experienced liars, we have to be good. You Edward, are the king of lies, so bow everyone! Bow to the king who thinks he can rule us all and dictate where and when we move just because he doesn't want to be man enough to live up to his responsibilities.

But now I know she
Never was and never will be
You don't know how you've betrayed me
And somehow you've got everybody fooled

You don't know how much you have fooled us all, Edward. You betrayed me. You hurt me. More importantly, you betrayed Bella, your own soulmate. You are ruining the only good thing in your life, you dumbass.

Without the mask where will you hide
Can't find yourself lost in your lie
I know the truth now
I know who you are
And I don't love you anymore

Once you've done this horrid thing to Bella, where will you go? What will you do to get away from the image of her that will haunt your sleepless days and nights? You will always be my brother, Edward, but I refuse to love you right now. Not when you are hurting one of the most important people in my life. Make that two for you are killing Jasper by making him think that you are leaving because you think he will kill Bella. He can do this, Edward, but you aren't giving him the proper chance.

It never was and never will be
You don't know how you've betrayed me
And somehow you've got everybody fooled

It never was and never will be
You're not real and you can't save me
Somehow now you're everybody's fool

Everyone! Meet Edward, the former king and now court jester, demoted by his own folly and stupidity.