------BREAKING NEWS-------

"My name is Andrea Summers and here we are live at Belleview Hill where a huge explosion occurred inside that building over there." A blonde-haired reporter said, as the camera man shifted to a closer look at a white building with smokes coming out.

"Police, firefighters, and the medical team have all arrived to check on this scene. As of right now, we're awaiting any – Wait…" Andrea stopped and looked towards the building as the camera man adjusted the view as a number of police pushing movable beds, and were on it were people probably dead and covered with black covers.

"Well folks… It seems like a tragic accident happened here folks, there are one, two, three, four, five bodies and counting…" Andrea said as police kept moving more and more dead bodies.

"Wait, what's that? Zoom over here Carlos!" Andrea noticed and quickly ordered her camera man as he shifted it closer to a certain bed where someone seems to be alive. He had silver hair, wrinkles in his face with one side of his face a bloody mess, his clothes were burnt, along with some flesh as paramedics rushed with emergency care, trying to keep this one alive at all costs.

"Kkeee… Luuukkkkeeeee…. Yooo..u'lll…." The bloody man tried to say as he coughed up blood.

"Wait, that man seems to be trying to say something!"

"LLUUKKEE!!! YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!!!" He shouted until he suddenly stopped and breathed his last, his hands dropped to the sides of the bed, as his entire system shut down. Paramedics rushed in, carrying a lifeline machine, while the camera got blocked by police trying to shove the two away along with several reporters.


"Oh my…" A girl said to herself, stunned by the sudden scene from the television that interrupted her show of Professor Oak on his everyday guide to Pokemon.

She had long deep, emerald hair, her eyes was of sapphire, similar to the majestic ocean. Her skin was as smooth and light as an angel. She wore a dark blue long-sleeved shirt, navy blue jeans and white sneakers.

She was sitting on a sofa inside her family house, on her side was a backpack filled with your daily necessities in travelling. It was her tenth birthday today and she can finally be a pokemon trainer. And on her lap was a brown fluffy pokemon, its large, soft, beige-like fur on its neck and tail and made it so cute along with its smile.

Eevee, her first pokemon which she found and took care of her when she was seven, although she was given the chance to choose a starter pokemon, namely either Chimchar, Turtwig, or Piplup, she chose to stick with her loyal and dependable Eevee.

The girl was supposed to be very excited on her first day to be a full-pledged trainer and was hoping to be more excited once she watched her favorite show one more time, but suddenly, that tragic incident struck her heart. She remembered the man who died before even reaching the ambulance.

That silver hair, deep emerald eyes, that old, grumpy face, that was her best friend's dad. She stood up and ran towards the phone as her Eevee accompanied her. She dialed up some numbers and put the phone to her ears as constant ringing sounds could be heard until someone on the other line picked it up.

"Hello, Chavis residence-" A familiar female voice answered, as the girl quickly knew who she was.

"Hi Ma'am, this is Megan, Luke's friend. I just wanted to let you know about the news-"

"That my husband died, I know…"

"I'm really sorry for your loss Ma'am, but can I speak with Luke?"

"I'm glad to, but to tell you frankly…"


"Is that he's been missing since yesterday."


"What am I going to do… My husband just died and my son's been missing…" The mother said between weeps, and followed by a loud cry, the sudden incidents has been too much for her.

"I'm really sorry, but I really got to go…"

"It's okay Ma'am…"


Megan too was stunned, her best friend was also missing and she didn't know anything about it until now. Tears formed from her eyes, she was supposed to be travelling with him throughout the Sinnoh region, win gym battles and contests together, all those dreams and goals in life they shared about, it felt like every moment just crumbled down into dust.


"Police has just recovered a video tape probably from a surveillance camera, this could be evidence whether if this was really an accident, only time will tell folks…" Andrea said as police played the video tape, thanks to technology, the video was quickly shared with everyone.

The video was kinda blurry, it was dark as lightings were probably destroyed, debris were scattered across the ground, and sparks from ruined machines could be seen surging from cut wires and broken parts. But quickly something moved and stopped in front of the surveillance camera.

It had sharp, deep emerald eyes but the rest of its body was shrouded by darkness, suddenly it shut its eyes and a bright orange beam formed from it aiming towards the surveillance camera and shot it as the video lost its signal, followed by 'bzzhh, bzzhh, bzzhh' sounds.


Megan was quiet, somehow that deep emerald eyes that glared through the camera reminded her of someone she knew for a very long time, but couldn't recall who it was.

"Eevee…" Her pokemon called out to her as she pushed her head against her legs, bringing Megan back to reality as she knelt down and lifted her Eevee to her arms and embraced her tightly.

"I'm sorry Eevee, it's just… it's just…" Megan said between weeps, Eevee could feel the same way she did as well and rubbed her face against her cheeks, trying to comfort her trainer.

"Eve, eve, eevee…" Her pokemon suddenly burst out some words in pokemon language, she pulled her face from hers and stared at Megan's eyes with determination, somehow her trainer understood what her pokemon had meant.

"Y-you're right, Eevee… I should be strong, just like Luke said…" Megan said as she wept the tears from her eyes and stood up, she could feel much calmer now unlike before.

"Thanks for cheering me up Eevee, you're the best…" Megan praised her pokemon and rubbed her nose against hers as Eevee gave her the same treatment as well.

"Besides, we might find Luke on our travel right?" She said happily and placed her Eevee on the sofa gently and checked her backpack. Yep, everything's here all right, she put her backpack on, turned off the TV, wrote something with a pen and paper and placed it on an endtable beside the door. She opened the door and proceeded outside as a gentle breeze welcomed her as her first day as a pokemon trainer starts now.

Eevee was also excited as she was, but something was really going on in her mind that she couldn't forget of, that conversation a while ago, she could feel that a part of her heart was torn off.

Luke was missing, and it hurt her. She did like the silver-haired boy pretty much, or everybody usually says, crush. Although he was human and she was a pokemon, she didn't care much about their differences, that made her recall the last meeting they had back a week ago.


"Hey Megan!" A silver-haired boy called out to her emerald-haired friend and waved his hand around to catch her attention.

"Luke!" Megan shouted back and waved her hand around as well, and in her other arm, she was carrying Eevee.

They finally got close and did their own original handshake followed with a loud laugh, then the two went to their usual hangout by the lake, it was a beautiful and quiet place indeed. They sat down together and watched the water pokemons play around.

"So Luke, which starter pokemon are you gonna choose?" Megan asked as she pet her Eevee on her lap, who wasn't paying any attention to her at all but only to her friend.

"I still haven't decided yet, I've narrowed down my choices to Chimchar and Piplup, but it's so hard to decide between the two. Piplup can evolve into an Empoleon which becomes a steel-type which helps its defense dramatically but a Chimchar can evolve which becomes part fighting-type which is also useful as well, bah!" Luke said as he scratched his head, it was indeed hard, choosing a starter pokemon would mean it will be your companion for the rest of your life and it is an important decision to make.

"Eeeeve…" Eevee interrupted his thoughts and jumped onto his lap from Megan, not wanting to be ignored much further and looked up to the boy's confused look which was really cute for her.

"Hey Eevee, what's gotten into you?" Luke asked and petted Eevee on the head which she really liked as she rose up to his chest and licked his face.

"Hey, stop that, it tickles…" Luke chuckled while Eevee continued licking his face until he managed to force her down.

"Eevee really really likes you, don't you think?" Megan asked while staring at her pokemon's weird behavior towards her friend.

"Yeah, I've been noticing it in the past three weeks…" Luke replied and lifted Eevee to the air in front of him and stared at her in the eyes, but Eevee could only think about was to give him another set of licks as she moved wildly on his arms.

"I think that she's in love with you…" Megan teased him.



Suddenly, a pair of eyes woke up from its slumber, it panted loudly and continuously, it felt tired but at the same time, relieved. It slowly rose up to its feet but quickly stumbled.

Luke, a silver-haired fox-like pokemon or a mutant of some sort with faint similiarities of a taller Eeveelutions, with deep emerald eyes which were his remaining features as a human being once. An hour has passed since that incident, he managed to escape into a nearby forest and ended up falling unconscious maybe due to extreme fatigue or something more…

He felt strange at first, before he lost unconscious, he could feel that his now four feet was running and coordinated, but now, it was even hard for him to even stand up, that made him confused.

He slowly rose up again and finally maintained his balance as he slowly made his way towards a lake followed by a few trips and stumbles.

He stared at his reflection from the water, he was completely different now, a human changed into a pokemon. How weird can that be? But even though it was weird, it happened to him, and now stuck in this form, looks like he needs to get used to it for the time being.

He thought about his father, that once caring, brave, and intelligent man, now became nothing more but a heartless, sadistic monster who used his own son for his selfish goals.

He could feel rage within himself against that man, but thinking about it made him feel something, a burning, powerful sensation, that same feeling back in the laboratory where he simultaneously changed into different forms.

He tried to suppress the sudden course of power within himself, but trying in vain consumed most of his energy as his feet suddenly gave in and his whole body falling towards the water.

He couldn't breathe as his body slowly submerged deeper, he doesn't even know how to swim in this form while that feeling got worse until he fell unconscious, his eyes slowly shut and was merely floating, could this be his end?

to be continued…


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