AN: Okay, the deal is this: the following 30 one-shots will explore the stages of the relationship between Sango and Inuyasha. This will stretch far beyond their just realizing how they feel about each other. I'm going for the life story! These will be short, and the rating will be there for a reason. The first two will be introspective, but after that, it will read like a story. Enjoy and review if you want.

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Stage One: Hidden


Wide awake. His eyes would not close, but for some reason everyone else's could. He leaned against the bark of the tree in which he sat, his head tilted back. His eyes cast upward, he stared into the starless sky, peering right into abyss of his soul: black and empty. The intangible darkness tortured him nightly, only furthering his longing for another person's touch. Her touch.

Keeping his head still, he cut his eyes down to the leaf-covered ground. With protective eyes, he watched her sleep, her chest rising in falling in rhythmic motion, her slumber suddenly rousing something within him. His heartbeat sped up a little, and his ears perked a bit; he wanted to hear her breathe. Breathe for him as he breathed for her. Exist for her.

He was confident that she did not feel the same way about him, but oddly enough, he did not mind. Actually, he preferred it that way. He didn't deserve her; he had hurt too many others in the past. He had not earned the entitlement to be happy. He did not even earn the right to smile, to laugh, to be joyous. To be with her.

His attention came back when she seemed to wake, but he calmed himself when she only rolled onto her back and continued to sleep. He could see her face now, still as perfect as the first time he saw it.

Her features were flawless, a blemish wouldn't dare to mar her beauty. His insides would tremble whenever he looked at her, his body responding to her in ways that she was completely oblivious to. But while he could go on for days about her beauty, he could talk forever about ... her eyes. The dark ebony of her eyes that matched her hair; he loved them the best. He mentally cursed her pink hued eyelids every time they closed and obstructed her orbs from his view, but when they pulled back, he praised them. The deep brown of her eyes entranced him, paralyzed him in their gaze, and burned into him with the occasional acidity. He welcomed and savored any stray look she gave him.

And now as he watched her body rest, he wished he could curl himself around her, warm her from the unforgiving cold of the night. She shivered and his breath hitched; he chanted to himself that she wouldn't become sick. He wouldn't dare lose such a woman to a silly cold. Damn humans. But despite her living as an inferior being, he loved her all the same. He loved her like she was the most supreme specimen; his deity. His goddess.

He could sit and think about his love all day, but he knew he could never have her, touch her, kiss her. She would always think he loved the miko, the childish human girl from the other side of the well. But she was almost correct: he did love a human... but a demonslayer, with a wonderful face and a more beautiful heart.

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