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"Well, well, well, What do we have here?" a nasally voice asked from the door way. " Is this your next conquest Poppy?"
"Ruby!" Poppy breathed.

"What are you doing here?" Poppy asked more strongly
"Visiting you of course." Ruby replied in a sickly sweet voice, "I heard you weren't well." Both Freddie and Poppy turned to glare at Molly, who shrugged; she had no clue how Ruby knew. "But I see your new boy toy is making it all better."
"Just shut up Ruby." Freddie said calmly from the couch, growing up at an all girl's school he knew how to handle bitchy situations.
"How dare you talk to me like that," she thundered at Freddie, "Do you know who I am?"
"Yes," Freddie didn't even appear phased "Your that bitch who was so mean and nasty to Poppy."
"How dare you." Ruby was livid,
"Easily it's the truth." Freddie struggled to keep the calm fa├žade; inside he was livid at this girl who waltzed into the house and talked to Poppy like trash. "Now I don't want you here, Poppy doesn't want you here, and I'm pretty sure Molly doesn't want you here, so you better get out before I report you for trespassing."
"Whatever Pommy." Ruby snarled, "You can't do that here in LA." She lied
"Don't lie to me." Freddie's calm mask was starting to slip, "I used to live in LA, so you better get out of here before I call the police."
When Ruby just stood there glaring at him dirtily he finally snapped. "NOW!" With that ruby scampered out of the house tail between her legs.

"UGH SHE IS SOOO." Freddie raged as soon as she left, "I can not believe you were ever friends with her."
"Hey it's fine," Poppy tried to sooth the worked up boy "she's always like that, don't worry."
"Don't Worry?" he thundered at her, "What if I hadn't decided to come over here, If I hadn't cared, then you would still be like you were, and she would've ripped you to shreds."
At his harsh words, Poppy's eyes began to fill with tears, which was all it needed for Freddie to calm down from his rant. "Oh my god Poppy I'm so sorry." He said, "I was just so livid, I didn't mean you couldn't cope with out me."
"Yes you did." She hiccuped, and when he went to deny it she waved his protests away and continued "and it's true, without you I'm a mess."
"Oh Poppy." He sighed as he gathered the sobbing girl into his arms, "That isn't true you copped before me."

Molly quietly left the room, without the two lovebirds noticing, and went to her computer to email the girls in London and update them on Poppy's progress.

"Yea, but as soon as you walked into my life, you can't walk out again, it's not possible or I will fall apart."
"Ok." Freddie said smoothly "I guess I'm here to stay." The two lay together on the couch for a while before Poppy remembered something. "Hey, you told Ruby you used to live in LA, is it true?"
"Sort of," He told her, he had hoped she wouldn't pick up on that. "My dad lived he after he divorced mum."
"So how come you moved back to England?" Poppy asked, curious. Maybe it was a bad thing he was so good at hiding his emotions.
"Let's just say we didn't get on." Freddie said, with a tone that closed the subject.
"Oh Ok then." Poppy said as she snuggled deeper into his chest, exhausted again.

Ruby sat seething in her huge bedroom, how dare Poppy's little man toy talk to her like that, all of her "boyfriends" in the past had worshiped her feet, and ended up cheating on Poppy with her, maybe it was the money and the perks, it didn't matter it still happened, but this one seemed to hate her guts, there was no way for her to beat and break him, so she would just have to get to Poppy, which may be harder than usual, due to the fact she had revealed her secret, Oh well. She would just have to break them up. She smiled evilly to herself, before getting out her blackberry.

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