A/N: I loved this scene from "Fire in the Ice". Check out the look on Wendell's face. He's next to Booth's bare chest, so it's easy to miss.

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So I'm sitting here, my mouth hanging open, one hand holding a bag of ice to my head and I start to grin like an idiot. Booth looks at me—glares at me—and I cover my mouth with my free hand to cover up my laugh.

He glances over his shoulder and the guys all get real quiet real quick.

He was so embarrassed by Dr. Brennan coming in here. And a little pissed that she got cat calls from the other guys. And stared at by me.

Booth tosses his shin guard with his good hand. One of the guys tells him that his girlfriend is hot, but he acts like he didn't hear it.

"You're lucky," I say.

"What?" He locks on to me with that Big Brother stare and I realize I goofed.

I try to cover my slip up.

"Um. Your hand." I point at his hand under the bag of ice. "You're lucky it's just your hand."