Stars I hate him.

I hate him so much.

So tired…..

I glare at him. A dirty smirk on my face.

I glare at Obi-Wan Kenobi. The monster that betrayed me. Turned my own wife against me. And then forced me into a fight. That damned traitor.

He stares back at me with a very pathetic expression and screams "It's over Anakin! I have the high ground!"

My smirk deepens. Who does he think he is? Telling me it's over?

He obviously doesn't know how powerful I really am. So you know what? I'll show him.

Without a word I jump off the blasted droid I'm standing on and somersault behind him. Perfect.

Now I don't want to be a completely unfair and horrible opponent so I give him the chance to spin around and face me before impaling my saber deep into his stomach.

His eyes widen and his mouth hangs slightly open. Oh yes Obi-Wan. I just completely killed your theory that there "is some good left in me"

Wonder where he got such a stupid idea.

My mouth splits into a grin at the thought.

"A-Anakin…." He whispers. My grin dies into a sneer at the sound of that name. That's not my name anymore. As a matter of fact that name is a disgusting reminder of the pathetic fool I once was.

"The name's Vader" I growl before tearing the saber out of his stomach. Seeing his eyes widen further and hearing him make that choking noise calms me down a bit. For it makes me feel powerful.

It makes me feel superior to him.

And then suddenly when I think things can't get any more pleasurable, he falls. He falls to his knees, and then slowly falls backward, heading straight for the lava river behind him

And as his limp body rolls down the steep incline of gravel something in the back of my head screams at me.

Just so tired…….just sithin help him and ask him why. Just ask him why and everything's gonna be alright. Ask him why he's doing all this and then it'll all be over. It'll all be over and you can rest…….

The voice in my head says those words full of emotion and hope. And for a second all that emotion and hope get to me but I kick them out.

No. All that matters now is to get rid of everything and anything that would stop me from saving Padme. And right about now that would be Obi-Wan. And I need to get rid of him.

I turn my attention back to the falling body in front of me. And much to my surprise, suddenly, just before he can fall into the lava, he turns himself onto his stomach, reaching out and grabbing a handful of gravel with his right hand. It keeps him just inches away from the lava

I frown. Just great he's still alive. I draw my saber and take a step down. Slowly, cause the last thing I want to do at a time like this is slip on the gravel and fall into the lava myself.

I sigh, this one just won't die without me stabbing him to death will he?

"Anakin!" he calls up, his voice thick with emotion "Anakin….please"

Suddenly something inside me goes off. Maybe it's was that I was about to kill the only father I ever knew. Maybe it was that I was about to do something that I knew would haunt me for the rest of my life. And maybe…..just maybe it was that I knew Obi-Wan Kenobi never begged for his life. Yes I knew that Obi-Wan wasn't asking me to save, or even help him. He was asking me to do the right thing and not kill him. Because if I kill him, we both know it will be the last thing I do as a Jedi. Yes killing him will make me a full fledged dark side user. A Sith.

But that's precisely what I want to do right?

Is it? Is it really?

Stars, it's that stupid voice in my head again. If that thing keeps coming back I'll never kill Kenobi in time. So I shut it up. And then another voice comes and stops me from taking another step down:

"Anakin, please…" Obi-Wan.

Force, if it's not one thing it's the other.

He tries to pull himself up and away from the heat of the river that's just inches below him. He ends up only an inch higher than where he was.

"Anakin, please don't do this, I understand what you're going through, but please…" he screams, tears actually leaking out of his eyes. Tears.

Actual, physical tears. The great General Kenobi, in tears.

Force, I haven't seen Obi-Wan cry since way back on Naboo when Qui-Gon died. When he was forced to take me as a padawan.

When he-

Right then, all the sympathy that had come into me drains out as all the memories from Qui-Gon's death on come rushing back to me.

"No! You don't understand. You never understood me!" I suddenly scream out at him. Overwhelmed by all the memories and horrors that are running through my head.

And then…the next sentence he screams just… just gets to me somehow……he screams "How could I understand you if you never understood me?!"

The words make me feel…..strange. Like everything I've ever done and known is wrong. All wrong.

I take a couple of steps back. Until I'm on flat ground........

And then….and then I surrender. I toss my lightsaber aside and give into my exhaustion.

Allowing myself to let go of all my worldly cares and desires. Allowing myself to collapse onto that coarse Mustafarian gravel.

Wow that actually came out pretty nice.