Spyro opened his eyes a little bit, just enough to let a sliver of light slide through his eyelids. He inhaled and exhaled slowly, careful not to alert anybody or anything nearby. If anything was nearby and looking for a fight, he would easily be overpowered due to the amount of energy he lost during the fight with Malefor.

After a few minutes of lying still, he finally felt safe and took a deep breath. Instantly he realized that was a mistake, because moments later he began harshly coughing out ashes.

When he was sure he expelled all the ashes from his system, he calmly got up and examined his surroundings, trying to remember what had happened after the fight. All he could recall was him and Cynder flying…

Cynder! His expression immediately went from calm to scared as he took off to scan the area. He forced down his powerful wings to get in the air, hovering there for a bit and rotating around.

Spyro's aerial search for Cynder came up with nothing, but he did find out where the ash was coming from. There was a huge volcano about a mile south of where he was, launching molten rock and volcanic ash into the air. It was pure luck that none of the magma came their way.

He decided to start another search for Cynder, except this time with a different tactic. This time he flew slowly and low to the ground, churning up the ashes with his wings. It was hard to see with all of the churned up ash in the air, but Spyro was positive he searched every inch.

"Spyro!" Spyro instantly recognized that voice, echoing off the natural stone walls. It was Cynder. "Spyro!" She called out to him again. He whipped around to the direction of her voice, clearer than the other time she yelled.

He spotted a low cave in a tall rock a few hundred yards from where he was. He quickly took off and flew towards it, knowing that's where she was.

As if on cue, the volcano gave an earth shattering roar, blasting out a sudden burst of lava, which began pouring down its sides. "Spyro, hurry!"

She was right; at the speed he was flying there was no way he could make it in time. Spyro angled his wings a little bit to sacrifice agility for speed. He was too high to directly fly into the cave, but that was part of his plan to dive into it.

The lava was advancing faster than expected; it was more than halfway to the cave. While spotting the lava, he saw Cynder, moving a huge rock near the entrance. She stopped so there was just enough room for him to get through.

Cynder said something else, but her words were interrupted by another explosion from the volcano. All of a sudden, Spyro was forced down, caught in a killer wind current that was carrying him straight into the lava.

Spyro shot open his wings, the wind catching him like a parachute, stopping him a few feet from the lava. The downdraft subsided, but it brought him closer to the cave than he expected. He closed in his wings just in time, the tips scraping against the entrance.

He barely made it through the gap in the rock, but before he could even turn around Cynder was moving the boulder over the opening. Spyro rushed over to help, using up the last bit of strength he had left.

Finally, the boulder was in place. Spyro, completely depleted of energy, collapsed where he was. Cynder, in the opposite state as Spyro, went to the back of the cave and snapped off a piece of green crystal.

Spyro heard the crystal breaking, and in return he propped up his head just in time for Cynder to place the crystal in front of him. He slowly extended his paw, absorbing some of its energy from afar, but most of it when he touched it.

It barely restored any of his strength, but it restored enough to perk him up. He could have gotten up, but there was no need because Cynder lay next to him. "Are you okay?" She asked.

"A little bruised up, but I'll recover." Spyro extended his wing and wrapped it around Cynder, who in turn snuggled closer to him.

Spyro gazed into Cynder's sleepy emerald eyes. "How about you?"

Cynder waited a little before responding. "I'm really tired," she finally said.

"Well, we better get to sleep, then." Cynder nodded, resting her head on Spyro's shoulder, falling asleep within seconds. However, it took Spyro at least an hour to drift away into sleep.