Author's Notes: My first Tokyo Mew Mew fic! XD A couple notes: firstly, this was written for the un_love_you challenge on LJ, and is based on the 30-prompt set provided there. I have a planned series of inter-connected one-shots, which will likely be of varying lengths, to fill up the set. This was inspired by prompt # 19: This isn't about you at all (hence the chapter name).

Secondly, this is a divergence fic, ergo it is AU. This is set following episode 18 of the anime, Mid-Summer's Love – Ichigo's Swaying Heart — the episode in which the Blue Knight first saves Ichigo. It's a 'what if?' scenario, positing that Kish would do anything to protect Ichigo, including forsake his own people (something he does to some effect within the series, but this has him making a bolder decision earlier, and explores the consequences).

As such, this is Kish/Ichigo (LOL I skipped almost all the Ichigo/Masaya scenes the first time I watched this anime, because he bores the crap out of me… At least Kish is dynamic), so consider yourself forewarned.

Feedback is fantastic! I apologise that the prologue is so short (in my defence, however, it is a prologue), but I hope it got the point across.

Enjoy! And don't forget to tell me what you think.

Prologue: This Isn't About You At All

Kish crouched atop the steep roof of her house, relishing in the feeling of the cool night air as it brushed tendrils of his hair across his face. Below Ichigo was sleeping soundly, her brow furrowed and face slightly flushed from fever. She'd curled up comfortably, secure in the knowledge that she had a new-found, mysterious protector.

His own mind was not nearly so tranquil. Who was that guy? He scowled, looking up at the sky in displeasure. Though he was loathe to admit it, the Blue Knight seemed to have remarkable fighting skills. And he had managed to land a blow — if only the rest of the Mew Mews hadn't interfered…

Regardless — the Knight had clearly taken an interest in his toy, and he wouldn't stand for it.

The truly disgusting part was that she'd liked him. She was willing to trust someone she'd barely even met more than she was willing to even consider speaking to him. She'd stand behind the Blue Knight fearlessly, yet she looked on Kish in terror, despite the fact that she was his toy. Despite the fact that he loved her.

His scowl deepened, and he slammed his fist down on the roof in anger. What would it take to make her see?

She must have known he had no intention of actually killing her. He'd made a point of going after her himself — sparing her Taruto's tricks and Pai's ruthlessness. It was his duty, and his obligation to his people to take this planet.

And that was the crux of his problem. It wasn't about her at all; it was about his people. A people that were starving in near-inhospitable conditions, and looked to him to provide the miracle they so sorely needed.

In order to save his people, he needed to fulfil his mission. The problem lay in the fact that his mission included killing her.

He had tried. He was no stranger to patriotism — he had volunteered for this task, knowing that it might prove difficult (though he'd had no true conception of just how difficult it would be). He loved his people, and believed that they deserved so much better than they had — that they deserved this world that the humans had destroyed.

But he couldn't do it. Not if it meant destroying her.

And he knew, as he saw her look at the Blue Knight in admiration and wonder, that she hated him. It hurt far more than it should have.

He tried to tell himself that she was human, and worthless. That she was a passing fancy. He was a remarkably adept liar, but he could never fool himself. He'd never wanted anything as badly as he wanted her, and the more she screamed, the more she fought, the more he was entirely at her mercy.

If any of the others ever found out, he would be considered to be compromising the mission at best, a traitor at worst.

It wasn't supposed to be about her.

Despite how much he longed for his race to finally be free of their self-imposed hell, and how much he felt the weight of their trust in him, he couldn't bring himself to hurt her.

Kish looked up at the stars, his golden eyes searching for the star his people temporarily called 'home', and begged forgiveness.

He couldn't let her die, and he'd do anything to make her see that.