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Matthew Meade's Guide to the McGowan Girls

Matthew Meade was sitting in his green & white painted room, on his computer, talking to his best friend, Trey Dale- Franklin, online, when his parent's, Tony & Jennifer knocked on his door.

"Who is it?" Matthew asked, quickly getting up from his army colored computer chair, hiding his can of Coca Cola in his drawers.

"It's us," his father said.

"Come in," Matthew said, sitting back down. His parents had a huge problem with soda. They thought too much was extremely unhealthy. At times, when his friends would have so much caffeine before they went to bed, Matthew would agree with his parents.

Matt's parents, Tony & Jenny were in the Army and normally, any girl with parents who were in the Army, those girls were called Army brats, but Matt was called an Army jerk.

Tony's head peeked into the room, "Hey son," he said, slipping in, with Jenny by his side.

"Hey dad," Matt said, turning to face his parents.

"So," Jenny began, "we sort of have big news," she said.

Matt raised his eyebrows, what could be big news besides…. Oh no.

"We're moving to Korea!" Tony exclaimed.

Matt was sure he was about to frown. He didn't like moving. Actually, scratch that, he hated moving. He would have to leave all his friends, school, and home behind, which sucked. Normally, half of Matt wanted to respect his parents, and just go. But half of Matt felt like it was time to put his foot down. But this time, putting his foot down seemed like an amazing idea.

Matt got up and walked over to his window, inhaling and exhaling, trying not to get angry. It was so annoying. He would always move. But he was in his junior year in high school and he wanted to finish it. In America.

"I'm not going," Matt said.

"Son, please don't do this," Jenny began but Tony cut her off.

"Jen, we did have another option," Tony said, having Jenny giving him glares.

Matt froze. "What kind of other option?" he inquired. He felt like the other option was to be enrolled in some military school.

"Well, just recently I spoke to my friend, James McGowan," Tony said.

"From college?" Matt asked.

"Yeah, him. And so I told him we were moving, and he asked whether it would be hard on you. But I said you were a young man and you were used to it but he insisted that if you didn't want to go and finish high school in America, you could stay with him," Tony said.

"Can't I just stay with Trey?" Matt asked, and then regretted asking. Trey and his family had major problems at home. Trey was the oldest and always looked upon and let's just say that Trey didn't make the smartest moves and would always end up in trouble. So then the little ones would always think that it's okay to get in trouble and so they'd get in trouble, only following their brother's motives. Trey's parents were hard on Trey. Always verbally beating Trey for not being the best role model.

"You know what's going on at Trey's," Jenny said.

"Yeah, forget it," Matt mumbled.

"So what do you think, son? James is a great man, and his family's great. You remember the girls?" Tony asked.

Oh yeah, Matt remembered the McGowan girls. Sam, Elana, Phoebe, Donna, Milly, Izzy, and Cammie. Matt vaguely remembered the last four but he remembered Elana and Phoebe perfectly. Long bushy hair, braces. They weren't the prettiest girls on the block. Matt gulped down the lump in his throat. What if he actually moved in with the McGowans? He would have to live with bracefaces. But then again, he didn't have to move to Ko-freaking-rea.

"I'll do it, I'll move in with the McGowans," Matt said, unable to even hear what just came out of his mouth.

Kicker5525: Hey dude, gess wat?

TooDamn-Funky: Enlighten me.

Kicker5525: I'm moving, again.

TooDamn-Funky: R U serious? No man, school starts so soon. Homecoming dance? You and Brenda getting your funk on??

Kicker5525: Haha man, as if Brenda would go out with a guy like me

TooDamn-Funky: Dude, you're way too goodlooking. Better than me. That is why my screen isn't TooDamn-Goodlooking, dumbo.

Kicker5525: LOL.

TooDamn-Funky: Anyway, getting off topic, as always, where to, this time? Lemme gess, Grand Turk?

Kicker5525: Dude, what is Grand Turk??

TooDamn-Funky: I guess not Grand Turk…

Kicker5525: LOL

TooDamn-Funky: So where exactly are your Army parentals shipping you off with them??

Kicker5525: I'm not going with them.

TooDamn-Funky: Whaaaa??

Kicker5525: My parents are moving to Korea while I am moving in with my dad's friend, James McGowan and his family.

TooDamn-Funky: The 7 girl household????

Kicker5525: Yep

TooDamn-Funky: Wow… you do realize you'll be surrounded by females??

Kicker5525: I am aware of that, man.

TooDamn-Funky: Well, I g2g man, female parental is about to kill me for being online so late. Here's what you're gonna do, send me every week or so, an entry.

Kicker5525: A what?

TooDamn-Funky: You're gonna tell me the details. How they dress, act, blah blah blah. Okay?

Kicker5525: Um, okay.

TooDamn-Funky: Bye man, good luck.

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