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Chapter Seven

"Phoebe took you out shopping?" Matt's mother asked over the phone.

"I know, I know, Mom. I told her not to but she insisted," Matt answered, glancing at the bags that laid perfectly still against his wall. It's not that he wouldn't wear them, it's just the thought of trying too hard went against all his morals. And Phoebe was really nice enough to spend two hours with him in the mall. That said something.

"Wow, well it seems like now you're making friends," he heard his mom say, happily and he could've sworn that he heard her clapping in the background.

Yeah, making friends all right. Only with Fi and maybe with Elana, he wanted to say to his mom but couldn't really bring up the guts to say it. He didn't want his parents knowing that he felt a little homesick. "Yeah," Matt answered automatically.

"Just don't wear those horrible baggy pants that show your tidy whities, alright?" his mom said.

"Mom, I don't wear tidiewidies," Matt said, feeling his face turning ten shades of red.

"Well you get my point. I just hate those pants. Those aren't even pants, it is a skirt with legs."

"I got it," Matt rolled his eyes, smiling.

Down the hall he heard a girl shriek and a door slam. Izzy and Cammie were yelling at each other somewhere down the stairs. In the attic room above Megan's room, Sam turned on a heavily screaming electric guitar track and she heard a deep male's voice, followed by a heavy plop down onto the bled, springs squeaking.


"Sorry Ma, what?" Matt said, shaking his head.

"Your dad wants to know if there's anyone on the soccer team as good as you."

Matt smiled, his father was always proud of Matt and his talent with the soccer ball. "There's this one guy that's good but the rest of them are alright."

There was a knock at the door as Matt's mom told the news over to his dad.

"Come in," Matt called out.

The door opened, revealing a very revealing Elana, who was wearing a short denim skirt, a short white flowy shirt that ended above her belly button. She was wearing a light black cardigan and her hair was in a side ponytail. She leaned against the doorframe, her skirt rising just a little. She twirled her lock of hair around her finger, smiling seductively at Matt.

"Hey," she said.

Holy Victoria's Secret catalog, Matt thought, praying that his mouth didn't topple open.

"What? Matthew? Did I lose you?"

"Mom, I kinda have to go," Matt said into the phone but still oogling at Elana.

"Okay, sweetie, we'll talk to you soon. We miss you!" his mother said.

"Miss you too," Matt mumbled.

"Love ya!"

"Mhm bye!" Matt said, hanging up the phone and throwing it beside him onto the bed.

"Hi," he replied, looking at Elana.

"Me and a few of the gang are going out to the Rock to watch the stars," she said, chewing a piece of gum. "Wanna come?"

"Oh, uh," Matt glanced at the bedside table where the digital clock read 9:48 PM. "Isn't it kind of late?" he asked.

"That's kind of the point," Elana said, smiling. "Come on. It's so cool. And I really want you to meet my friends. You'll love them."

Matt forced himself to look at her perfect, tan face. She really looked hopeful, batting her eyelashes. She really did want him there.

"Come on, I know you've got a bad boy in there somewhere," she smiled, wiggling her perfectly plucked eyebrows.

Matt laughed. She was right, it was time for him to stop being such a pansy ass and start taking chances. An image of Brenda Thompson popped into his head- a beautiful girl that Matt had crushed on for three years but hadn't said a coherent word to.

"Okay," he said, swinging his legs around to place his feet on the floor. He stood up and grabbed his leather jacket.

"Where did you get that?" Elana said, giggling as she pointed to his jacket.

"Today, Fi bought it for me," he said, slipping his arms into the sleeves of the jacket.

"Very sexy," she said, smiling, walking out of Matt's room, turning around and motioning for him to follow.

Matt gripped the side of his seat as Elana's car bumped along a dirt road, winding its way through the trees toward the top of a big hill. They stopped once they reached the top of the hill, in front of a rock. So that was the "Rock" that Elana had told him that they were going to go to.

As Elana twisted the keys out of the ignition, she sighed. "So do you miss Texas?" she said, turning her body 90 degrees to face him.

"Kinda," Matt slowly replied.

"Leave anyone behind? Best friends… girlfriends?" Elana asked.

Matt laughed nervously, running his fingers through his hair, "No. Well… yeah, I mean—,"

"Best friend or boyfriend?"

"Best friend. Trey," Matt replied. "No girlfriends."

"Oh." She turned back around to face the wheel. "Good."

Good? What is she saying? She probably has guys all over her all the time, Matt thought.

His thoughts were interrupted when they heard a loud knock on the driver's window, followed by lots of laughter and howling.

Elana opened the door and slid out, Matt following. He came around the car to find a guy sliding his hands under Elana's butt, "Hey baby," he mumbled, before he crashed his lips onto hers, moaning.

Matt was right. She did have guys all over her.

The guy looked past Elana at Matt. "Oh. Hey," he said flatly.

That was the same guy who shoved him off the field and could have gotten heavily penalized for playing dirty that same afternoon during tryouts. His name was Hank.

"Hi," Matt replied, clenching his jaw. He hated this guy already. "How's it going?"

"Fine," Hank replied. "You?"


"Everyone! This is Matt," Elana called out when they had reached the Rock, where everyone sat on. "Matt," Elana sai,d turning to him, "This is everyone."

"Hi, Matt!" they all trilled, like a class full of preschoolers.

Matt laughed as he lifted his hand for a wave. "Hi."

"Babe," Elana said, turning to Hank, her eyelashes batting. "Can you get us some drinks?" she asked him.

Hank muttered a curse word along with a 'yes, dear' as he made his way towards the cooler that sat against one of the cars.

Elana grabbed Matt's hand and dragged him to where a red Ferrari sat parked, with girls on the hood. "Hey Elana!" the girls all exclaimed, waving as they approchaed the car.

"Hi girlies, this," she said, pushing Matt infront of them, "is Matt."

"Ooh," he heard one of them say as she pushed up her chest and grinned seductively at him.

He saw out of the corner of his eye that Hank was returning with three bottles of beer. He handed one to Elana and shoved one into Matt's hand.

Jesus, Matt didn't understand why Hank hated him so much. Maybe it was because Matt was just as a good of a soccer player as Hank was and maybe it's because Matt was living under the same roof as Hank's girlfriend.

Hank caught Matt staring at him and gave him the finger while Elana talked with her friends. Then Hank walked up to Elana, moved her hair off of her shoulder and whispered something into her ear. Then they both took each other's hand and Hank led Elana away behind the bushes.

Before they had entered the bush, Matt could've sworn Hank glancing over his shoulder and shooting a triumphant look at Matt as he slid his hand into Elana's back pocket.

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