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Chapter Three: Ordeals of the Children

Sora sat in the dark room with his knees to his chest, cursing the people that had locked him in. He was really starting to suspect that the fates enjoyed tormenting him like this.

He'd been here for two days, at least that what he thought. He couldn't be too sure since there was no window in his room. The only measure he had of how many days had passed was the meals he received each day, if you could call them meals. Everyday they brought him a bowl of orange liquid with what appeared to be soggy vegetables and a cup of what tasted like sink water. Sora suspected that they only fed him once a day; too much time passed between meals.

"Kairi, Riku," Sora mumbled as he closed his eyes and leaned his head on the wall. The thought of his two best friends warmed his heart. It gave him hope that he'd soon be back on the islands with them.

One good thing about being stuck here was that he wouldn't have to do that essay assignment anymore, at least. Though he would have to make it up so maybe that wasn't such a good thing. He'd find something good about this situation later, but for now he'd just worry about finding a way out of this place.

Sora lifted his right arm and tried to concentrate on summoning the Keyblade. Lights flickered around his arm but faded away as quickly as they came. He sighed out of frustration; he still couldn't summon the Keyblade. He bit his lip as he tried recall what it was they did to him when he first arrived here. He remembered they had forced him to drink what he guessed was a potion that prevented him from doing any such magic or summoning the Keyblade, but the potion did seem to be wearing off, so that was a bright side.

"So lets move onto plan B!" Sora thought as he got up from his position on the floor and carefully walked over to the door. He stood by it for a while, waiting as patiently as he possibly could for one of the guards to come in and give him his daily rations. When they did, his plan was to hurry through the door and then lock them in instead. After that…well he hadn't thought about it yet, but he'd think of something. At least thats what he hoped.

The knob turned, and Sora held his breath as it opened and someone walked in.

"Time to eat brat! After that we have a surprise for you!" the man called as he walked inside. Sora waited for him to walk further into the room before quickly and quietly stepping outside. The light hurt his eyes, but he ignored it and closed the door as fast as he could. The man turned around just as Sora slammed it shut.

"Why you little-!" came the voice from inside the room. Sora grinned triumphantly at the man's stupidity as he ran away from the small dark room. He realized after running though several corridors that he was in a rather large house, and skidded to a halt when he heard voices up ahead.

"Man, just my luck," he mumbled.


Sora froze in place. He slowly turned around to see a black cloaked man standing behind him.

Sora paled, but a small smile formed on his lips. "Heh, you know you people should give your, um, guests a tour at the very least. It's not very good of a host to just lock a guest in a room, you know?"

"Well it's not very good of a guest to run around unescorted like this either," said another cloaked figure behind Sora. Sora flinched; yes this whole situation did seem like his luck.

Sora turned around and smiled at the two other men standing behind him. "Well, heh, I am still a kid you know and I need my exercise. Running around in a dark room is just not me and its very unhealthy! I could trip over my own foot and break my leg or something!" He backed up into the wall and put his hand behind his back, watching the three men who were now pointing their wands at him.

'Come on! Please! Let it have worn off! Please oh please!' Sora pleaded mentally as he tried desperately to concentrate on the Keyblade.

Suddenly, he felt the cool metal on his hand and grinned even more proudly at the men. "Well I must go! I had fun and all but you know I have to head back home and it is almost Christmas! I do need to finish my Christmas shopping and all. Plus you know how moms are and I rather not spend my Christmas vacation locked up in another room. Fire!!" A ring of fire encircled his body causing the men to back away from him for fear of being burned. Sora started running, trying to find the exit and avoiding the spells and curses that were now being fired at him. That, plus the fact that the men were now howling and informing the other people in the house that he was escaping was making everything much more difficult.

Luck was really not on his side today; he tripped over the carpet, his face colliding with the wood fllooring. Sora heard laughing from above him, and climbed quickly to his feet, hands grabbing at him on the way. He quickly swung his Keyblade at them and cast an ice spell, freezing everyone around him.

"Sorry fellows, but I really have to go. But hey, stay cool, okay?" Sora said, blinking at his own lame joke. He shrugged and continued to run, hoping he'd find the exit soon as more Death Eaters appeared, throwing curses at him.

But as luck would have it, one of the curses hit him squarely in the back. Sora's body became instantly rigid and immobile,and he fell forward, his nose colliding with the floor again, causing him to grunt in pain.

"Did you really think you'd be able to escape so easily?" asked a taunting voice from above. Sora whimpered as someone pulled him up by his hair, ripping out several strands of hair.

"Take him to the Dark Lord. He is waiting for him, after all," another cold added, causing the rest to laugh.

Sora was dragged downstairs, and before he was able to register where exactly they were taking him, he was thrown into a study illuminated only by the fire in the hearth.

Sora felt the curse being lifted from his body. He quickly stood up, but the idea of escaping had left him as he looked around at the Death Eaters that had him surrounded.

Anger and frustration built within Sora. "What the hell do you people want from me?!"

"We seek your knowledge of the location of the keyhole of this world," uttered a cold voice that sent chills down Sora's spine.

The brunet turned to stare at the snake like man that stood in front of him, "W-who are you?"

"I am Lord Voldemort, the future ruler of this world," he said, with a snakelike smile. "Now tell me where it is."

Sora smirked and placed his hands behind his head. "Well, even if I did know where it is, I still won't tell you. What kind of savior of the universe would I be if I told everyone where the Keyholes are?"

"Crucio!" Voldemort snarled pointing his wand at Sora.

He collapsed immediately to his knees, sudden pain coursing through his very being. It felt as if his bones were on fire. He had never experienced something as horrible as this, but he refused to scream, used every fibre of willpower he possessed to keep himself from screaming. When the curse was finally lifted he found that himself laying on his side, gasping for breath.

Sora sat up shakily, glaring at the red eyed man as he said softly, "It will take more than that to get me to talk."

"Oh I know, Sora," Voldemort said, his lipless mouth curling into a smile as he spoke Sora's name. He glanced at one of his followers. "Bring me the girl." He then turned back to Sora, saying, "You see, young key bearer, we recently obtained the power to travel to other worlds from a certain witch, whom I'm sure you know very well."

"Maleficent," Sora whispered as his eyes widened. He had not known that she had been recruiting in other worlds.

"Yes, she came to me at the beginning of July and informed me of these other worlds, and of a boy who wields a legendry weapon that can be used as the key to any lock. She also made a deal with me; I break your spirit and she grants me power over the shadows." He flicked his wand almost immediately Sora knew what was coming. A Neo-shadow emerged from the shadows and wobbled toward them. Its soulless yellow eyes almost gleamed with excitement as he stared at the Keyblade Master. "What peculiar creatures they are. None of our spells will affect on them, but if I'm not mistaken, these creatures have great interest in you, isn't that right?"

"Those creatures will consume your heart if you keep using the power of darkness," warned Sora as he kept his eyes trained on the heartless.

"Consume my heart?" Voldemort laughed and his followers laughed with him. "Who do you think you're talking to, boy? I am the greatest wizard that ever lived; no darkness will consume my heart!"

Sora smirked, glancing at Voldemort, almost carelessly. "The greatest wizard that ever lived? If you're the greatest wizard that ever lived then tell me why is it that you need my help to locate the Keyhole of this world? Tell me why is it that you had to get my enemies to help you gain control over the heartless? Shouldn't you have been able to do that all on your own, oh great-"

Voldemort cut him off before he could finish his sentence by placing him under that curse again. Sora collapsed once more, trying desperately not to scream from the agony he was in. He didn't know how long he was under the spell, but when it was finally lifted he found that the heartless was gone.

Sora lay on the floor trying to will himself to get up, but any movement caused his body to protest in pain. So he just looked up at Voldemort and saw that a girl who looked remarkably familiar was being held by two Death Eaters who had moved to stand near him.

"O-Olette?" Sora said whispered as horror filled his heart. The brunette girl raised her head to look at Sora; her once cheerful green eyes were dull and filled with pain. Her orange clothing was now torn and filthy.

"Sora, help me!" she moaned as they locked eyes.

"W-what is she doing here?" Sora whispered as he sat up and gave her a short nod.

"We had wanted to bring you your little girlfriend, but sadly we couldn't locate her. However, one of my Death Eaters learned that this is girl is a friend of yours," Voldemort explained as he smirked at Sora's horror. "Now, let's try this again, where is the Keyhole of this world? Answer correctly and I won't harm her."

Sora bit his lip and shook his head, "I told you already, I don't know where it is."

"Wrong answer. Crucio!" Voldemort flicked his wand at Olette and in the next second her piercing screams filled the room along with Sora's agonized protests. Just as suddenly as it began, Voldemort released her from the curse and he looked over at Sora who was now panicking. "Now, where is the Keyhole?"

"Why do you want to know?" Sora asked desperately. "If you get to the world's Keyhole what are you going to do to it? Destroy the heart within the keyhole? Take the heart? If you do either of those the world will die! Please, I literally don't know where it is, the Keyhole hasn't called for my aid, and if it doesn't I will never know where it is. Please just let her go, she doesn't know anything about this!"

The Death Eaters were laughing at Sora as he stood and faced Voldemort on wobbly legs while the snakelike man laughed at his pleas. "It seems you're right, she doesn't know anything. She's utterly useless to me. I don't keep useless things around. I think I should dispose of her, shall I?" Voldemort pointed his wand at Olette again, who stared at it with fear. "Adava Kedavra!"

Sora had tried to run forward to stop the spell, but it was as if his body had became as heavy as lead and he was unable to move fast enough to get her out of the way. He watched almost as if it was in slow motion as her now lifeless body fell to the floor with thud. He stared at her green eyes, once so full of life, empty now.

"No, no, no, no, no," Sora said over and over, all the blood rushing from his face as he kept his gaze on Olette's motionless body. They didn't stop him from stumbling forward to her limp body and checking her pulse, continually repeating the denial. He didn't realize that they were all laughing at the fact that he was now crying, or that Voldemort was standing behind him with a large smile on his face as he pointed his wand at Sora's back.


Sora finally let out the agonizing scream he had been holding in.

A sudden gasp escaped Sora's lips as he abruptly sat up, staring around with wild eyes, unable to recall where he was or why. His memory finally came back to him; he was laid out on a couch in the parlor of Number Twelve Grimmuald Place. They had been sent there in the early morning so they could spend the holidays away from the annoyance that was Umbridge. He had been here alone with Riku, since the other residents of the house had gone to London to visit someone in the hospital. Well, almost alone. The owner of the house, Sirius Black, had stayed behind with them since, well, it wouldn't be such a good idea for an escaped convict to suddenly appear in a Hospital Ward.

He closed his eyes as he tried to steady his breathing and the abnormally fast beating of his heart. He removed the blanket someone had covered him with while he was sleeping and climbed to his feet. The room began to spin slightly as he tried to make his way toward the door. It wasn't until he reached the door that he overheard voices coming from outside.

"…But you really believe what they were saying about Harry? I mean, this is Harry were talking about, you'd think I would notice if he was being possessed or something," said a quiet, panicky male voice.

"I don't know Ron, I mean none of you really realized I was being possessed by Riddle a few years ago. Its possible," said a female voice softly.

"Ginny has a point, he does seem more serious than usual," said an older male voice.

"Well what do you expect, George? With everything that's been going on and the Ministry trying to make him out to be a lunatic, you really think he would be happy?" Ron sounded slightly irritated.

"We should try talking to him," Ginny said, sounding worried.

There was a sigh. "I don't think he's going to want to talk anyone right now, Gin."

"Well that's bloody stupid then. I'm the only one he knows that's been possessed by You-Know-Who, he should talk to me at least," Ginny said angrily.

"Yeah, well, you know how Harry is, he likes to keep things to himself," Ron said softly. "Come on, lets check if Mum has lunch ready."

"You always think with your stomach don't you?" Ginny muttered as they walked away.

Sora waited for their footsteps to fade away; as soon as they were gone he opened the door to find the hallway dark and deserted. He could hear voices and laughter coming from the dinning room, but decided that he didn't want to interrupt their evening together. He glanced at the stairway, wondering just how Harry was really doing. Sora bit his lower lip. He realized that Harry probably didn't have an easy life either, from what he heard about him so far, and it didn't seem like it was getting any better either. He looked at his watch and saw it was a little past four. Riku had probably gone to meet with King Mickey already, so that meant he had a bit before he would return.

Sora slowly ascended the stairs to the room Harry and Ron had gone to for bed; it was only a few doors down from his and Riku's room. He heard voices coming from behind the door, and slowly opened it in and peeked in to find Harry glaring angrily at an empty portrait.

"I-I…" Sora stuttered, wondering what to say that wouldn't sound incredibly stupid. "Hi?" He could have hit himself just then, but a small greeting was better than nothing for starting a conversation.

Harry stared at Sora with wide eyes; Sora could see the guilt and surprise flashing through them. "Hi," Harry replied softly, sounding almost lost for words. "Er, how are you?"

Sora bit his lip again; he didn't like the fact that everyone kept asking him that. How was he supposed to feel? Happy? He swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat and gave pretty much the same response he gave everyone."Okay, I guess." Looking around, he saw that there wasn't much difference between this room and the one he and Riku had been given. He looked back at Harry and then at the trunk in the middle of the room. "Planning a trip?"

Harry appeared uneasy as he stared from the trunk to Sora. "If I was, why would you care?" Harry snapped suddenly. "You don't know me," Sora watched as Harry's anger rose up and collapsed, another wave of guilt passing over his features.

He ran a hand through his hair nervously, feeling incredibly awkward. Why had he gone up here anyway? To talk to this kid he didn't even know about issues he had no part of?

"I...er…I was just wondering. Your friends sounded really worried about you. I just wanted to see if you were okay." He shook his head feeling stupid, "I-I'll just go, sorry to bother you."

"No, wait!" Harry said suddenly. "I'm sorry, er…I'm just a little stressed. I didn't mean to snap at you like that." He took a deep breath, he had wanted to talk to Sora since he first saw him and now that he was finally able to actually talk to him he was treating him like some sort of enemy. He was then able to recall something Sora had said, Harry took a deep breath, and responded to Sora's apology. "Wait…what do you mean my friends were worried about me?" Of course, they were probably worried he would kill them off in their sleep. He had a slightly dark expression on his face, as though he thought they were all plotting against him or something similar.

Sora's expression was shameful as he said, "Well…they didn't tell me exactly…I kind of overheard them talking about it." He paused, trying to think of how he could say what he wanted to say without upsetting Harry more. "I can only imagine how you're feeling…"

He sat on Harry's bed without really thinking about it. He closed his eyes briefly, and when he opened them, Harry was at the door, staring straight at him with a look that told Sora he might have just said the wrong thing. "I'm sure you're tired of hearing that kind of stuff, I guess. You have no idea how many times I've heard it myself…but you know, if you think you're being possessed, you can talk to Riku. If you don't want to talk to your friends about it, I mean. Riku had to deal with that kind of thing a while back. He might be a better help than I could ever be."

"Riku? He's been possessed before?" Harry asked, eyes wide. He absently wondered why Sora was telling him these things.

Sora nodded, looking even more serious than he had before. "About two years ago. He had a rough time dealing with it, but I think he could probably help you if you asked."

He could see that Harry didn't exactly think it was the best idea; Riku's persona in public was more the cold and hateful type than the confidant. "Riku really is a good guy, he just… has to get to know you before he lets you see that side of him."

"I'll think about it," Harry said. He wasn't planning on talking to him at all but might as well humor the brunet since it seems he might not let up until Harry sort of agree to it."So why are you trying to help me? I don't mean to be rude… it's just strange. You don't really know me." Harry never really had someone worried about his well being without really knowing him. Yes, ever since he was eleven he did found people that care for his well being…but they had all heard about him to be some sort of hero before. He half wondered if things would have been the same if when they had met him and they had never heard of the Boy-Who-Lived.

Sora had heard about Harry's fame, and how he hated the fawning public. It was probably important to him that people know him before they tried to involve themselves in his life.

Sora looked taken back. "Why would that matter? Just because you don't know a person well, doesn't mean you can't care about them."

Harry stared thoughtfully at Sora for moment. "You have a point, but most people aren't like that anymore."

They sat there in silence and Sora eventually decided to tell Harry one of their many secrets, "I bet everyone has been wondering why they can't find any information on me and Riku. Riku's excuse about it us being from out of the country will only go so far, especially when they try to dig deeper."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked, narrowing his eyes.

"They won't find anything about us, because we don't exist." Sora saw the shock and confusion in Harry's eyes, clearly this had not been the response he was expecting. "Well, we don't exist in this world, anyway. We come from a different place."

If he wasn't feeling so numb, he could have laughed at the face Harry was making. He was sure he sounded insane. "I know it's hard to believe. But think about how Riku traveled here and what we did when we fought at your meeting. Is that something you see all the time?"

Harry paused, and recalled how Riku had just appeared at Hogwarts through what almost looked like a rip in space. "Then…what does that mean? Why would Voldemort want to interfere in other worlds? Does he want to them over, too?"

Sora shook his head, "He doesn't…at least not yet. He made a deal with Maleficent, a powerful and evil witch. Now her goal is to rule the worlds and cover them with darkness."

"Maleficent?" Harry repeated narrowing his eyes. "But then what's this have to do with you?"

Sora's eyes darkened, "Maleficent has a vendetta against me. I've ruined several of her's and other's attempts at taking over the worlds."

Harry looked at Sora with a sudden understanding. Voldemort was after him because how many times he had stop him with his plans, and Sora was being chased by his own enemy because he had interfere in their evil plans as well. But, Harry could see in the way Sora's eyes had darkened that there was more to this matter than meets the eye, "Why would you try to stop her? I mean, if it were me, yeah I would probably try and stop her too, but what was your reason?"

"I had a lot of reasons, one of them was because, well, it was the right thing to do." Sora didn't want to explain about his destiny just yet. He glanced down at his watch and saw that it was almost five already. He knew Riku was probably on his way back now, and it would probably be better if he left before Riku arrived. "I have to go, I'll tell you the rest later, but…can you please promise me that you won't tell anyone about this?"

Harry looked up at Sora, who was hoping Harry could see how important this was. "Yeah, I promise," Harry said, to Sora's relief. "But you know, the stuff you told me today would be useful knowledge for Order. It would help them protect you."

Sora paused at the door and turned back to face Harry with a grim smile. "No one can protect me."

"So it is true. Olette's really gone," Riku growled, running a hand through his hair jerkily, feeling the pain and anger in his heart grow. "And Sora had to watch her die for those bastards' amusement!" His fists clenched at the very thought of it.

Mickey sighed but nodded, "It would seem so." He looked sadly at the ground as he said softly, "I'll inform her friends and family. They're going to have a tough time understanding, or even believing it."

Riku nodded, and they both sat in silence.

"How's Sora doing?" Mickey asked tentatively, breaking their small silence. He had wanted to ask ever since he'd seen Riku's appearance; there were bags under his eyes, and his long hair was tangled and unwashed. Mickey half wondered how long it had been since Riku had had a shower, let alone a good night's sleep.

Riku shook his head grimly, "He talks to me now, but… he doesn't want to sleep. And when he does he has nothing but nightmares. He barely eats and he's jumpy as hell. He's more afraid of everything than he's ever been." Riku looked at Mickey with miserable and desperate eyes. "I don't know how to help him, Mickey."

Mickey looked at Riku with deep sadness. "I'm sorry, Riku. I wish more than anything that this hadn't happened to him. He doesn't deserve it."

"No he doesn't," Riku said tiredly, rubbing his eyes. "I have to go, we've been here longer than I expected." He glanced around the semi-empty pub. This was the only dark place he had been able to find where he and Mickey could talk privately. He did find it amusing that the mouse king had to dress in a dark cloak to disguise his appearance; even his big round ears were hidden. "I'm sure they're wondering where the hell I am, especially since they don't trust me. They think I'm hiding something from them because I wouldn't tell them about Sora's whole situation."

"Before you go, Kairi wanted Sora to have this," Mickey said as Riku stood. He dug into the pockets of his black cloak and pulled out a blue envelope addressed to Sora. "She also wanted me to tell you that… it is not humanly or monsterly possible for anyone, especially you, to stop her from coming over here for Christmas. So, um… don't you dare try and stop her… and if you do dare she'll...ah yes. Make sure that you'll regret for the rest of your life, that was it."

"Tell her, she can come. I think Sora might actually open up to her more than he will with me."

Riku smiled sadly, knowing that Kairi was obviously going to be worried about Sora. Seeing as Riku wasn't able to help any, he was sure she would probably have more luck. "Tell me when you finally figure out how to get out of its mess and out of this world, okay?"

"We've been trying to figure out how to do it without destroying this world's order, but so far we haven't found anything." Mickey said with a serious look in his eyes. "If it comes to it, the Disney Kingdom will come down and sort it out." Riku wondered exactly what he meant by that, and what Disney Kingdom's sorting things out might mean for the order of this world. Then again, Mickey wouldn't do anything that would harm it. At least he didn't think so.

Sora was currently seated quietly at the dinner table, playing with his food. Harry and his friends were there, and so were a few older wizards and witches that Sora had met when they had first arrived at Grimmuald Place. They all ate and spoke animatedly about things that Sora had no part or interest in.

"Sora, honey, is there something wrong? You haven't touched your dinner." This was said with soft concern and a hand was placed on his shoulder. To Sora's great embarrassment, he jumped and flinched away from Mrs. Weasley's comforting hand. The action caused him to spill his drink all over the table. He quickly stood and attempted to clean it up with his napkin, mumbling apologies all the while.

"It's fine, Sora," Mrs. Weasley said reassuringly, trying to stop Sora in his futile attempts to clean up the mess.

"No, let me just do it. I mean, I'm not completely useless you know, my mom taught me how to clean and…" A sudden coldness filled his heart as he thought about his mother. He hadn't thought about her for such a long time, and he knew she was probably worried about him. He wondered vaguely how he was going to explain this to her without being completely honest. He didn't realize that everyone was watching him and had seen his reaction to the thought of his mother.

"Your mum?" Mrs. Weasley said softly, gently forcing Sora to sit back in his chair as she quickly cleaned the spill with a wave of her wand. "You miss her?"

Sora nodded and looked intently at his trousers.

"Why don't you get Riku to bring her here then?" Ron asked. "Ow! What the bloody hell, Ginny!" He glared at Ginny who was giving him a look of disbelief and had clearly just kicked him under the table.

"Ronald! Language!" Mrs. Weasley glared at her youngest son.

"Riku can't bring her here," Sora said, shaking his head. "Its too complicated to explain. Besides, my mom doesn't even know what's happened to me, she probably thinks I ran away again. Its going to take forever for me to regain her trust." He paused and started to say more to himself, "She doesn't know about the life I live… and its better that way anyway. She'd probably lock me up in my room and never let me out if she knew. She'd think that would keep me safe." Sora gave a small smile, which disappeared in the next moment. "But nothing can really keep me safe."

"The way you live?" an older wizard's voice growled. "What do you mean by that, boy?" Sora flinched and raised his head to look at Moody. Both of his eyes were staring at Sora with suspicion.

Sora looked away and shrugged. "I'm a teenage boy. I like to have fun. I do dangerous stuff." He hoped they would buy this lie of his. He was never really good at deception, but the situation called for it. He didn't want to tell them the truth, at least not yet.

There was a huff, "Come on kid, if you're gonna lie, at least come up with something better than that." Sirius crossed his arms across his chest and stared at Sora with an eyebrow raised.

"Sadly, that is the best he can come up with," said an amused voice from the hallway. Sora twisted in his seat to look at Riku, who was smirking as he walked toward the empty chair next to Sora.

"Where have you been, boy?" Moody growled angrily, glaring at Riku. "Didn't we warn you not to leave headquarters without an escort?"

"I don't need your protection, and I don't believe its any of your business, what I do in my free time," Riku responded, matching his glare with Moody's.

Sora sighed and rubbed his tired and abused eyes. "He went to meet up with one of our friends."

"Sora!" Riku turned his glare on Sora now, annoyed.

"Friend?" Sirius asked, eyes narrowed at the two teens. "You two have friends here?" He remembered Dumbledore telling them in a meeting that the two boys weren't familiar with the country.

Sora shook his head. "No, he came here to see how we were doing and to inform us of some matters." He looked at Riku cautiously. "What did he say?"

Riku shook his head. "Nothing you haven't heard before." He paused then, and smiled, "Also, Kairi isn't going to allow anything to stop her from coming here to see us. And if we even try and stop her she's going to make us regret it until death."

Sora smiled softly, "She's trying threats now? She's really not acting like a princess. I bet we'll get blamed for that."

Riku rolled his eyes, "I will get the blame, and no one will ever blame you for anything since you're their 'little hero'. Besides if you were to do something bad, I'd probably still get the blame because I 'corrupted' you, too."

Sora frowned for a second, then smirked as he considered all the things he could probably get away with. "So if I were to get drunk, they would blame you for it?"

"Oh, I see what that smirk means," Riku said as he frowned at Sora. "You try anything, and you will never have a moment of peace again."

"Hey, wait, you two know a princess?" Fred asked looking at Sora and Riku with curiosity.

Sora nodded, "She's our best friend."

Riku dug into a pocket of his robes and pulled out the envelope addressed to Sora. "Here, this is from Kairi."

Sora stared at the letter for a moment before he opened it and read it silently.

Dear Sora,

It's been almost a month since I've last seen you. I hope you're okay. Everyone has been telling me that you're fine, but I'm not going to believe them until I see you myself.

It doesn't seem fair really; you were only home for a few months and now you've been forced back into being the Keyblade Master, but I guess that's how life is, right? It isn't fair.

From what I hear, the world you're on right now is really big on magic, so hopefully when I arrive for Christmas I can show you some new spells Queen Minnie has been teaching me. Of course, I would also like to learn how to fight with my Keyblade, but no one here is willing to teach me. I'm hoping you and Riku will show me more when I get over there.

And don't you dare tell me I can't come.

See you soon,


"-don't see why you all give a damn," Riku was saying angrily when Sora finished his letter. He and Moody were staring daggers at each other.

Sora blinked, trying to figure out what he had missed. "What's wrong?"

Moody turned his attention to Sora now. "We want to know why you won't tell us who you really are. One of our Aurors just reported that neither of you exists in the records under the names you've given us. So what are your real names? And why are you lying to us?"

Sora looked puzzled for a moment and glanced at Riku, who had his arms crossed and was glaring at everyone coldly. "I-its complicated… but we weren't lying about our names. We're just not being completely truthful about the reason why you won't find anything about us in any of your files." Sora sighed and rubbed his temples. "Its just one large mess, really."

"Well, try and clean it up then," Lupin said, watching them carefully. "How can we trust either of you if you won't be honest with us?"

Riku turned his glare at Lupin. "Easier said than done. And why should we be truthful with all of you if you're not truthful with us?"

A sudden wave nausea consumed Sora, and he struggled to concentrate on the conversation. He wasn't sure why his head was spinning, or his heart was starting to fill with coldness. He closed his eyes and hoped it would go away soon.

"What are you talking about?" Tonks asked, raising her eyebrows. "We've been truthful."

Riku snorted. "Please, we might be teenagers, but we're not as naïve as you all seem to think we are. We know something big is going on and none of you are willing to tell us what the hell is going on."

"That's because it's none of your business, kid," Moody answered coldly.

Riku glared and got angrier, if that was even possible. "So you expect us to tell you all about our lives when its none of your business either? How exactly is that right?"

"Riku…" Sora mumbled weakly, "Just stop." He was currently trying to stop himself from crying out in pain. The feeling in his heart had become unbearably painful; it felt like it was being encased in ice. He had hunched over, holding his chest as he tried desperately to stop himself from screaming bloody murder. "Please…"

Riku glanced at Sora and his eyes widened. Sora had gone pale and looked like he was about to collapse. "Sora?" he asked, coming closer. "What's wrong?"

Sora tightly shut his eyes, wishing that the pain would disappear. It was then that he was suddenly hit by a[n un]known force[?], his eyes open, staring now not at the dining room, but a dark and bitter sky. The once sparkling blue ocean was now pitch black and threatening to consume the islands whole.

Heartless were running free, ripping out hearts at will. The scene changed and he was looking at the world hanging in the middle of space, nearly extinguished by the darkness that had spread as quickly as wild fire. In a matter of moments, the world was consumed and exploded into nothingness.

"Sora!" At the sound of his name, Sora snapped his eyes open and stared into Riku's worried face. He was laying in the middle of the dining room floor, surround by people; Riku helped him sit up, but as soon as he was upright, his stomach rebelled. He pushed Riku away as he lost what little food he'd eaten at dinner.

"Fred, George! Floo Madam Promfrey," Mrs. Weasley ordered urgently as she tried to get a good look at the ill boy, ignoring the mess all over the floor.

Sora coughed violently as he tried struggled to form the words he needed to say, but he couldn't catch his breath. He was beginning to find it incredibly difficult to breathe, and was having trouble calming his pounding heart.

"Sora, honey, relax," Mrs. Weasley said gently. She was one of the only ones who could see his distress. She waved her wand and made the vomit disappear before kneeling by his side and rubbing his back, trying to help him clam down. But the action caused Sora to remember his own mother, who was now…

Sora pulled away from her as he struggled to get to his feet, but a firm hand stopped him. It was Riku, who was watching him cautiously. "I-I…" Sora struggled to form the words that he knew Riku needed to know. "I… it's gone," he whispered in a strangled voice. He wanted nothing more than to curl up in a ball and hide, but things needed to be done and he had to do them.

"What's gone?" Riku whispered keeping his voice gentle as he looked into Sora's bright blue eyes. He could feel his heart becoming cold as he stared into Sora's defeated and miserable eyes.

Sora tried again to calm his breathing and get words he needed to say out. "D-Destiny Islands!" he stuttered finally. He didn't care that everyone in the room was watching them with varying amounts of concern, confusion and suspicion. He took a handful of Riku's shirt and felt the tears start to fall. His body began to shake. "T-they're all gone!"

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