Chapter 1

Summary: Nathan would do anything for his wife, but how far is he willing to go? M/F, M/M Slash. Sexually mature content, you've been warned.

This is a new story I've had in my head. Please enjoy and review. No flames please.

. . . .

"Coop!!" Nathan exclaimed, relieved that it wasn't a burglar trying to break into his apartment. "What're you doing here?" Nathan asked as he put his bat away.

Cooper took another swig of his beer and took a good look at Nathan. He definitely filled up since the last time he saw him. The boy was definitely jacked up, his muscles rippling from his body, but at the same time he wasn't overly muscular but just the perfect build and cut, definitely cut. Cooper took another look at his beer, maybe he should stop. Cooper was in no ways out of shape, but seeing Nathan right now definitely made him want to do a couple of sit ups.

"How much for the painting?" Cooper joked. "Come here and give me some love!" Cooper extended his arms out and the two shared a quick hug, but not before Cooper got a good feel of Nathan's back. He let his hand wonder there a while longer while he gave a friendly pad, yes he had definitely filled out. Whoever snagged him up was definitely lucky to have him.

Just then, Haley peeked out of their bedroom, dressed in one of Nathan's dressed shirt. She looked nervously at Nathan, wondering who was there.

"Hales.. it's okay.. there's someone I'd like you to meet.." Nathan motioned for her to come out.

. . . .

A short time later, the three were in the kitchen with Nathan and Haley sitting on the counter. Haley was still in Nathan's shirt while Nathan was still clad in his basketball shorts. Cooper was over the grill making them a late dinner, or rather a very early breakfast. As it was a little bit pass 2 am. Cooper already removed his plaid short sleeve shirt so that he wouldn't stain it but it proved pointless when he stained his white wife beater.

"Crap…" He muttered, as he lifted the pan and gave each Nathan more food. Haley declined, she was already stuffed.

"Oh.. you want club soda to wash it off? Haley asked.

"Nah.. it's okay.." Cooper said as he put the pan back down and took off his undershirt.

"Coop!" Nathan exclaimed.

"What?" Cooper shrugged. "Afraid .. your wife will see what she's missing?" Cooper joked.

"Ohh.. I'm not missing anything.." Haley smirked back as she stood up and put rubbed her hands over Nathan's shoulder and taking a hold of his bulging biceps.

Cooper smirked back. "I like her Nate.. I always wanted to meet the girl that married my nephew.. and crashed a perfectly good race car."

"And I wanted to know the uncle who let him." Haley shot back.

"She's a firecracker Nate.. don't ever let this one go." Cooper remarked.

"Never going to happen." Nathan smirked and Haley leaned in to give him a quick kiss on the lips.

"Okay boys.. I'm off to bed.. you boys play nice.. or at least be quiet.. I gotta get up early tomorrow." Haley waved off and went back to their room and closed the door behind her.

. . . .

"I can't believe you're here." Nathan said as the two now moved to the couch. They finished breakfast and were finishing off the case of beer Cooper brought over.

"Well you know.. had some downtime.. I figure I'd stop by and say hi.. you seem happy Nate.."

"It's cuz I am.. and how about you.. you seemed to put on a little weight there.." Nathan teased as he padded his uncle's bare stomach.

"Haaa.. please.. as if .. well next to you I freaking look like out of shape.. Whitey keeps you guys in good shape.." Cooper commented back and also grazed his hand across Nathan's washboard abs. His hand lingered for a moment and Nathan didn't know what to make of it but just brushed it off. Cooper finished the rest of his beer, the fifth one that night and he was already getting a little buzzed. Nathan just finished his third but was also starting to feel it too. He hadn't drank in while and plus he was a little tired from basketball, all of which had lowered his tolerance.

"So I have to say that Haley is one smoking chick.."

"Umm… thanks I think.." Nathan didn't know whether to take that as a compliment or kick his ass for making such a remark about his wife.

"I'm just playing with you man .. I hope I wasn't interrupting anything when I came in.."

"Nah .. it's cool.."

"Yeah, like you two weren't totally going to get it on before I came in.."

Nathan couldn't hide the grin that formed on his face. "Haha.. see I knew it." Cooper laughed and Nathan joined him.

"Speaking of which.." Cooper turned the TV on. "It's been a while since I got some … ahh here we go.. this'll do.. you gotta love Cinemax at night.."

Nathan shook his head as Cooper tuned into some Grade B soft porn. This was nothing new, he'd expected this from him. Cooper had always joked around with him, especially when it came to matters of sex.

"Damn.. she's pretty hot.." Cooper commented as he adjusted himself against his jeans. Nathan looked up and Cooper was right, but she was nowhere as hot as the pretty thing that was sleeping in the room next door.

"Dude.. I'm seriously hope you're not going to whack off …"

"Aww relax Nate.. I'm just having some fun.. and like I said.. it has been a while.."

"A little bit of a dry spell.."

"Yeah.. you can say that.." Cooper said as he kept watching and adjusted himself once again. "Okay.. I definitely need to rub one off or else I'm going to go crazy.." Cooper said as he started to unbuckle his belt.

"Cooper what the hell man?" Nathan laughed, Cooper joked around him before but this was the first time he actually gone this far. He wondered if he really was going to do it. His question was soon answered when Cooper got up and dropped his jeans, revealing his well endowed cock.

"Fuck Coop!" Nathan turned away. This was definitely something he didn't want to see, although he had to admit that one of his questions of "if it runs in the family" were finally answered. "I'm going to go.. just don't.. don't make a mess.." Nathan kept his head turned and was about to stand up but Cooper placed his hand on Nathan's shoulder, forcing him to sit back down.

"Come on, stay.. join me.."

"Like you said I have this smoking wife in the next door.." Nathan tried to lighten up the situation.

"Aww come on Nate, don't bother her.. you know I feel bad for cockblocking .. why don't I make it up.."

"What?" Nathan questioned as he finally turned around to face Cooper and just then Cooper's hands trailed down his shoulders and down onto his thighs.

"Whoa.. Coop!" Nathan protested.

"Come on.. just go with it." Cooper smiled. He knew this was wrong, which was part of the turn on and plus the beer was kicking in. Cooper rubbed his hand against his thighs and slowly made passes to Nathan's crotch and could feel him hardening below the thin nylon fabric.

"Coop.." Nathan muttered out, but his body and the beer were getting the best of him. Cooper had already implanted thoughts of sex with his wife and having his cock rubbed on was definitely not helping, no matter the source.

"Come on Nate.. let's see what you got.." Cooper said as he cupped his balls thought the thin material. He knew that Nathan wasn't wearing and boxers and he definitely knew that he caught them about to do it since Nathan was only wearing the basketball shorts. Cooper's hand was working it's magic and Nathan started to get lost in the hazy fog of pleasure.

"Crap, Coop.." Nathan muttered as his head was spinning and before he knew it, Cooper was tugging at the waistband and slid the shorts down to his ankles. Cooper watched in amazement as Nathan's cock grew to full mast. Holy crap, the kid was packing serious heat, Cooper thought. Cooper was proud of his 8 incher but Nathan was definitely thicker and longer by at least an inch.

"Shit, Nate.. what're you part horse?" Coop envied and Nathan couldn't help but smirk. He'd receive similar reactions in the past and it never failed to amuse him. Cooper reached out with his right hand and started to gently stroke Nathan, while his other hand gently stroke himself. Nathan let out a gasp of air has Cooper's firm hand worked up and down his rigid shaft. It had been a while since he had a hand job, not since him and Haley watched a movie last month and she decided to give him one in the theatre. Haley, crap, an alarm went off in his head.

"Cooper.. fuck.. Haley is next door.."

"And she said to be quiet.. so shhhh…" Cooper silenced him by cupping his balls and now used both his hands to stroke Nathan.

"Fuck.." Nathan muttered as waves of pleasure coursed through him. Nathan knew this was wrong and things had gone too far but he was slowly losing his grip on reality.

"Damn your huge.." Cooper smirked as he got on his knees to get more comfortable. A few dribbles sprouted from Nathan's tip and Cooper licked his lips, wondering how it would taste. A moment later, he did just that. Nathan nearly swallowed his throat when he felt Cooper's tongue reach out and licked off the dribble that had formed. By this point Nathan was goner and Cooper gave his hot nephew one more look before going down on him. Cooper's hand rested on Nathan's thighs as he spread them apart, then his hands started roaming everywhere, wanting to feel up Nathan's hot body. With one hand he held the base of Nathan's cock as he continued to try to take as much of it in while the other roamed his perfect 6 pack and played with Nathan's hardened nipple.

Nathan was in heaven as Cooper's mouth eagerly tried to swallow him. Cooper pulled his mouth out and started to lick every inch of him, nibbling on portions of the rigid member before licking Nathan's egg sized balls, gently taking each one in his mouth and sucking it. Nathan's pubes tickled at Cooper's nose and he licked the shaft once more before going down on him once more. Not holding back any longer, Nathan placed his hand on top of Cooper's head, urging him to take more in. Cooper complied, trying to take as much as the long thick cock in his mouth. He was practically gagging but forced himself to breath through his nose as the thick shaft descended down his throat.

Nathan rocked his hips forward as he kept a firm hold of Cooper's head. Cooper massaged Nathan's balls with one hand and furiously stroked himself off with the other.

"Oh yeah.." Nathan muttered as he forced another inch down Cooper's throat until Cooper finally reached the base. Cooper couldn't believe he was able to take the whole thing but at that moment he didn't care as he used everything in him to create a suction effect which was literally blowing Nathan's mind away.

Haley got up from bed and wondered what the noise was outside. She peaked through the doors and was shocked to find her husband and Cooper naked on the couch, with Cooper going down on Nathan's huge cock. She looked on for a moment, completely stunned but at the same time she couldn't look away. Nathan was using both his hands to hold Cooper's head in place while he fucked his mouth and Cooper jacking his own huge cock off. Haley couldn't help but get wet from the site.

"Oh.. shit…" Nathan muttered as he couldn't hold back any longer. He tried to control his moan as he started shooting huge spurts down Cooper's throat. That was enough for Cooper as he blew his own wad all over his hands and on the carpet. Nathan's hips buckled as his orgasm took over. He felt like he never came so much in his life, so much so that it filled Cooper up completely flowed out of Cooper's mouth, leaving a thick trail down Cooper's chin. Nathan collapsed back onto the couch trying to catch his breath as Cooper licked his lips tasting Nathan's hot seed, he brought his hand up and caught the dribble down his chin, mixing Nathan's cum with his own and then licking it off. Haley lost her balance and fell on the floor when she saw this and both men turned around to see what the noise was.

"Haley?!" Nathan exclaimed.

Haley jumped up from bed, her breathing heavy.

"Haley?!" Nathan exclaimed as he shot up as well. He looked at his wife and saw that she was sweating and completely flushed. "Hales.. are you okay?.. talk to me.." Nathan asked concerned.

She looked at Nathan and looked at her surroundings.

"Bad dream?" He asked as he gently soothed her back.

"Something like that …" Haley said softly, trying to catch her breath.

To Be Continued . . . .

So in case you were wondering, the whole Nathan/Cooper scene was just a sex dream Haley had.