I'll Do Anything

Chapter 5

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Cooper rolled out of bed clad in his boxers and turned on the lights in his hotel room. He ran his hand through his air and rubbed some of the sleep from his eyes. He wondered who the hell was knocking on his door so late.

"Nate." Cooper said breathlessly at the sight of his young nephew.

"Hey Coop." Nathan smiled sheepishly and the two stood there for a second in awkward silence.

Finally gaining his senses back, Cooper smiled widely and motioned for Nathan to come in.

"So Nate, what do I owe the pleasure?"

"I know it's late but .. umm about earlier when we last talked.. umm… Haley and I were talking .. and I umm.." Nathan became much more nervous and he was second guessing himself over his decision to come here.

Cooper laughed and placed a hand on Nathan's shoulder. "Relax Nathan, breath."

Nathan closed his eyes and took a deep breath and looked back at Cooper. "I think you know why I'm here."

Cooper smiled and then a moment later squeezed his hand on Nathan's shoulder before pulling away and taking a step back. "I appreciate the gesture Nate, but it's late and you can go."

"Huh?" Nathan asked confused.

"Come on now." Cooper walked towards the door and opened it.

"I don't understand, I thought this is what you wanted."

"I told you earlier that I'll give you the money no matter what and believe me I want this but look at you, you're a mess. I want you to want it also. If you're going to be this nervous and unsure about it, you can just go home Nate."

Part of Nathan was grateful and wanted to bolt out of there as fast as possible. But there was also another part of him that wanted him to stay, the reason why he debated all day about coming here. He had a choice now and even though he knew he could walk away, he knew he owed Cooper a lot. He promised Cooper to get his financial situation stabilized, but that wasn't a guarantee. He needed to stay on Cooper's good side and didn't want to feel guilty about going to him for help. Cooper offered to help him out with no strings attached but he could already tell how much Cooper wanted this and this was his way of giving back.

Nathan took a step towards the door and closed it. He turned back to Cooper with a resolved face.

"I'm not going anywhere." Nathan stated firmly.

Cooper smirked. "I was hoping you'd say that." He stepped closer to Nathan and pressed him up against the door. Cooper was slightly taller than him and a certain part of his anatomy. He looked down and saw the huge bulge on Cooper's boxers and before he knew it, Cooper pressed his lips against his.

Nathan turned away and Cooper pulled slightly back.

"I'm. I'm sorry Coop, I'm not into that."

"Not yet." Cooper winked and he made a promise to himself that he and Nathan would be making out before the night ended.

"You say you're going to stay but if you're going to be pulling this shit then you might as well go Nate. The last thing I want to do is make you or Haley uncomfortable."

"Believe me, Haley is very comfortable with this." Nathan took another deep breath. "You've done so much for me.. Haley too and I owe both of you so much. I'd do anything for her and yeah I was weirded out at first, I mean who wouldn't?"

Cooper nodded in agreement.

"But." Nathan continued. "I enjoyed it too and when you left, it actually helped bring Haley and I closer together. I'm just not into that kissing stuff.. I was hoping it can be like the last time."

"Okay, Nate, we can take it slow but just keep an open mind."

Nathan nodded.

"Okay good." Cooper smiled and moved closer to Nathan. His hands reached underneath Nathan's shirt and started to feel up Nathan's chiseled form.

"Is this okay." Cooper whispered into Nathan's ear and gently nibbed on his ear lobe.

Nathan nodded.

Cooper started lifting the shirt up and Nathan raised his hands and Cooper tossed the shirt away and admired Nathan's form. He motioned him to the bed and Nathan kicked off his shoes and lied down on the bed. Cooper stepped out of his boxers, his cock yearning to be free. Nathan looked back at Cooper, taking a real good look at him. Although he often teased his uncle about being old, he looked anything but. People had mistaken them for brothers and Nathan hoped that when he was older, he would remain in tip top shape like Cooper. Nathan was more cut than Cooper but Cooper was still lean and defined and even though Nathan was more hung that Cooper, he couldn't help but think what a huge boner Cooper was sporting.

Cooper climbed on top of Nathan and started kissing his way down Nathan's neck and down his chest. He felt Cooper flick his tongue over one of his nipples and Nathan let out a small moan. This was what he was used to, Cooper feeling him up with his hands and tongue. Nathan simply sat back and enjoyed the ride. Cooper could feel Nathan relax more as this was familiar territory for Nathan. Cooper missed this and wondered why he didn't go back to Tree Hill sooner.

Cooper licked his way down Nathan's abs and then cupped the huge bulge from Nathan's crotch. Cooper licked his lips as he unbuttoned Nathan's jeans and pulled them down. Cooper nearly gasped at what he saw.

"Haley thought you'd like it." Nathan smiled.

"Thank you Haley." Cooper smiled back and pushed the jeans down. Nathan was sporting a jock strap with his hard cock already spilling out from it. He'd seen Nathan wear it once before. Nathan didn't really want to wear it but Haley had twisted his arm. She loved seeing Nathan with it on and he figured Cooper would like it too and she was definitely right. Cooper took in the site for a moment, burning the image of Nathan in the jockstrap in his mind before sinking his mouth onto the huge cock.

Cooper pushed the fabric aside and started bobbing his head up and down. Cooper opened wide, almost forgetting how big Nathan was, almost 11 inches to be exact, he'd measured. Cooper was going wild on it, sucking down as much as he could while one hand jerked his cock at the base, his other free hand roaming Nathan's torso.

Nathan moaned softly and tilted his head back and he enjoyed the head job. Haley's blow job skills had greatly improved thanks to Cooper's help and she sucked him almost as much as he fucked her but Cooper's mouth was special. Maybe it was because Cooper knew what it felt like but the man could suck cock like no other.

Nathan didn't last long and he started jerking his hips and started spilling himself onto Cooper's eager mouth. Cooper swallowed the first two spurts but it was too much as Nathan continued to unload his seed. He counted at least five and his cum spilled down from Cooper's lips and chin and back onto Nathan's cock.

Nathan released his grip on the bed sheets and tried to catch his breath. Cooper sat up doing the same and licking the cum off his lips.

"I've missed this."

"Yeah." Nathan responded as he felt Cooper removed the jockstrap.

Nathan's cock was still wet with his cum but had slightly deflated. Cooper knew how to take care of that. Cooper went back down taking his time and using his lips and tongue to lap up Nathan's cum. Nathan could feel himself getting hard again. One time, Cooper had blown Nathan and then Haley came in and blew him again and vice versa. Cooper knew that Nathan was able to get off multiple times in one sitting, the boy had amazing stamina.

Cooper took his time licking the long shaft, his tongue slipping inside Nathan's slit to make sure he milked Nathan dry. He then moved back down, licking Nathan's sack and taking his balls in his mouth while he gently jerked him off.

"Ahh." Nathan moaned out. Cooper definitely knew how to push Nathan's buttons. Within a few minutes, Cooper had Nathan leaking again. He knew he had him right where he wanted.

Cooper took the opportunity and moved his mouth from his nutsack to his ass. Nathan felt the fleshy invader and immediately tensed up.

"Cooper." Nathan protested, but Cooper ignored him and continued licking the tight ass.

"Cooper." Nathan protested more and shifted his body.

"I told you to keep an open mind Nate."


"But nothing, believe me, you're going to be nutting like crazy."


"Either I do it to you or you try out on me."

Nathan's face grimaced.

"That's what I thought, now come on I never steered you wrong before."

"Fine, but if it's too much."

"Don't worry, Nate, just relax." Cooper smirked and went back down to rimming Nathan's ass. The sensation was new and strange, Nathan wasn't that comfortable. Luckily, Cooper started jerking Nathan off again and his tongue probed deeper inside. Slowly but surely, Nathan was hard again and the feeling wasn't so bad, it actually started feeling good.

He felt Cooper's tongue being replaced by one of Cooper's fingers but before he could protest, he already jammed it in there, his ass muscle already relaxed wasn't ready for the intrusion.

"Ahh, pull it out!" Nathan cried out, not believing Cooper would do that.

"Wait for it,." Cooper started as he started probing with his finger and then suddenly he felt Nathan's body jerk. Bingo, he thought to himself.

"What the?" Nathan said baffled as he felt electricity run up his body and to the tip of his cock. The next thing he knew, Cooper's mouth was back on his cock and his finger was gently sliding in and out of Nathan's lubed ass. The feeling was so new and different but it felt good.

Cooper knew he had to keep this going and slipped another finger inside, trying his best to be as gentle with him. Nathan's eyes went wide and even though he felt some pain, the pleasure he was feeling was indescribable. He'd heard stories but never thought they were true but as Cooper pressed up against Nathan's prostate, he now knew what they meant. He was hard as a rock and felt his cock leaking cum again. He was getting so into it that he barely noticed Cooper slip in a third finger, stretching him out as best as he could.

The feeling was so intense, Nathan's body was practically shaking from pleasure. Finally, he couldn't take it any more and his balls tensed up and he started cumming again.

"AHH!" He cried out and Cooper sucked on his cock faster and took the load in his mouth, careful to not swallow as much. It wasn't as big as the first load but it was still contained a good three spurts.

Nathan was dripping in sweat and his eyes were closed as he tried to regain his senses. He'd never had an orgasm like that before. Cooper stood up quickly and spit out Nathan's cum on to his hand and used it to lube his own cock. He couldn't last either and he jerked himself off furiously and aimed his cock right for Nathan's hole. It only took a few pulls for Cooper to cum and Nathan felt the warm seed hit his ass. He was still so out of it that he didn't realize what was happening at first. When he finally got to, he sat up and saw what had happened.

Nathan didn't have time to react as he watched Cooper align his cock to Nathan's ass. Clay used his and Nathan's cum to lube himself up and pushed forward.

"Ahh!" Nathan cried out and Cooper stilled his movement.

"Relax, Nate."

"What.. what're you doing?"

"What do you think?" Cooper pushed forward again, glad he relaxed Nathan's ass muscled enough that he was able to push in further. Then suddenly Nathan felt it again and his eyes went wide in shock. There was pain but the pleasure of his orgasm was still with him and Cooper's cock head brushed up against his prostate, he felt a jolt of electricity course through his body again. His face was a masked of confusion as the pleasure started to overcome him again, even he was surprised to feel himself getting hard again.

Cooper just smirked wider, knowing that he had Nathan right where he wanted him. Since Cooper was able to do a lot of prep work earlier with his fingers, he was more forceful with his pulls and jabbed his cock further inside Nathan's ass. He was still tight as hell but at least he was ripping him apart. Nathan's head was thrown back and he felt his legs spread wider apart as Cooper continued to pick up the pace.

Nathan never felt like this before, he was rock hard again and nothing was touching his cock. He felt Cooper hover over him and built up a good pace, his mind reeling over the fact that he was getting fucked and enjoying it. Cooper leaned down, Nathan's cock now pressed against his abs and Cooper's abs. The friction was welcomed as he body went through a new level of pleasure. It was all so much for Nathan and Cooper knew he had him right where he wanted.

Nathan was moaning now and Cooper continued fucking him and he felt Nathan grip his shoulders for support. He pressed his forehead against Nathan and continued rocking his body into his. Seizing the opportunity, Cooper swooped down and started kissing the young jock. The feeling was all so much as Nathan started kissing back.