Author's Note: She lives! Egads! Anyways, I'd apologise for the 437day wait for an update, but I'm really not all that sorry, and my parents raised me to be honest. Although, I can say that, in the mean time, I finished high school, had my grandparents living with us because their house was flooded, found a job, and had one of said grandparents pass away quite suddenly. But it's all good. Life keeps going, and occasionally I get so bored of reading other people's lovely updates, that I actually update myself. Hmm. This has to be one of the longest Author's Notes I've written in a while. I used to ramble lots, then got over it... (Yes, this is the same Author's Note that I put in "Book of Musings". Deal with it.)

Disclaimer: If I owned it, I wouldn't need a job. My awesomeness would pay for everything.


Mesa find big shell thing to eat. My no know what it is, but it make mesa tummy hurt! My go lookin for sick people person but my no find anyone. My afraid mesa might die!

At least diaree keep mesa friend.

Mesa Hungry...

Mesa no eaten since my got sick. So hungry. But no food! Mesa so so so so hungry! My will try, find small shell thing again... Dey moi moi yum yum.

Diaree got wet. Now is dry. It was scary. Mesa friend almost die! My are glad it still here. My will treasure it more, now.

I'd ask for reviews, but that might be pushing the friendship. lols.