I smiled as I watched my gorgeous husband devour a mountain lion; it was his third of the afternoon and hopefully his last as I was already full. It was a gorgeous afternoon for March, already in the 50's even with the cloud coverage; which is why out of all of the places we have lived over the years Portland was easily in my top five favorites.

"Emmett, come on, it's going to start raining soon" I pointed out the ominous looking clouds above.

"Coming babe" he called as he stood upright and wiped his mouth, a perfect grin forming on his lips. He started running towards me, his curls bouncing subtly with each stride that he took. He was about thirty feet from me when I heard a high pitched scream some distance behind us, if it wasn't for my heightened hearing I wouldn't have heard it. I had planned on ignoring it but my husband had other plans. I shook my head silently cursing his good nature before taking off after him. We ran through the woods for a minute or two before I could smell blood.

"Emmett, this isn't a good idea" I stopped running. He stopped as well but soon we heard another blood curdling scream. The scream was enough to squash my indecision; we both took off again. In a matter of a few seconds we came across the gruesome scene. An older male vampire was feeding on a woman in her late twenties or early thirties. There was another male dead beside her. Emmett ran at the vampire and pulled him away from her, with size and strength favoring heavily on his side Emmett killed him easily. Hearing a slight rustle I turned to the tent behind me. It was a large tent, too large for two people. Having been holding my breath I couldn't tell what or who had made the noise. I crouched down in front of the tent and began to unzip it.

"Please don't hurt us" I heard the soft voice of a female child; I opened the tent completely and looked at the two kids staring back at me with wide frightened eyes. One was a girl with brown hair slightly past her shoulders; she was nervously chewing on her thumb. The other was a boy with lighter hair, it fell in loose ringlets, two of which were had fallen in front of his eyes. He looked up at me with enormous dark blue eyes, his sister, I assumed, had brown eyes. .

"You're safe now" I said in the most soothing voice I could muster. The girl nodded but the boy didn't look convinced. He began to try to look beyond me, probably trying to see where his parents were, at least I assumed they were his parents, they looked very similar. "I'm Rosalie" I smiled softly at them. They were about three, maybe four years old. They were twins too, I think. The boy was a little bigger than girl, about two inches taller.

"Hi Rosalie" The girl spoke up, her eyes widening as Emmett came up behind me.

"Babe, I can't be around all of this blood for much longer" He whispered as he looked at the kids. I knew exactly how he felt, his eyes were still a soft amber color, I'm sure he wasn't breathing either. "I'm Emmett" he grinned at the frightened children and extended his hand.

"Hi Emmett" the beautiful girl smiled back at him and reached out, her small hand grabbed a hold of Emmett's before giving it a shake.

"What are your names?" he asked with a gentle smile, his dimples clearly visible.

"Bewwah" The boy pointed at his sister before leaning forward on his knees trying to get another look behind me.

"Bella" she corrected with a smile.

"Nice to meet you Bella" I smiled at her. "How about you bud, what's your name?" I tried to distract her brother.

"Joshwah" he said simply without looking back at me.

"Joshua?" Emmett asked and Joshua just nodded and stood up not falling for our attempt to distract him. I'm not sure what exactly drove me to my decision but I couldn't let him see his parents this way. I scooped him up; Emmett must have been thinking something similar because he gently picked Bella up. Not wanting to scare them we ran just a little above what we considered human speed.

We ran for about ten minutes, neither Bella nor Joshua saying a word until we reached Emmett's Jeep. I smiled as Joshua loosened his grip, his tiny hands each full with my sweater. I gently sat him at my feet, his eyes widened as he looked at me for the first time without the darkness the tent provided. It was a look I knew well, he was finally getting a look at the beauty that came with being a vampire. His lips formed an adorable little "O", I gave a small chuckle at his expression and he instantly blushed.

Emmett put Bella down and she walked to Joshua's side taking his hand. She looked up at me, tears welling in her eyes. "That man hurt my Mommy like he did my Daddy?" I felt terrible that they had seen what happened to their father. I wanted to protect them from the reality that their parents were dead but I couldn't lie to them, not about this.

"Yeah he did" I said slightly above the whisper. Joshua nodded but Bella began to cry. Joshua turned and pulled his sister into his arms, hugging her tightly. I took in a breath and sighed as it started to rain. "Would be okay if we take you to our home?" I leaned down to face the kids. Bella turned letting go of her brother, she wiped her eyes embarrassed before she nodded.

Emmett pulled out his keys, "You should ride in the back with them; they look like they're too small for the seat belts." He said too softly for the kids to hear us. I nodded and smiled at him, I kissed his cheek before opening the door to the Jeep.

We were soon our way home; I sat next to Joshua who was still holding Bella's hand. With the rain and our newly acquired precious cargo Emmett didn't drive at his normal speed; so what would normally be a two hour trip was going to take us four hours. The first hour consisted of Emmett and I asking the twins questions. We learned that they were from Forks, Washington and that they were both three years old, three and a half to be exact as Joshua had emphasized more than once.

I hadn't run out of questions but Joshua was starting to yawn. He looked exhausted, I watched him as he rested his head for a minute or two on his sister's shoulder. He made a face; it mustn't have been too comfortable. He adorably chewed on his bottom lip before gently resting his head on against my arm. Bella on the other hand looked wide awake.

We were soon on the way up our long driveway; Joshua had his head in my lap fast asleep while Bella stared out the dark window. I took in a deep breath suddenly feeling nervous about the impending conversation with the rest of my family about Joshua and Bella's futures.

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