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Emmett's Pov

I tried to contain a low growl as I leaned against Edward's Volvo; it was bad enough that we had to spend the afternoon in school when everyone else was home but he was late too. "What on earth could you be in such a hurry about?" I looked up again as I heard my brother's voice, he was trying to politely slip past a group of cheerleaders in front of him. What could I be in a hurry about? Since when did I need a reason to be in a hurry?

"Worried we'll get stuck behind a happy meal again?" I grinned as Edward made reference to my little nickname for the hideous yellow school busses that too frequently obstructed our way home. The busses were only part of the reason I wanted to get home quickly. Rose had sent me a text message a little after lunch time telling me I would have enjoyed whatever was happening at home. I figured it had something to do with Josh being on his pain killers which always provided a great deal of entertainment. "He'll still be good and stoned when we get there" Edward spoke up again as he finally reached the car.

With some aggressive driving on Edward's part we were able to get onto the highway before any of the school busses and managed to get home in just over 10 minutes. Normally I would have been alarmed seeing Carlisle's car in the garage so early but after the weekend's events he wanted to be home with Josh and Bella as much as possible. I knew exactly how he felt too; they seemed much more mortal on Sunday than they did on Saturday. I had never been frozen with fear until I watched Aro's sadistic guard Jane lunge at Josh, she could have ended him right there and we wouldn't have been able to do a thing about it.

"What is with all of the doom and gloom?" Edward raised an eyebrow as he watched me climb out of the car. I shot him a quick glare, it was already bad enough feeling somewhat vulnerable about my siblings but having him listen to it and comment on it was pushing it. "Alright, sorry" Edward apologized as he followed me upstairs into the house.

"You know none of this would have happened if you weren't so easy" Bella sounded pissed, her voice had already risen more than half an octave. I decided to stay quiet, something must have happened, I normally understood whatever trivial thing Josh and Bella were fighting about but this didn't make any sense.

"Easy" Josh repeated before giving a very lazy laugh. I opened the door as I reached the top of the stairs. All of my siblings were piled into the living room; Bella and my Rose were at opposite ends of the couch and Josh was sprawled across them covered in a thick down comforter.

"That isn't funny Joshua" I heard Esme's voice from the kitchen, cooking some form of snack for our living, breathing garbage disposal. Speaking of eating machine, she used his full name, something must really be up.

"Easy like Sunday morning" Rosalie started to laugh as Josh belted out a terrible attempt at a cover up. It was easy to get used to hearing people sing and even talk in perfect pitch in a house full of vampires and even after ten years Josh's caterwauling it still caught me off guard.

"It's like someone's torturing barn cats" Edward added on to my noiseless tirade.

"Oh hey Em-dog" Josh lifted his head.

"Em-dog?" Rose took the question right out of my mouth.

"Just trying it out, Em is just so boring"


"Ehh" He contorted his face, good, Em-dog is not a nickname I want to stick. I raised my hands as I questioned his awkward position on the couch. "Head pillow, foot pillow. Foot pillow is more comfortable but head pillow isn't pissed off, self preservation trumps contentment once again."

"Why is foot pillow pissed off?" Bella scoffed as Edward used what I'm sure she considered to be an offensive pseudonym. He must have heard the answer in someone's mind because he tensed before anyone could open their mouth.

"Are you feeling alright?" He swallowed a nonexistent lump in his throat and turned to look at Bella, his voice wasn't necessarily harsh but it was obvious that something had upset him. Why wouldn't Bella be feeling well? It was Josh after all who was injured, Bella should be fine. Wasn't she fine?

"Whoa, Emmett, relax" My breathing returned to a more moderate level as Jasper sent waves of calm to me from his spot with Alice on the loveseat. Whatever was happening seemed to be tickling both Alice and Rosalie as both had smiles playing at their perfect pale faces.

"Edward, I'm fine" That's all Edward needed to hear. "We aren't even really sick yet…" Bella trailed off as he gave a quick nod and walked at a fast human pace out of the living room and into the kitchen. I could hear Esme quietly ask him if everything was alright but instead of a response all I could hear was the back door open and close.

"He's going to kill him" Josh let out a hearty laugh and instantly regretted it.

"Kill who?" Bella jumped as I accidently raised my voice.

"Sean, she gave him Mono" Mono? The kissing disease? I felt a low growl building in my chest again as I realized what this meant. That little punk kissed Bella, my Bella. I was going to kill him.

"Only because you gave it to me" Bella slapped her hand down on Josh's leg.

"This isn't about my promiscuity Bella, it's about yours" Josh gave her a smug smile only to have it slapped away seconds later.

"Alice he isn't actually going to kill him is he?" Bella looked back to Alice, concern apparent in her brown eyes. Edward's response to this caught her and everyone else off guard.

"No, he's just hunting, he needs to clear his head" I wasn't completely satisfied with Alice's cryptic response. Edward wasn't the one Sean needed to worry about.

"He kissed her?" I asked Jasper softly and he responded with a quick nod. "I'm gonna kill him, you want to come?"

"Absolutely not Emmett!" Esme appeared behind the couch in seconds her eyes boring through me with an intensity that rivaled my babes.

"I'm not going to actually kill him, just put the fear of God in him" I raised my hands defensively.

"Sweet I'm coming" Josh hopped to his feet in a matter of seconds. The comforter that once covered him fell to the floor revealing Josh in his CUSE Soccer shirt and bright red boxers, the word NAUGHTY stamped across the butt in white letters.

"You took your sweat pants off?!? What is wrong with you?" Bella shrieked as everyone else, with the exception of Esme, laughed upon seeing his outrageous and risqué underwear.

"It was hot under the blanket" Josh raised an eyebrow, managing to look at Bella like she had just asked what color the sky was.

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