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Like a child II


Like a child, wild and free, he swims.

"GO Kokuyo! GO...-"

I listen, intrigued

"And in first place-"

that I can hear this.

"...Kokuyo High!"


I know.

He loves it.


I was four; my ears had met with the cries of my mother, piercing screaming, the body falling, writhing in pain, hitting the floor with a disturbing thud. Father staggered to the armchair, a wide grin plastered on his face and sat down. I entered the room and watched father as he stared me down, with crazy eyes and grin, the smell of alcohol clouded the air. He pointed a gun to my upper lip, pressed it against it.

"Son, I'm doing you a favor. There's nothing in this world but work, waste, and pain."

Father had already killed mother with this bare hands but his hand had no blood. She lied on the floor in the room next to us. I was tucked into bed next to him, gun to my forehead, finger never leaving the trigger. He didn't sleep, his eyes were on me. I didn't either. Next morning, some men broke down the windows and door and father smiled, "Well, time to go son."

I understood his words and I instinctively grabbed the gun from his hands then pointed it to him.

Father grinned even more. It seemed he knew all along.

"I hope Kami has planned better things for you."

I shot him three times.

Once in the stomach, once in the chest, and once to his head. He fell. Everything seemed to be in slow motion. I could hear sirens from somewhere outside. I didn't tremble, I didn't shake. I didn't feel anything. I realized though, it was the first time I tasted blood. It tastes odd, like a sickening metallic taste. I dropped the gun and ran. No one caught me.

"There's nothing in this world but work, waste and pain."


Namimori High, Hibari thought, Nothing but a place full of trashes. These people make me sick. How can this world put up with this incompetence?

"Ready to lose Kyoya?" A deep, teasing voice said.

Rokudo Mukuro and Hibari Kyoya, rivals in swimming. Huge crowds gathered at the pool ready to watch the exciting match. Namimori High always loses to Kokuyo High but that wasn't why so many came to spectate. They were here for Hibari Kyoya, awed by his presence, first-place swimmer of Japan for High school boys and Rokudo Mukuro of Kokuyo High, overwhelmed by his charisma, top of the first placed High School in the same league.

Hibari merely glanced at Mukuro.

"I'll bite you to death."

"Ah, but this sport contains no physical contact with competitors," he joked.

Hibari said nothing as he continued to stretch. No one ever beat him and no one sure as hell ever will.


I swim, gliding through, I hear nothing but the sound of rushing water. The bubbles bunching together, rising up, creating a small tickling feeling against my palms. Pants and breaths of others are unheard, they are far behind me, unable to catch up. The crowd is invisible, empty white bleachers, their cheers are muted, only the water. I see one thing, the goal in front.

Because swimming is one of few things I like to do.

I swim, nothing else is important.

Only when I go against Rokudo Mukuro of Mokuyo High do I hear something other than water. It's the cheers of a boy named Tsunayoshi.

I complete my goal.

I climb out of the pool.

I see Mukuro smiling at this Tsunayoshi. The little boy has a big smile, directed back at Mukuro.

Look, then walk away.

Why do I see this when I haven't seen anything else?


And "sure as hell" Hibari Kyoya remained undefeated. Yes, his school did lose once again to Kokuyo. Mukuro came up to him, commemorating him a good race. Hibari nodded in acknowledgment. "Your school lost to us again. Why don't you join our school? You'd be first and have my title."

Hibari would never quit Namimori High.


"Kufufu...not surprised, I knew you'd say that."

Hibari wanted to inquire why he'd bother ask then but decided not to ask such a useless question.

Though he said no reply, Mukuro chuckled again. "It's always enthralling speaking with you Kyoya. See you in Nationals."

It wasn't just 'hope' or 'good luck', it was just 'see you'. Hibari noted that Mukuro was not one of those incompetent trashes of the world. He knew worth when he saw it.


Daily jog down the beach.

I come out later when the blue sky is fading. A gradual darkness I appreciate. There's no crowds on the sands.

As I continue down I see two figures.

The smaller figure giving mouth to the other.

Tsunayoshi and Mukuro.

I recognize Mukuro's silhouette.

I come a close distance to them, then turn around and head back.


Aside from being first placed in Japan for swimming, Hibari Kyoya was also known as the president of the student council in Namimori High. He liked discipline in his school and loved to enforce it. He walked down the hallways, underclassmen, terrified, steered cleared of his way. Teachers bowed their head a bit when they passed him. He was respected and feared.

The trashes need cleaning up.

At this, he thought of something.

"...nothing but work, waste, and pain..."

Sure, everywhere was waste. But he felt no pain. Maybe the pained cries of the wastes, but they're worthless. And there was work, of course. Work to be done to clear his school of these useless people. But that was hardly a reason to die over.

Hibari stared down from the 5th floor window.

Quite a bit of distance to the ground.

He wondered what mother's thoughts were as father killed her. When he said everything was mediocre and meaningless. When he strangled her to death and input these words in her mind, with her dying thoughts, she had only thought of corrupt and petty world.

Maybe she was happy to leave such a world.

Hibari slammed the window closed.

Not everything was meaningless.


It was quite awhile later when I pass through the beach again.

And once more, I am met with the same silhouette.

This time, he is alone.

Why is he alone, I wonder. I don't wonder about anything other than the waters a lot.

It's unnatural seeing him without the smaller with him.


Hibari saw Mukuro walk into the ocean, then diving down where it was deep. He watched. The ocean made bubbles and ripples in place of his body. Hibari waited for him to resurface, to see a head pop up out of the water filled with splashing droplets and waves. Waiting, and he saw no signs of him. He briskly sauntered to where he first saw him and then saw a figure rise out of the ocean.

"Eh? Kyoya? What are you doing here?"

Hibari said nothing.

"Oh? Could it be that you came here to see me? Kufufufu..." A light-hearted laughter.

He frowned.

"As if."

His laughter dies down gradually and his lips droop to a thin line. Mukuro stares out, no longer looking at Hibari.

"I'm swimming." Hibari said, taking off his shirt.

It's subtle, and could be seen as a simple statement. Hibari walked forward to the ocean, then turned his head back, a quick look.

You coming?

Mukuro scoffed slightly and smirked, then proceeded to follow his rival.

Hibari could be nice to children if he wanted to...

His retreating figuree dived into the ocean, not waiting for Mukuro to catch up.

...In his own way.


I see him standing against the outer school walls of Namimori High.


He turns his head.

"Kyoya," he says, sounding relieved.

I look at his face. Something is spilling out of his eyes. Quietly, dripping down. He doesn't realize though.

"Hold still." It bothers me; I reach out to his face and wipe it away.

He is startled slightly then thanks me.

I nod, and we walk down the road to the beach.





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