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With a quick leap down Naruto landed right at base of a tree.

"Hahaha Ebisu will never be able to match my pace"

Though just as he was about to leap off he felt a pulse. It was not his heartbeat, it felt much more powerful. It was what also drew his attention to what seemed to be a random direction. Drawn by the pulsing he forged onward through the forest towards the direction the pulse was coming from. As he went further the pulse kept getting stronger until he came to the side of what appeared to be a bare mountain. But as soon as he took a few steps closer a cave shimmered into existence.

"Hmmm wonder what could be in here"

Being the inquisitive boy he was Naruto walked into the mouth of the cave and started trekking through the dark cave. The cave, due to Naruto just being in the daylight was darker then midnight under a rock which then caused him to walk square into a wall smacking his face.

"Dammit who put a wall here!"

Though as soon as he looked back at the wall he was stunned by what he saw. Strange carvings were covering the wall in front of him. Reaching out and brushing the wall with his hand he suddenly felt as if the wall was sucking the energy out of his arm. Trying to pull his arm off the wall it may have well been nailed to the wall for all the good it did him. His arm seemed to glow as his chakra was absorbed into the wall. And strangely enough as more and more of his chakra was absorbed it soon took on a darker color until it shifted from blue to purple and from purple to red.

"What the!?" But as he was about to finish the sensation stopped and he quickly removed his hand from the wall.

Checking to make sure there was no permanent damage to his arm he stretched it out and flexed every muscle and joint in his arm. Though he did feel a bit drained there was nothing wrong with his arm so he sighed with relief.

"Wow that was weird, better get out of here before anything else happens."

Just as he turned around to leave he heard a giant "Clunk" as if a gear was moving into place. Slowing turning his head around he was surprised to see the wall that had just absorbed his chakra seem to be splitting down the middle by a crack. When the crack had reached the base of the door it slowly opened up to the boy. Watching as it fully opened he sat there dumbstruck for a second until he thought of what he should do.

'Ok either I leave and just forget about it and never have a chance to see whats inside ever again, or I take a chance and go into the big dark scary room beyond'

Well of course it was a no-brainer to him as he slowly walked into the cavern, keeping his eyes open for any kind of trouble. The room had a small entrance tunnel which then opened up into a huge area with a wall that curved upwards toward the center of the room making it seem as if the room was a giant dome. The walls were smoothed over which gave the room a semi opaque look and the floor had intricate root-like patterns at the center of the room which circled outward until they reached the wall and there they stopped. Admiring the unique design of this weird cave he never noticed a raven that was sitting in front of him until it "cawed" at him. Startled a bit by the sudden noise he relaxed when he saw it was just a bird.

"Oh its just a bird thank Kami."

"Hey wait a minute whats a bird doing in...?" He never got the chance to finish as the Bird started to spasm a bit before bowing his head and started to glow a greenish glow. Naruto had to turn his head a bit to cover his eyes but when he looked back the bird was floating in the fair along with green smoke coming out of its body.

As it rose up its body changed shaped until finally a figure flourished a cape with feathers on it and stabbed his stave into the ground. The man wore a red cape and had shoulder pads on which had what looked to be feathers on them and he wore a hood over his head. The man also carried a wooden staff with a wooden owl carved at the head of hilt.

Shocked for a bit he just stood there gaping until the bird man as Naruto decided to call him spoke up.

"Ah, silly of me to forget to introduce myself, I.." he took a small bow "am Medivh"

Knocked out of his stupor Naruto returned the introduction though a bit confused

"uh... my name is Naruto Uzumaki."

"It is nice to make your acquaintance Naruto Uzumaki."

There was an uncomfortable silence for about a minute until Naruto asked Medivh a question.

"Hey uh Medivh was it? Yea anyway I was kinda wondering uh what are you doing in this cave?"

Medivh smiled at the young boy before answering

"My dear boy I'm afraid if I told you that it would take hours upon hours which I don't think you appreciate."

Although Medivh had avoided the question Naruto let it go since it was the mans business and he didn't have a right to prod into it. Remembering that he should be looking for a teacher since he had lost Ebisu a while ago Naruto decided it would be a good time to leave.

"Well Medivh it was nice to meet you but I should be going now I should be finding someone to teach me for the upcoming chunin exams."

Naruto was about to turn and leave but Medivh's question caught him.

"I would like to know what these chunin exams of yours are if you wouldn't mind."

Naruto looked at Medivh who seemed to be giddy at the chance to learn something new about foreign people. Naruto decided to answer the question with the long speech that the Third Hokage had gave to them at the end of the preliminaries.

"Well according to the old man the chunin exams are a test to determine if you are qualified to become a chunin."

"The Chunin Exams are held twice every year and are open to every and any ninja that is qualified to enter."

Trying to think back to what the old man had said he wracked his brain until he finally remembered the long speech.

"The exam is held in a different village every time and he also said something about showing off our strength to the rest of the villages that come to participate."

" And right now I am trying to find a sensei that will teach me some cool new jutsu so I can beat Neji."

Medivh looked at Naruto a bit confused and asked

"What are jutsu?"

Naruto nearly face faulted but instead decided to pull out the scroll Konohamaru had copied for him about jutsu and read it out loud.

"A jutsu is basically a ninja technique that requires Chakra and spiritual energy. Chakra is energy that is existent in every cell of the body while you accumulate spiritual energy through training and experience. And after these two are mixed together and a seal is formed the jutsu is executed."

Naruto rolled up and put the scroll back into his pocket while Medivh nodded in understanding.

"I see I see and you are trying to learn a new jutsu to beat this Neji in the next round."

Naruto nodded

"Yea I gotta find someone to teach me something cool that way I can beat the crap out of Neji for what he did to Hinata. Before you ask she's a friend of mine, though a little odd, but she's still my friend!"

"Anyway during the 2nd round he kept demeaning her about how it was fated that she was gonna lose and how a failure will never win in the end. In the end she lost but she gave him a hell of a time losing so I want to defeat him for that."

Medivh smiled a bit at that turned on his heel and started walking towards the center of the room.

"Well I'm not sure about any of these jutsu you speak of but there are some things that I could teach you."

Naruto was a bit confused about what he could teach him but then thought back to the bird thing and decided to give the man a chance. He would definitely be better then Ebisu at any rate.

"What can you teach me if I may ask bird man?"

Medivh smirked at the nickname and held out his hand.

" My dear boy I will teach you..." He held out his hand and his hand was covered in flame " Magic."

Naruto was dumbstruck at first by what the bird man was saying but then he regained himself and he smirked. Deciding that manners would be the way to go here he bowed to Medivh.

"I would be honored if you would teach me."

Medivh laughed a little at that

"You do not need to be so formal child."

"Wow first time I was asked not to show respect to my elders so it sounds really weird." Naruto laughed and Medivh soon joined in.

After agreeing with the offer Medivh had stated that Naruto would first have to learn about the schools of magic.

"Oh and Naruto how long do we have before your match?"

"We have a month to train before our matches begin."

" Ok, since we are short on time I will summarize each school of magic instead of teaching you every tad detail I know."

Nodding Naruto began to listen intently to everything Medivh was going to teach him.

" Now we will begin with Abjuration. Abjuration, simply put, focuses magical energies to provide protection against enemies."

Starting to pace back and forth as he spoke Naruto didn't say anything and continued to listen.

" This protection can take a number of forms, including warding off specific types of weapons or creatures and discouraging or dispelling enemies."

" Abjuration spells concentrate on eliminating or hindering sources of potential harm." Medivh turned to see if his pupil had gotten all of that.

Naruto with his hand cupping his chin summed it up in his own words

" Ok so basically Abjuration is mainly for protection and keeping your enemies away off from you."

Nodding his head Medivh continued with his lesson continuing his pacing from before.

" Next we come to the school of Alteration. Spells of this school enable the caster to channel magical energies to cause a direct and specific change in an existing object, creature, or condition. Alterations can affect a subject's form, weight, location, or even his physical well-being."

Confused for a bit for all the strange words bird man was using Naruto had to think about this one for a second before summarizing it.

" Ok so it basically alters the body of your enemy or strengthens yours." Naruto felt pretty proud of himself for being able to sum it all up so beamed brightly at his new sensei.

Smiling a bit due to his students enthusiasm Medivh continued on

" Next we come up to Conjuring and Summoning."

"You mean like summoning animals? Because Kakashi sensei can summon dogs when he needs to ."

" That is indeed an example of summoning. Compelling creatures to come to the caster, as well as allowing the caster to channel forces from other planes."

" Conjuration on the other hand produces various forms of non-living matter such as water or food."

Naruto nodded at that. Wasn't to hard to understand.

" Ok got it so next one."

Medivh was going to continue but then stopped

" Oh and Naruto before I continue any further I would like to ask that you keep this training between you and me."

Naruto was a bit confused for a moment and voiced his concern

" Why can't I tell people that you trained me?"

" As of right now I am trying to keep my presence here a secret. And if you go around and tell people what I am going to teach you then people would flock for miles wishing to learn and that wouldn't keep me secret for long."

Naruto thought about it for a second and had to agree but he still felt that the man was hiding something from him. He did not voice these concerns though, he didn't feel like driving the only good teacher away.

" Ok you got it bird man." Naruto gave him a thumbs up

Medivh smiled at the gesture and the lesson continued.

-20 minutes later

" Ok let me go over the schools one more time."

Naruto shuffled around and thought back to the lesson.

" Ok Abjuration has to do with protection and keeping your enemies away from you, Alteration causes either negative changes in your opponents body or positive changes on yours, Conjuring is for producing things such as food, water, or any kind material while Summoning is like Kakashi's dogs."

Taking a deep breath he continued.

" Enchanting improves items by giving them a bit of magic while Charming is for influencing people or creatures. Greater Divination is for recon and spying, and Illusions are basically genjutsu though through phantasms some illusions can become reality."

Taking another deep breath he finishes explaining the last schools of magic.

"Invocation and Evocation are almost the same except for Evocation you use natural magics while in Invocation you can call on the intervention of gods. Necromancy which isn't too difficult has to do with raising the dead. And lastly there is Elemental magic with many different subclasses that are numerous to mention, but some basic ones are fire, earth, air, and water. Though there are many many other elements in the class."

Naruto finished that up with a beaming smile on his face.

' I am awesome!'

Smirking Naruto looked up at Medivh and then thought about a possibility that Medivh was just toying with him for the hell of it. Naruto narrowed his eyes slightly at the Bird Man. It did seem sort of odd that Medivh would just all of a sudden take an interest in Naruto's training after only meeting him for the first time. He wasn't even sure if all of this really was real. Sighing Naruto then asked something of Medivh.

" Hey Bird Man I'm sorry but I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around this, is there any way that you could show me some proof that some of this actually is real?"

Medivh looked at the boy with what seemed like understanding

"I figured you would have a hard time believing this so I believe a demonstration is in order."

Walking to the center of the room Naruto about 10 feet away Medivh then spoke.

"Ok Naruto is there any projectile weapon on your person at this moment?"

Naruto fished in his pocket for a kunai and pulled it out showing Medivh.

"That will do nicely now I would like you to throw it at me as if I were an enemy."

Naruto was a bit worried that the man had gone crazy but the look in Medivh's eye showed sincerity. Sighing Naruto then reeled back with the kunai in hand

" You sure about this Bird Man, I mean, I could possibly hurt you."

Medivh chuckled at that and waved the boy off

"Now now dear boy I doubt that very much so with your current abilities."

Naruto pissed that the man had insulted his abilities as a ninja threw the kunai with as much as he could muster at Medivh's head.

Medivh just stood there looking calm when at about two feet away the kunai hit an invisible barrier and ricocheted off and landed on the floor a couple of feet away.

Naruto was flabbergasted at this and it showed clearly on his face. To seal the deal Medivh felt one more demonstration was in order.

" Would you like to see another example my boy?"

Naruto closed his mouth and nodded

" Good now I will show you an example of conjuring. Now tell me Naruto what is your favorite food?"

Naruto didn't even have to think about and instantly yelled

"Ramen of course!"

" Tell me what this ramen is composed of. And keep it simple if you would"

" There is Miso ramen that has Miso soup in it, noodles, and some Pork."

" Naruto would you look up please."

Naruto confused by this was almost hit by a bowl as he looked up only barely catching it in his hands. He looked in the discovered that there was the ramen he had described. Shock clearly written on his face he took a taste test and it was gooood! He slurped up the whole bowl and sighed with contentment.

"Ok I believe you Bird Man."

"Good, now I believe we will start off with Abjuration."

Nodding although he wanted to learn something with a little more firepower he did not contradict the man since he wanted to learn how he made the ramen.

" Now we will be learning the basic barrier for now and later when you have learned more you can add in elemental energy getting various different effects."

Now that sounded interesting, especially if he could make the barrier flaming.

" The energy that are used for spells can differ among the schools but for abjuration this school taps into the use of mana. Mana in essence is the spiritual energy in your body."

A little confused as to how he would use mana after having used chakra so long was gonna voice his thoughts when Medivh answered his question before he asked.

"Now normally the spells require mana but with protection being physical and magical issue, using your chakra might be a better choice for you."

Naruto was glad at not having to learn any more complicated processes about drawing his energy apart.

"Now I want you to gather your chakra and picture it inside of your body as you would see it."

Naruto closed his eyes and did as Medivh said picturing what believed looked like to be his chakra. Medivhs voice seemed to be inside his head.

" Coerce the energy into a barrier around you."

Naruto attempted to do as he said thinking it would be easy but the reality of it smacked him in the face. Trying to keep the chakra condensed in a barrier that surrounded him was one of the toughest things he had done so far. The Chakra almost immediately collapsed as he tried to project the barrier outside of his body. It seemed as if something were messing with his chakra control. Though it did not ruin his ability to control chakra completely it still was not easy.

"Do not get discouraged from failure boy. As they say you learn more from failure then you do success."

Taking his words to heart Naruto continued his training.

-5 hours later

Naruto was breathing hard as his barrier took a blast from a fireball Medivh threw at him.

When Naruto had finally managed to sustain his shield without it failing Medivh had upped the difficult of the training by having the shield withstand elemental attacks. The first few times Medivh cast spells against the boy they had gone through and hit Naruto. Naruto knew Medivh would not permanently damage him but that didn't mean the spells didn't hurt like hell.

After getting hit with elemental attacks over and over Naruto managed to concentrate his chakra enough to actually stop one of medivh's fireballs. Naruto let out a cheer at that but as soon as he did Medivh launched another attack this one stronger then before and he only barely managed to put his barrier up in time. Although the shield was in place it did not manage to stop the attack for long only softening the impact. The blast lifting him off his feet smacked him against the floor. This was how his training went, Naruto would withstand an attack then Medivh would up the power, it would make Naruto up his skill quickly and he would have plenty of motivation to continue. Looking up Medivh was preparing another fireball so Naruto quickly threw up another barrier this time attempting to condese his chakra that way he could fit more chakra into his barrier and therefore withstand more damage.

Sensing the power in Naruto's shield had increased by a large margin Medivh decided to test Naruto with his normal fireball, which in Medivh's case was extremely powerful. Casting the spell Naruto braced for impact and he was not disappointed. The spell had enough force to send Naruto flying backwards and into the wall, but miraculously his barrier was still intact. A bit shaken but unharmed Naruto made his way onto his hands and knees.

Naruto was on his hands and knees when he heard clapping. Naruto looked up to see Medivh approaching him clapping.

" Excellent progress my dear boy you have done very well with this spell. Normally if that barrier wasn't up you would have been incinerated on contact."

Despite the fact that Medivh sounded a bit too enthusiastic at the prospect of nearly killing him Naruto was cheering out loud for his accomplishment. Medivh then came up behind the boy and put a hand on his shoulder.

" Now my dear boy I believe you should probably be heading home now because tomorrow we will continue our training. And if you do well enough I may teach you some elemental magic."

This excited the blond at the prospect of something destructive so Naruto ran out of the cave yelling

"See you tomorrow Bird Man!"

As Naruto's silhouette ran out of sight Medivh then came to a conclusion.

"He definitely is the one." taking a step back Medivh disappeared with a flourish of his cape

Leaping from rooftop to rooftop Naruto ran across the village until he got to his dingy old apartment. Climbing through the window Naruto made his way into his kitchen and got a pan of water boiling. His apartment was not too bad thanks to his shadow clones helping clean up. His kitchen was surprisingly clean while the living room had a couch and an armchair in it along with a little table in front of the couch for him to kick his feet onto it when he felt like relaxing. His Bedroom held a queen sized bed along with a nightstand which had his picture of team 7 on it along with a dresser at the side of the room which held all of his clothes in it. A door in his room lead to the bathroom and shower.

Tired from the day's training Naruto quickly finished making his ramen that way he could rest for tomorrows training. Seeing the pot steaming Naruto walked over and poured the water into his ramen and waited the one minute for his ramen to be ready. Sitting there for minute Naruto started to think about the future.

'I wonder if after the Chunin exams Medivh will continue to train me. Though they will be over so it may be he will have to leave so I shouldn't get my hopes up. So only thing to do until then is to make the most of his training'

Feeling a new determination to learn everything Medivh had to teach him Naruto quickly ate his ramen and went to bed attempting to fall asleep. After a few minutes of restlessness the day's activities had settled in and he fell into a deep sleep.

Getting up the next morning at about 8:45 Naruto quickly made some instant ramen and was out the window and off to the cave. Trying to remember the way he ran off to the last place he was before he sensed that pulse. Speaking of which Naruto made a mental note to himself to ask Medivh later about that.

Arriving at the base of the tree he landed at earlier and backtracked to where the cave was supposed to be. Digging through his memory it took him a while but then he finally came into the familiar mountainside with the cave on it. Of course it was not visible to him until he got within the mouth of the cave. Walking through the cave until he reached the wall again he put his hand against the wall and waited for it to drain his chakra. But it didn't and as soon as he put his hand on the wall it immediately started to slide open.

Walking inside Naruto saw Medivh standing there waiting for him.

"Ah you are back early this time. Well lets not waste time with words let us start to try and get you able to create your barrier while on the move. I want you to slowly walk around the room and create your barrier from yesterday and I want you to keep training until you can sustain it as you walk. Then once you are able to do that you will move up to jogging then running and so forth."

Naruto nodding began his training. The principle was basically the same except now he had to create it while on the move and sustain its strength and shape. Needless to say it wasn't as easy as it looked with the shield constantly wobbling to different shapes for different periods of time. After a couple of hours of drilling Naruto was finally able to create his shield while on the move and it didn't hinder his movement.

"Ok my boy that is the basic barrier spell and it will strengthen as you use it more and if you condense more chakra into it."

"Now we will move onto an elemental attack which will come in handy."

Naruto finally getting something he could use out of the bird man listened with rapt attention.

"Now I will be teaching you a spell that involves gathering the electrical energy inside of your body and releasing it into a concentrated burst of lightning."

Naruto was practically hopping up and down with the prospect of mastering this attack.

"Now I will need to show a test for this spell so watch closely."

Medivh waved his hand upward and out of the center of the room a wooden test dummy matieralized. Taking a few steps back Medivh held out his palm and took on a mask of concentration. After a few seconds his hand started to cackle with electricity that sent tingles all over Naruto's body. It was a nearly instantaneous attack but the results were devastating. The dummy that Medivh had conjured was now no more then a pile of ash and the wall behind it was cratered in about two feet.

"Ok my boy now for the first part of learning this we will be gathering your chakra and turning it into electrical energy. It may sound simple but do not underestimate its difficulty."

Nodding Naruto held out his hard palm up and closed his eyes concentrating on his chakra. Attempting to manifest electricity out of his body much less concentrate it onto one area was far more difficult then the barrier spell. After a few tries he had finally managed to get a spark to come out of his hand. Disappointed by the lack of result he did not give up and continued onward. As the day went on Naruto made slow progress with the spell. Again Naruto had a strange feeling that something was hindering his ability to form chakra as well as he could. Medivh could sense the boy's growing frustration and spoke up.

"Unlike the barrier spell in which you are projecting your chakra outside of your body this spell requires that you separate the spiritual and physical energy within your body."

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier?!"

"My boy I will not always be there to teach you so you may be own your own sometimes. I wanted you to learn and figure it out yourself."

Nodding at his reasoning but still a bit pissed Naruto closed his eyes and concentrated on his chakra.

'Ok physical and spiritual lets see if I can tell the difference'

Feeling down deep inside he finally reached what he thought was his pool of chakra it felt as it usually did but that wasn't what he needed to feel. Trying to separate his chakra caused it to just move around a bit as if the water in a pool was just rippling about. Getting a bit frustrated only made it a bit worse.

'Dam this is hard and its just pissing me off.'

With thought back to what Medivh had said he noticed that the more he let vented his emotions the harder it got for him to control his chakra. So calming himself Naruto imagined a calm serene environment for which he could calm himself. After calming down Naruto found his inner peace and attempted it again. This time getting much better results. Chakra inside of his body soon started to churn in a counter clock wise motion. Building on this Naruto kept his emotions in check and kept the circle going. As it kept churning and churning Naruto could feel his chakra pull further in half. The pool of energies immediately reminded him of the Ying Yang symbol. The different energies got farther and farther apart until he guessed that they were far enough and he released his grasp on his inner energies. The two forces immediately collided and Naruto felt like he was being shocked in an electric chair. Naruto quickly lost consciousness as the electricity he created coursed throughout his body.

Medivh watched as the boy attempted to separate his energies and was quite impressed. From what the young child had deduced his emotions were a key part in his ability to cast spells and so he had calmed his emotions and found his inner peace. The child was quite remarkable in the act of creating enough electricity to knock himself unconscious. What the boy lacked in control made up for in his amount of chakra. Medivh figured that as soon as Naruto could control his chakra he would be a dangerous opponent for anyone indeed. Walking over to the boy he noticed that the charge of electricity had decimated his clothes leaving holes everywhere. As Medivh was about to move the boy he noticed what appeared to be a seal on the boy's stomach.

"Hello what have we here?"

Lifting up the boy's shirt he sees what appears to be a rune on the boy's stomach. By the look of it this was a rune meant for sealing a creature of some power. The seal was an eight trigram seal with a line that coiled in a repeating circle towards the center of Naruto's navel. Surrounding the Eight Trigram was a 5 trigram seal. Knowing a lot about runes himself Medivh figured that someone more then likely an enemy had placed that there to mess with Naruto's control over his chakra. Marveling at the fact that Naruto had managed to get the barrier spell down at all Medivh prepared to remove the seal that hindered his control. Opening his hand and holding it over the five prong seal Medivh concentrated on the seal in front of him. Gathering energy into his finger tips magical runes floated just below his finger tips. When finished Medivh took a deep breath and plunged his hand into Naruto's stomach. Almost immediately the Five prong seal dispersed and Naruto was awoken out of his unconsciousness.

Gasping for breath Naruto noticed Medivh over him staring down at him. Still a bit groggy from his spell he couldn't quite remember him at first.

"Bird Man? Is that you" Smiling a bit Medivh answered

"Yes Naruto, how are you feeling?"

"I feel like Kakashi sensei hit me with his chidori."

Nodding at the explanation Medivh soon answered Naruto's soon to be questions.

"Well child it appears you have a good grasp of what you must do now. Your only problem was you did not provide the energy a specific direction to go. By letting the energy collide without providing a route out of your body the collision of energy was more like a bomb going off inside of you rather then controlled energy."

"Ok... so I'll need to learn how to control the lightning and release it of my body?"

"Not quite... it is more like guiding the energy rather then controlling it. For you see if you try to control the energy and you allow it to go through your heart the shock could stop your heart and kill you."

Naruto unconsciously gulped at that and remembered never to let electricity pass through his heart.

"So now that you know the basic principles of it I believe it is time to increase your control over your chakra."

Naruto groaned inwardly at this but remembered to what Kakashi had made them do.

"Are we going to be climbing trees again?"

"Climbing trees?"

"Yea to increase our control Kakashi-sensei made us climb trees without using our hands. By keeping a constant flow of chakra through our feet into the tree it allowed us to walk on water.

With this new information Naruto had given him Medivh had gotten an idea.

"Boy I have an idea for what you could do for an exercise. You'll be using the same principles as your tree climbing but I want you to do it on water."

That did sound like a good exercise to Naruto since he had seen, more the once, ninja walk on water.

"Ok Bird Man, and when I do ill finish learning that lightning technique."

Patting the boy on the head he ushered him out of the cave.

"Good boy now run along now be sure to find a body of water big enough for you to use."

Running out of the cave Naruto turned and said one last goodbye to Medivh.

"See you tomorrow Bird Man."

Watching him go Medivh's face grew serious as he thought to the future.

'He will have a greater impact then he realizes for both worlds.'

For those who didn't know Medivh loved to learn about people from different lands.

Oh and ideas for pairings.... No idea yet