Title: Nights of Insomnia

Pairing: Dean/Harry

Rating: M/MA

Summary: Who would have known all it took was a gentle touch to cure Harry's growing Insomnia? Dean/Harry

Warning: Sex! Hardly a plot with a point. Bit of Romance, NO Drama this time. Male/Male Slash Pairing.

Beta: The lovely and talented Kamerreon

A/N: 2-3 Parts, I have yet to actually decide it's full length. But it's not big, I guarantee that.

-The First Night -

Quietly, Harry tiptoed out of the dormitory. The snores and gritting of teeth were muffled as he closed the door and scaled the banister into the lowly lit Gryffindor Common Room. He heaved a grand sigh and brushed his hand through his messy hair and collapsed on one of the sofas.

Insomnia had become a constant thing ever since he'd returned to Hogwarts. It wouldn't be so bad if Harry weren't constantly bored out of his ever-loving mind.

He counted the flickering tongues that sprang up in the fiery hearth, it usually sent him into a rather hallucinating daze to watch them, and how they danced and twirled across the logs that never seemed to turn to ash.

"You look tired," a soft low voice toward the staircase pointed out, drawing the seventeen-year-old from his daze.

Glancing up, he saw Dean Thomas standing there, his curly black hair hanging down into his dark brown eyes. He was a tall chocolate skinned teen with a boyish face. He was wearing dark brown silk pyjama bottoms and a button down matching sleep shirt.

"I am," Harry said bringing his hand up to his cheek and resting his elbow on the arm of the sofa. He turned back to the fire.

"How often do you sleep?" He asked taking the last step into the warm room and walking over to sit in front of Harry on the coffee table.

"Two hours a night before someone bugs the living hell out of me to get up, even on the weekends, Ron and Hermione don't let me sleep later than nine before dragging me up for some reason or another."

Dean winced. "Sounds bad. They are little nagging prats about you aren't they?"

Harry snickered and nodded. "I can't go to the bathroom without being followed. I love them to death but damn," he stressed and then smirked. "What are you doing up?"

Dean laughed quietly at that and looked around him. The quiet laughter made his shoulders shake and he ducked his head. "There's quite an amusing reason for that."

Harry furrowed his brows curiously. Dean was grinning slyly and he leaned up with his elbows against his knees. "Well?"

Raising his head back up his eyes locked with Harry's bright green ones. "Not to be disgusting but I woke up with a hard-on from a bloody dream."

Harry's pale cheeks flushed and he snickered again at Dean's dilemma. "I see."

"Do you?" Dean challenged.

Harry grinned and slouched on the sofa. This was so much better than watching dancing flames. "Not unless you show me," he said daringly causing Dean to do a double take.

"And if I do?" He drawled a spark set off in his dark eyes.

Feeling rather giddy at where this may lead too, Harry wondered how far he could take it. "Then Insomnia wouldn't be so bad."

Dean chuckled at this, it was a split second decision on the taller Gryffindor's part, but he rose up towering over the small form of Harry and then he straddled him with his knees on each side of the boy's body.

Harry gasped at Dean's warm weight, with his heart beating he barely heard the teen. "Like this?" He purred huskily.

"Which kind of like?" Harry breathed in shock at Dean's actions.

That question was never answered, because those full chocolate lips cupped his mouth and began to kiss him deeply.

The adrenaline rushed through him from the lascivious smothering of Dean's body. His hands gripped the silk pyjama top as a whimper of want and need escaped him.

When Dean's demanding mouth left his aching lips, he tugged Harry's head to the side and began to kiss along his ear and neck; closing his eyes Harry let the sensation take him over. The moist warm glaze of Dean's tongue made its way down his neck and his teeth nibbled across the tight skin.

Harry released a few simpering sighs and a moan every time he felt a warm wet circle around a sensitive spot on his neck. Dean's fingers tore at Harry's shirt, making each and every button pop off without a care. Warm kisses were pressed into his flesh; a tongue glided along and flicked itself across his left nipple sending a surge of pleasure and a louder moan than before.

He opened his eyes and peered through his lashes at Dean who was grinning, he rose up and licked Harry's lips before thrusting his tongue inside. Harry captured Dean's tongue with his own and a war began to wage.

Shamelessly, Harry brought a hand down to Dean's crotch which had been resting up against his own and squeezed the hardness, sending the black teen bucking sharply into him, a hiss, and then a nibble to his tongue and lips.

Harry had never felt so red-hot before. He'd kissed other boys and even a girl or two but this - this was beginning to go far, but Harry couldn't get himself to be worried or care, instead he rose up slightly so that he could get a better grip on Dean's mouth and quickly made work of the shirt before shoving it off his shoulders.

Their cocks pressed together, knocking both of the boy's senses off-kilter. Harry's hands glided down Dean's torso and then grazed across his hard stomach to the waistband of his pyjamas.

Dean groaned and swirled his tongue across Harry's lips and chin. He sucked against the hollow of Harry's throat and then shimmied down, his hard-on brushing across Harry's legs and knees until he was on the floor and pried Harry's knees apart and slipped his whole chest between them. More kisses began at the top of Harry's chest and tingling sensations worked their way down, not leaving anything out.

Moans and whimpers pooled out of Harry's pitifully pouty lips. Dean was shamelessly devouring and teasing him. His teeth grazed across the waistband of his pyjamas and a hand came up and cupped his stiffened cock.

"Ooh," Harry cooed shivering.

Dean chuckled darkly and squeezed him some more. "I saw this in my sleep…" He rumbled softly. "Did you know? I dreamed that I had your cock in my mouth."

Harry gaped, his head trying to come back to coherency. "M- me?"

"Are you surprised?" Dean queried huskily as he continued to rub, and watched as Harry's chest rose faster and unsteadily. The breaths were nice to hear and the sighs and whimpers even better.

"Yes," Harry replied.

"Why?" Dean pressed kisses along Harry's hipbone. He tasted so nice, sweet and clean.

"I - I don't know, I just - don't think of - ahhh," Harry's voice was lost when the palm of Dean's hand made motioning circles around his cock and balls. He panted out a few breaths. "Myself that way-"

"You should," Dean murmured. "You're very - pretty, Harry. I hope you aren't offended."

Harry's laughter was quiet and strangled. "You're rubbing my cock, kissing me, and are between my legs… there's very little right now that could offend me…"

"Really?" Dean drawled and reached his hands up and gripped the top of the bottoms. "And if I yank these down?"

Harry's only answer to this was when his legs wrapped around Dean's slender dark body and locked him in pulling him closer.

Dean grinned. "I take that as a yes." He kissed and licked Harry's lips once before doing as he wanted, exposing Harry and before the boy had a chance to get red with embarrassment, Dean swallowed him, and spine-tingling screams filled the empty common room.

Harry's eyes watered and he gasped and slid his hand down around Dean's toned shoulder. He squeezed and moaned continuously as the zigzags of pleasures sang through his body. Dean's mouth and tongue made goose bumps form and everything inside of him began working itself into overdrive.

The pressure building inside of him grew and grew until Dean's tongue swirled around the top and with a cry, streams of white poured out before he could warn or control it. "Hmm…"

Dean was up, mouth pleasantly filled with Harry's come, he crawled on top of the boy and smashed their lips and tongues together.

Harry gasped and gagged against it, but took it as Dean's heat and arousal rose to new heights. He was sucking himself off the tongue in his mouth and was already making his way to return the favour.

Harry explored Dean's toned chest as the black boy had done to him. However, Harry was a little more teasing, he nipped and licked against Dean's nipples with desperate circular strokes.

Dean hissed and fisted his hands into Harry's black hair, and ground his cock up against him, not caring what he was rubbing, he needed relief. He groaned when Harry's fingers pinched him and then bit.

"Fuck you!" He growled, eyes wide and breathing was nearly lost on his part.

"Now, now Dean," Harry taunted. "I'm going to make you come tonight, and perhaps later you can have my arse."

Dean moaned in misery, the growing need was agonizing.

Harry slipped down between his spread knees. Dean was still on the couch and Harry was now half off. He pulled Dean out and began to tease and taunt him, with licks, sucks, and swirls spit glazing every inch of the dark meat that rested against the back of his throat, stretching his mouth wide.

He'd never given a blowjob, but he knew how one felt… now and he knew enough to get Dean going. But damn was he demanding, Harry sucked hard and fast, using his hand to stroke what he couldn't get down his throat. Dean would press on his head, causing him to gag and cough.


Harry coughed and laughed. "No, I'm not a Muggle Messiah," he breathed and swallowed him again, getting a strangled laugh and then another groan. Harry's mouth began to get tired, he picked up the pace and did something with his tongue that caused Dean to shout out and explode with pools of come straight down Harry's exhausted and gagging throat.

"Oh my God!" Dean moaned as Harry held a hand to his mouth and shifted aware of his back killing him. "Harry…"

"I've never done that," Harry murmured, blinking rapidly.

Dean folded his fingers into Harry's hair, tilted his head back and brushed the hand away from his mouth and kissed him, licking the come from his chin. "You should always let someone devour you Harry, maybe you can sleep that way?" He taunted as he pulled back a bit.

Harry snickered. "I don't know if that is a remedy, though I do feel drowsy," he confessed. He grabbed Dean's wrist and checked the clock considering the teen's body was blocking the clock in the corner. It was after three.

Dean conjured a wet cloth with his wand and brushed it over Harry's face and then his own. "Come, let's see if you can sleep now."

"I doubt it, it's been this way since I returned."

"Try," Dean said pushing a kiss to the side of his now clean mouth.

Though Harry's mouth didn't feel clean. He could taste the come settling in and even feel some of it down his throat. It was hot at the time but the aftertaste wasn't very splendid. He slipped his pyjamas up when Dean crawled off his body.

They picked up their lost articles of clothing and then headed for the dormitories. Harry in front and Dean behind, who towered over him like he did everyone else in the dorms, even Ron.

Harry lost his balance halfway up and Dean's hand swiped out to catch him around the waist.

The sleeping sounds of the boys reached their ears as Harry eased the door open and went for the bathroom. Dean followed and after taking care of their mouths they went to bed.

Harry crawled into his barely used bed and he lay there under the covers. He could hear Dean rustling his own sheets and stared at the ceiling for how long he didn't know.

Instead of falling asleep he thought about what had just occurred downstairs. He chewed his lip and shook his head. Harry hadn't known that Dean was gay. He seemed to like girls; hell he dated Ginny last year.

Harry knew he was gay after the whole Cho Chang fiasco in the fifth-year. Whiny, crying girls were not something that appealed to him. Not in the slightest and besides, if Harry were to be honest, he'd prefer a man's hands to a woman's any day. He'd been kissed a few times. Seamus gave him his first kiss with a guy, but he'd never gotten sexual with anyone. Not that it mattered much.

He was seventeen so he wasn't bothered by the random acts. They happened all the time to others. Hell, Harry caught so many people together being Head Boy. Hermione usually freaked out, screaming at the top of her lungs about propriety and school rules while Harry usually apologized and shut the door and asked them to put up a silencer so they weren't caught.

Personally, it was none of Harry's business what they were doing. He didn't care.

Sighing, Harry knew that lying down was a fruitless endeavour.

He made to roll back out of the bed when the curtain around his bed pulled back. "You can't sleep?"

It was Dean again.

Harry laughed quietly. "No, I can't. I'm tired but I can't sleep."

"Scoot over," he said and Harry did, shuffling a bit to the side. The covers ruffled and the bed bounced with Dean's weight.

Dean's arms swept around Harry's small waist and drew him into his bare chest and then slipped one leg over the boy who unconsciously snuggled down into him.

The action was nice. Harry's body became completely relaxed and the soft hot puffs of Dean's breath brushed against his ear and hair. His eyes became droopy and then, sleep actually consumed him.

Dean grinned into the night, when he heard Harry's deep breaths. He brushed the boy's hair out of his eyes. For the last two years, a heavy secret had weighed Dean down like a bunch of boulders resting heavily on his shoulders.

His secret infatuation with Harry and everything that he was. If one were to look between Dean's mattress they would find hand drawn images, so many of them. Some were of Harry's hands, Harry's face; sometimes just his eyes without the glasses would be sketched in pencils.

He'd had no idea that his advances would be successful but he had been livid with Seamus when his best friend confessed that he had kissed Harry a time or two and knew for a fact that he was gay.

Good and bad.

Bad because Dean wanted to rip his head off.

Good because Dean was perhaps a small step closer and now he had.

He'd watched Harry during the nights leave the dormitories and at first he thought the gorgeous green-eyed boy was going for a tryst but then he found that Harry did nothing but stare into the fire at night.

He grinned. He didn't know what Harry was thinking, but at least he got to touch Harry, feel him - hear him.

These thoughts sent him off into a deep sleep with his mouth right up against Harry's ear.

Exactly where he needed to be.