-A New Day-

Harry was still slightly confused. Dean's proclamation had not been expected. They finished their Hogsmeade trip with a stop in at the Three Broomsticks where they met up with Ron, Hermione, and Seamus.

Dean's best friend was grinning widely at the two of them.

"Harry! There you are, you're late!" Hermione tutted. "Ron said you wouldn't get up."

"I was tired," Harry said still clutching his snow globe.

Seamus smirked. "Well, Dean and I will get you something to drink," he said winking at Harry. "Go get our table before it's stolen by Malfoy."

"The git better not steal it," Ron groused rushing back through the throng of crowds.

When Dean walked away with Seamus, Harry watched them the confusion still lingering.

"What were you doing with Dean?" Hermione asked as they met Ron at the table in the back.

"Why do you care?" Harry reciprocated uneasily.

"Well, Ron said you didn't want to go."

"I didn't. I slept an hour more and Dean asked if I wanted to go to Hogsmeade when I woke, so I said yeah, what's wrong with that?"

"Nothing, just… you should have come with us!" Hermione pointed out.

"I can't do everything with you guys, I need some time alone you know," Harry said sliding into the booth.

"Why do you need to be alone? We're always together mate! You can't do things without us," Ron insisted.

Harry shook his head vaguely and placed his snow globe on the table.

"That's cute!" Hermione squeaked. "Where'd you get it?"

"Dean," Harry answered as Neville passed by with a wave. He was with a couple Hufflepuffs and Luna.

Dean and Seamus came back; Seamus sat across while Dean took his spot on Harry's left. "Butterbeer right?" Dean queried.

"Of course," Harry said grinning and taking it. "Thank you."

"Where've you guys been so far?" Seamus asked casually.

"Everywhere," they answered at the same time.

Hermione was staring from one to the other while Ron didn't seem to notice and struck up a conversation about Quidditch, in which everyone but Hermione joined in, she rolled her eyes good-naturedly.

Harry didn't see any need to jump in. Ron was bold enough and adding a heated discussion about football and Quidditch with Dean and then Seamus.

That evening when everyone separated, Harry had finally given into Hermione's pleas to finish their weekend homework. He sighed and sat between the two with his feet curled up underneath him. He was using a Muggle pen rather than a quill and ink. He was on the third paragraph of the Potions Essay when he felt that he was being watched and gazed up and locked eyes with Dean's dark brown ones. He was sitting on the couch long ways with his feet out in front of him with one leg bent and his sketchpad was levelled on it. Dean smirked turned eyes down to the pad itself a few minutes and then back up again.

Harry flushed feeling as though he were on display. Dean chortled quietly and winked at him. He shook his head visibly and went back to his homework. He couldn't help but wonder how often Dean had been doing this over the past two years.

It boggled his mind to know that the gorgeously tall, dark, and extremely handsome man that was Dean actually liked him.

"Harry!" Hermione snapped getting his attention.

"Hm?" He asked raising his head.

"What's going on with you and Dean?" She hissed.

Harry paused and cast the teen a quick look. "What do you mean, Hermione?" He asked not entirely sure what to say. "Aren't I allowed to be around someone other than you two?"

Hermione's mouth opened like a fish. "B- but you never were before. What's Dean's interest in you?"

Ron frowned. "What are you talking about, Hermione? Dean's not interested in Harry. They've hardly ever talked, except this morning," he said thickly. "In fact, I wonder why was he telling me to leave you alone?"

"Probably because you were yelling," Harry said rolling his eyes.

His cheeks pinked and he went silent. Hermione however was staring at him with a calculating look in her eyes. Harry pretended she didn't exist and finished his work; he wanted to gaze up at Dean again feeling him once again but resisted. He didn't need any more questions.

He didn't know too much himself. What if Dean wanted them to remain quiet and he opened his big mouth? He raked a hand through his black hair messing it up even more than what it already was and it prompted a chuckle from across the room causing Harry's knee jerk reaction to look at Dean.

Hermione caught him and narrowed her eyes.

When everyone disappeared for bed, Harry sat up and he was as wide awake as he ever was. He crawled out of the bed and made for the door when a hand and a hard muscled shirtless body stopped him.

Harry gasped when he was pressed up against a wall and Dean's heat rolled off sharing itself with Harry who moaned quietly at the mouth that met his neck.

"Need company?" Dean asked into his neck.

"Uh huh," Harry barely managed to sigh out. Teeth gently grazed his neck. He squirmed and rubbed his arse up against Dean's burgeoning erection.

"You're going to sleep tonight," Dean hissed into his ear.

Harry whimpered. "I don't want to sleep," he murmured helplessly slavish to the sharp teeth that sucked on his neck. He could feel his skin reddening and loosening by Dean's sharp sucks.

Grinning up against the skin, Dean thrust his cock up against Harry's backside getting a purr from the ivory teen. "I didn't say now," he drawled flicking his tongue over the reddening marks. "You will sleep properly tonight. Come, let's return to bed," he whispered into Harry's ear and pulled him from the wall with relative ease.

Harry was so light and thin; he enjoyed how soft the raven was against him. Dean tugged the curtains around as Harry whispered, "Extendas!"

The bed went from twin size to full, Dean smiled and caressed the sweet face making the boy loll his head to the side at the touch. He pushed Harry down onto the bed and easily crawled on top and between his legs, brushing their clothed cocks up against each other with fascination.

Harry moaned and Dean winced when he realized that a Silencer had nearly been forgotten. "Silencio!" He tapped the curtains and all the sound from inside remained.

No one else deserved to hear Harry. Smirking at his thoughts, he slipped his wand back under the pillow as Harry's legs slipped around his waist and locked together. The act made them constantly touch. He sank into Harry's pinkish lips with the goal of reddening them to a swollen pout. Their tongues clashed and coiled, the attention being drawn by their rocking bodies. More whimpers escaped Harry's mouth that he shared with Dean who turned them into longing groans.

Dean submerged himself into Harry, kissing, licking, biting, and pulling up the taut pale skin and turning it a bloody red. Each pierce of his skin sent Harry shivering and crooning. He swirled his tongue around the boy's ear and cupped one hand down his side and hip, he gently squeezed Harry's soft bum.

Delirious and feeling heated, Harry loosened his grip on Dean's body and arched himself up, giving his boyfriend silent permission to pull them off.

They were discarded without a care at the same time Dean's were from Harry's hands shoving them off, while racing a tongue up and down his chest, licking across each muscle with delight.

Harry's mouth crawled all across Dean, nipping and exploring, while stroking him for those sexy moans that rumbled from his chest through his throat and out his mouth.

Harry snickered softly when he ran his tongue across the side only to feel it flex and make Dean gasp. "Ticklish."

"Mmm… feels good though," he said roughly. He was holding onto Harry's messy hair with a gentle fist and hissed every time the boy's tongue taunted his member. He was a tease.



"You're teasing me."

"Yes," Harry purred and began to suck the top tauntingly. "You're just noticing that?"

"Fuck…" Dean moaned. He threw Harry back onto the bed, and growled.

He got a chuckle for his turned-on efforts. Dean settled on top of Harry, with his hair still clenched he taunted him, rubbing his throbbing prick across Harry's sweet face, getting cat like licks that made him twitch inwardly and outwardly.

Eagerly, Harry opened his mouth and took him as far as he possibly could. Dean cursed and held Harry's head down onto his cock until the teen gagged for the third time and the come was pouring out. But this time Harry was prepared no matter the gagging or spluttering. He released him sending a tongue surging up the sides as it popped effortlessly out of Harry's sweet mouth. Dean groaned just watching and slid down the slender body. He kissed Harry's soaked lips in a sloppy fashion before making swift movements on getting Harry down his throat. The smell and mixed taste eating at Dean's need.

Moaning and tugging at Dean's curly hair, he begged for more and after a strange cleansing spell on his body a lubricated finger found its way to his entrance.


Harry's eyes closed and he purred at the shocking invasion. He forced his body to relax and the tingles slithering through him and his nerves were becoming erratic and shot all to hell. He rocked against the fingers until his climax came before he knew it. He'd been so caught up with the waves of pleasure that no internal warning could be given. He giggled in reflex when a tongue lapped him up, the fingers left him, and Dean crawled up Harry's figure kissing and caressing along the way until he reached his lips again.

Harry was shivering and lax. He wasn't too sure if he could move after that. He whimpered and wrapped his arms around Dean's body clinging to him.

Dean smiled and nuzzled him. "You okay?" He asked huskily. "I didn't go too far did I?"

Harry snickered and kissed his cheek. "No, not at all," he said softly. "Personally…" He bit his lip. "I wanted it all tonight."

Dean pulled the covers around their naked figures. "Hmm, we should wait on that. I want you, yes, fuck yes…" He moaned pressing his forehead to Harry's shoulder. "You have no damn clue!"

"Then what's wrong?"

"I don't want you to think that's the only reason I want you. I want you to feel good, I want to always make you feel good," Dean confessed. "I've wanted you for two years, I can wait longer."

"I'm not some sappy little girl worried about her virtue, Dean," Harry drawled. "I'm a guy and I want sex just as much as you. I'm just not bold and brazen."

"I've never been with a man," Dean said into his ear.

"Me either," Harry said. "But I'm not averse to trying."

Dean chuckled. "We will. I want all of you. I love the way you taste, the way you smell… damn Harry, I'm obsessed," he confessed feeling the heat of embarrassment.

Harry lay there stunned, holding onto Dean's form. He squeezed. "I'm sorry I never noticed. I thought - you were always straight you know? You should have talked to me earlier."

"I was scared too, you had so much on your plate. You had a madman to deal with."

"Yes, that I did," he said solemnly. "I wouldn't have wanted you in the middle of that-"

"Oh rubbish!" Dean scowled. "I could care less about the dangers, Harry. I cared more for your well-being," he said shaking his head. "I saw how hard you had it the last two years and me stepping in might not have helped in the slightest. In fact I may have made things worse because me, I'm a possessive bastard… I wouldn't have let you in front of him - I would have tied you to the bed…"

Harry choked on his snickers. "W- well we could always try that one day…"

Dean grinned. "Really?!"

"Mhmm… I wouldn't mind."


"Shall I go into kink, Mr. Thomas?" Harry teased.

"Hmm, you can, but I might get hard again," Dean mumbled.

"We're laying in come! You haven't cleaned us up!" He declared voice raising a notch.

"Hehe, so we are," Dean grinned. "I love it, it's all you."

"You too!"

"No you swallowed me and I licked the rest of it up…"

"Kinky," Harry murmured for the second time trying to ignore the stirring in his stomach. Damn! He thought and shook his head furiously. "Don't do that to me… I am too… weightless to move."

"You don't have to move," Dean purred and slowly rocked against him. "Let me…"

Harry didn't get to sleep that night till an hour and a half later and he didn't even remember how, he just did.


Come morning, half of Harry's body was tucked underneath Dean's. They were both on their stomachs with a sheet draped over their lower bodies. Dean had one arm under the pillow and the other around Harry in a protective embrace.

They were both fast asleep, enjoying the Sunday morning and Harry especially enjoying the fact that he was now getting a full seven to eight hours of sleep. It was lucky that Dean had been half-awake otherwise Harry might have woken from his jerk of surprise.

"What the hell is going on here?" Ron practically screamed, his eyes wide in horror.

Dean opened his eyes and scowled. "Fuck off!" He clenched Harry closer.

"What the hell are you doing with him?"

"None of your business," he hissed. "Would you shut the hell up? He's asleep."

He spluttered. "H- Harry? You? What the -!"

"Go away before I hex your bollocks off!" He threatened through clenched teeth. He yanked the covers further up their bodies. How dare anyone look at Harry's body?

Neville passed by and sighed. "Ron, leave them alone!" He said shaking his head. "Can't Harry have a life without you?"

Ron gaped and backed off before shaking his head.

Dean reached up and yanked the curtain back around, but it didn't last long because Ron had gone down and gotten Hermione, who stormed through with a blazing fire.

"If you so much as wake Harry up I am going to stun you both," Dean growled with his wand pointed at them.

"But - but!"

"It's none of your damn business what I'm doing with Harry," he spoke in a cold and calm nature, but his eyes were on fire. "Harry is mine and if you have a problem with it, take it up with me. This isn't your life, you may care about him, but he's mine. He's not yours and I won't let you bitch and moan at him for something that isn't in your right to complain about. Now piss off!"

Hermione goggled, her cheeks were red. "When did this happen?"

"When you weren't looking!" Dean snapped. "Now get out, you have no business here."

"Geez are you guys into voyeurism?" Seamus taunted by the door at Ron and Hermione who spun around. "Leave them the hell alone, for goodness sakes. Is Harry not allowed to have a love life without you two being involved?"

They gawked.

"When?! Harry's never mentioned being gay!" Ron's voice rose and Dean landed him with a Silencing Spell.

"If you can't talk calmly then don't talk at all."

Hermione gasped and bristled. "Ron has a point, Harry's never talked about it-"

"He is gay, he's been gay ever since that bitch Cho annoyed the hell out of him," Seamus said factually. "Now are you guys going to be horrible friends and turn against him for this or are you going to support him and not bitch every time he turns around?"

Hermione and Ron instantly looked ashamed and their eyes flickered to the ground.

"That's what I thought, now if you haven't noticed, Harry and Dean are butt naked…" Seamus pointed out blithely. "So, you might want to leave them alone. Dean's not the type to allow others to look at what's his, especially Harry."

Dean snarled but didn't speak.

More flares of red hit the duo's cheeks. Ron couldn't speak. His eyes were round and wide, it was comical but Dean wasn't laughing.

"We're sorry," Hermione apologized. "Come on Ron."

Ron opened his mouth to speak again but nothing came out.

"Downstairs Ron, let's not wake Harry," Hermione said wincing at the furious look on the dark teen's face. She didn't want to test what he could do.

Seamus smirked. "See you Dean."

"Thanks mate," Dean muttered pulling the curtain.

"No problem, I hope you're happy now."

"I am."

His best friend left, and Harry murmured. "I heard everything, thank you." No one had ever stood up to them like that. Harry was too afraid. He didn't want to hurt their feelings or make them go away. He lay there under Dean enjoying the heavy weight, it was warm and his arms were protective.

Dean pressed a kiss to the back of Harry's neck. "Mine."

"I slept again."

"Yes you did," Dean said smiling. "Seven hours?"

"Hmm, I wonder what it is that kept me from sleeping…"

"I don't personally know Harry, but if I'm the trick then by all means."

Laughing softly, "I don't know about that," Harry teased and then got a squeeze in the sides by Dean. He squirmed. "Aw, you know what I mean. That can't possibly be why I had Insomnia from the time I entered these damn walls."

"Maybe you were lonely?" Dean suggested. "You never did date…" Not that he wanted Harry too. He scowled at the thought of anyone having their hands near him.

"I didn't have time."

"Yes and now you do and you were lonely, probably even more alone at night."

"Is it possible?" Harry asked.

Dean shrugged. "Not a sleeping expert. I am telling you what I see."

Harry snickered and yawned. "What time did I fall asleep?"

"After two," Dean answered. "You need to go to sleep earlier."

"You prolonged it."

"Yes, I did," Dean said taking blame. "But you're so enjoyable!"

"I'm not complaining. Seven hours is more than enough sleep," he said as he was kissed all over the shoulder, neck, and back. He was aware of the tiny bit of burning in his bum but it wasn't massive. Dean's touch had been gentle though at one point Harry didn't want gentle. He blushed into his pillow at the thought.

He was experiencing things he had wanted to experience and now he was beginning to not be able to get enough. What did that make him? Dean had wanted him for two years and Harry kind of felt bed for never noticing him.

But he had dated Ginny and a couple other girls if Harry wasn't mistaken. Harry couldn't have known if he hadn't said anything.

"If you liked me all this time, what prompted you to date Ginny?"

Dean groaned and buried his face into Harry's back. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."


Dean slipped off Harry so that he could move, when he did, he saw that his boyfriend looked a little ashamed. "I dated her so that you wouldn't date her."

"…." Harry then made a face, getting a laugh from Dean who bent his knees and placed his fingers to the bridge of his nose. "Me and Ginny?" He whispered horrified.

"Mhmm, I always overheard how you two looked so good together, like your parents, Lily and James. Hell, even McGonagall said that one time too many."

"Okay, say that I was straight - Ginny wouldn't be on my list. She does look like my mother and uhm - I'm not into the whole incest factor. Not to mention she reminds me of her mother… Molly Weasley… who's like my mother… ew!"

Dean barked with laughter and shook his head. "I'm sorry," he said grinning stupidly.

Harry shifted against Dean pushing his smaller body up against him. He beamed when a strong arm latched around him. "I think it's kind of cute," he said pressing his chin to Dean's knee.

"Who would be on your list if you were straight?" Dean queried, not liking that thought but his curiosity had him.

Harry gave a hum. "Luna."

Blinking, "Why?"

"Things would never be boring and I don't think she'd ever ask for sex," Harry wrinkled his nose at the thought of sex with a girl.

Dean's laughter picked up again. "Oh Harry… let's get up, go to breakfast, before I piss on myself."

"Whoops, we wouldn't want that, especially in my bed," Harry nudged the lanky dark boy playfully.

"We've come on it enough," he taunted.

"Yes I feel sorry for the elves who have to change them every day. Not even Cleansing Charms will get the stains out."

Dean snorted. "Yes, I feel sorry for those little guys."

"I think Dobby cleans my sheets…" Harry blinked and then shuddered at the image of Dobby clutching them like a prized possession.


"Nothing," Harry said quickly and realized he was naked along with Dean. "Where are my clothes?"

"Somewhere," Dean muttered summoning boxers.

Harry followed suit and decided not to tell his boyfriend he forgot about a Summoning Charm.

After a long shower in which Dean met him in the rather cosy steaming stall, the two headed down to the Great Hall together, Dean's arm snaked around Harry's thin waist. They were met with instant stares but neither cared.

"Morning Harry," Hermione said timidly. Her eyes were on them curiously but she didn't ask like he expected her too. He then noticed that she was staring a bit nervously at Dean who squeezed Seamus' shoulder and sat so close to Harry that the smaller teen was almost in his lap.

Ron frowned and nodded. "You know you could have told us about you two."

"It was only yesterday," Harry said putting French toast on his plate.

"Oh," Hermione said shocked. "But why didn't you mention it?"

"Because I didn't feel like it. I didn't feel like questions…"

"Questions that no one needs to know the answers too," Dean said coolly eyeing the two in a warning nature. "What happened between Harry and I, is our business."

"But he's our friend! You could hurt him and then what?" Ron demanded.

"I am not going to hurt him," Dean said coldly. "For your information Ron, Harry is the only one I've ever wanted."

Hermione blinked.

Ginny, who had been sitting across from the three, gawked. "What do you mean by that?"

Dean ignored her. Harry cringed visibly. "Eat Harry," he said instead of answering her.

"You hurt Ginny, Dean!"

"I did not, we didn't like each other," Dean said shortly.

"That's not true!" Ginny said wide-eyed.

"It is so, don't deny it," he drawled grabbing a muffin.

"What did you mean, Dean? About how Harry was all you wanted?" She demanded.

Dean raised his eyes. "You know what I meant Ginny, now stop shrieking."

Harry slid a hand under the table and over Dean's knee squeezing gently. He turned away from the redhead girl.

Harry felt Hermione's eyes on him throughout breakfast. He wondered what was running through her genius head, she was never known for social skills and he really hoped she didn't say something stupid. He just didn't feel like listening to it.

Ron was staring at them strangely and then said. "Please don't hurt him!"

Dean growled and instinctively he wrapped an arm around Harry's waist and pulled him into his chest. "Never," he spat venomously.

Harry shivered just enough for Dean to be able to feel it but no one was able to notice it. His cheeks burned with heat as he poured syrup all over his French toast.

Ron nodded. "Good," he said looking a lot more pleased. "He's like my brother you know? He's been through a lot."

Harry sighed. "I'm still sitting here…"

Hermione quirked her lips and Dean chuckled. "I know you are," he said roughly in his ear.

"It's true Harry! Don't try and deny it."

"I'm not, but you could remember to say certain things when I leave the room because with me here it's just really weird."

Seamus chortled. "Poor Harry!" He passed the raven boy the strawberries that he'd been eyeing.

"Hmm, please Seamus do have sympathy," Harry said quietly.

"I do, believe me. You're in Dean's hands now."

Dean rolled his eyes but he had a smile on his gorgeous face. "He is in my hands and I'll never hurt him."

"Wow, you do like him," Ginny said in shock.

"More than you can ever know," Dean drawled and with that simple phrase he closed the subject. He got his point across. That was all that mattered.

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