Title: Number One Rule
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 330
Pairing: Zoro x Luffy, maybe some very slight Ace x Luffy…if you squint.
Topic: Acceptance
Type: AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
VTM: Meh, probably not that good, but I thought it was funny.

"Nii-chan! I'm home!" Luffy called as he dragged Zoro in by the arm. There was no answer. "Na, Zoro, wait here, I'm going to check on my brother and get ready." They had a date that night.

"Sure." Zoro said with a nod. He watched as Luffy hurried off. Suddenly there was a commotion and the sound of Luffy scolding someone. "…The hell?"

"Na, I can't help it if I fell asleep…" said a lazy voice from the kitchen.

"You were drowning in a bowl of cereal…" Luffy said flatly. "Oh! Ace, Zoro is here!"

"Your boyfriend?"

"Yep! Be nice to this one, ne?" Luffy then headed out of the kitchen and went to his room.

'This one…?' Zoro saw Ace walking into the living room, wiping bits of cereal off his face. He seemed like an easy going guy. The young man's freckles accompanied by a smile gave him an innocent look.

"So how long have you two been together?" Ace asked in a friendly tone. "Lu didn't tell me much about you."

"For a couple weeks now, this is going to be our first date." Zoro explained. He had always thought he'd be able to handle this kind of situation. The older brother, in movies or in cartoons they're always portrayed as overprotective. It had become the number one rule of dating, 'fear the big brother'.

"You seem like an okay guy…"

Zoro smirked slightly. This guy didn't seem all too threatening.

"So I'll give you this one warning." Ace said suddenly.

Zoro's smirk died.

Ace continued, smile never leaving. "If I find out that you touched my little brother in a 'less than gentlemanly' manner…" The warm smile then turned diabolical as he held up a large kitchen knife. "I'll hunt you down and castrate you."

Luffy then rushed in. "Sorry for keeping you waiting!"

"Have fun you two!" Ace said, knife now out of view.

Zoro then accepted it, know and respect that number one rule.