Title: Keeping in Touch
Rating: PG
Word Count: 228
Pairing: Ace x Luffy
Topic: Habit
Type: AU, Modern setting
Genre: Humor, fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.
VTM: In which Ace discovers the downside of social networking.


It was official, Ace was going to kill whoever introduced Luffy to 'twitter'.

'Saw a cat on my way to school today! 8D'


'I just stole Sanji's cooking class assignment! It looks really good!'

Ace would read all the messages that kid posted, this was honestly getting out of hand.

'I found a nickel! :D'

'Sanji read my tweet earlier, found me, and kicked my ass! D8'

It was cute at first, and Ace had thought it was a convenient way to keep an eye on his foolish 'little brother' when he left for college. But this kind of made him worry more, this was turning into an annoying habit.

'Off to beat up some assholes who tried to bully Usopp!'

And yet Ace just kept checking Luffy's twitter, maybe he was the one with the bad habit. Sometimes it sucks having such a big brother complex. Oh well, at least Luffy didn't have a Facebook account, THAT would be disastrous.

Later that day...

Ace stared blankly at the alert he had gotten on his cell phone.

'GrinningMonkey has added you to their friends list.'

'GrinningMonkey has sent you 25 messages.'

Oh yes, that person was going to be one sorry son of a bitch when Ace got his hands on them. But for now they were safe, for Ace was busy reading through all the messages.

-The End-