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Indentation = Thoughts of the Wolf pack.


A silent tear rolled down my face as I watched Romeo speak words of love to his Juliet. When Jacob had suggested watching Romeo and Juliet I was worried about the Taboo that surrounded the name.

I ignored my bad feelings and went ahead in watching the movie.

Every time Romeo would utter a word my heart would break at the memories of the last time I had watched this same movie, on this very same couch.

My heart pounded as Jacob's arms enclosed around my body, warming me, protecting me. I silently battled with myself, knowing I should be thinking of Jacob's arms. Not his.

The remembrance of Edward and I curling up on this couch to watch Romeo and Juliet pulled at my heartstrings. I didn't want to remember Edward. He wasn't with me now. He left. Jacob is here now.

But my mind constantly went back to the thoughts of Edward whispering Romeo's lines into my ear.

Another tear escaped my eye, making it way down my cheek and onto the pillow below my head.

I wiped my face, hoping that Jacob would either take it as though it was absentmindedly, or because of the movie. I had to forget Edward. Jacob had been here for me always, no matter how I treated him.

I snuggled closer into Jacob's body, looking up to see his smiling face.

"Bella," he sighed.

I touched his cheek, staring into his deep brown eyes. Nothing but love radiated from his every being. He lent down so that our foreheads were touching.

"Bella," he whispered again.

"Jacob," I sighed.

A grin broke out on his face, lighting up the room. I smiled back, joining in.

"I love you Bella," Jacob stated staring straight into my eyes, "I will be here for you whenever things get tough, you know that right?"

"And I love you," I answered, a pain stabbing me somewhere deep within my heart, "Thank you Jacob, for everything."

We closed our eyes and touched our lips in a chaste kiss.

I sighed once again, knowing this was my place.



I watched from the window, as Bella and Jacob snuggled against one another watching Romeo and Juliet.

Clear, strong memories filled my mind of Bella snuggling up to me, instead of the wolf.

I took one look at the girl I lost and stood on the window sill, facing the forest.



A slight breeze entered from the open window, filling the room with a sickly sweet scent. The unmistakeable scent of a vampire.

My whole body stiffened.

In lightening speed, I had destangled myself from Bella and ran out onto the porch of Bella's house.

"Jacob?" Bella questioned from the lounge.

I felt my body ripple as I took the appearence of a reddish brown wolf.

I turned to look towards where the sickly sweet smell came from. A white figure stood inhumanly still. It's messed up auburn hair blew slightly from the breeze.

I looked into the eyes of Cullen, swearing in my head to try to get the pack to realize we were in trouble.

What's up Jake? Seth called from La Push. You seem tense...

A stillness came over Seth's thoughts as he watched my memories and the smell that came from the vampire.

We'll be there right away, Sam thought as he and Seth rounded up the other pack members. Follow him Jake, but make sure Bella's safe.

Oh crap, Bella! I thought.

That's when I noticed Bella standing right next to me looking up at it.



I stared up at the window, looking right into the eyes of Edward.

All my breath gushed from lungs.

"Edward," I whispered and with that he was gone.

I stared at the place he had been only seconds ago before I felt a nudge to my arm. I looked up at Jacob's wolf form, knowing the look he was giving me was almost saying "Don't you dare follow. Get back inside. Now."

After a couple of seconds of silent conversation between Jake and I, he ran off towards the forest that was next to my house.

I stood stunned, trying to get my thoughts into some sort of arrangement. I looked back over towards the forest that Jacob had disappeared into.

I had started running before I knew what I was doing.

I had to know what was going on.



I ran into the small clearing in the forest.

Calling out to the empty space, "Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett. We need to go, now."

"Why son?" Asked Carlisle as he and the other memebers of my family appeared at my side.

"They saw me," I answered bowing my head to look at the grass, "And the wolves are going to be here in 10 seconds."

"What?" Exclaimed Rosalie. "You already compromised our life here, now our safety?"

By then, the first footfalls of the beasts reached our ears.

"Spread out," calmly stated Carlisle, "And get ready."



"Jake!" I called out into the silent green forest that caused me to shudder whenever I thought about the last time I came in here.

"Where are you Jacob?" I asked to the trees and rocks that littered my path, making my journey harder than I wanted it to be.

I continuously called out to Jacob as I made my way into the depths of the green, tripping over everything that I walked near.

Minutes passed as I made the near impossible journey to find any sign of Jacob. For all I knew, he was back at my house finding I'm not there.

I blocked the thoughts of Edward at my house, I had to find Jacob before I tried to figure out what Edward was doing here, in Forks.

My journey became harder as a slope in the ground became more prominent. I stumbled over boulders and up ended roots, I slipped over the green, wet moss that covered everything in the forest.

Soon, the earth flattened out and a clearing broke out 10 metres before me.

I breathed a heavy sigh and continued towards the light.

Before I could collapse in the clearing the clear sounds of voices filled my ears.

"Seth, go back to Bella's house and see if she's there..." The unmistakeable sound of Jacob's voice rang out into the clearing.

A short silence came from both the wolves and vampire's as a soft breeze blew through the forest.

"On second thought, Seth don't go." Jacob's voice rang out again, "Bella. We know you're here. Come out."

I gasped, knowing that I had been caught and slowly made my way into the clearing.

I looked sheepishly towards the wolf pack.

"Bella. Get over here, now." Jacob ordered me.

I looked at him accusingly, refusing to move. Jacob sighed in frustration and ran over to where I was standing.

"Bella, please." He whispered, looking me in the eyes and holding out his hand.

I took in a breath as I took Jacob's hand.

Jacob pulled me over to the pack and placed himself in front of me, shielding me from the Cullens.

I kept my eyes down at my feet, not allowing myself to look at my old family.



I watched Edward, as Bella took Jacob's hand, to see a heart breaking sight. My brother almost broke down. Pain showed on his face for only a second before the blank mask, he had been using since we left, came back.

As Bella joined the pack, I looked around my family, feeling the pain, sadness and anger that emitted from each of them. Alice and Esme dry sobbed to themselves, Emmett tried not to show any emotion yet anger was etched into his features. Carlisle stood next to Edward, like a true father, as he watched Bella slip further away from us.

Rosalie had a small smirk playing on her features as she watched the show. I tried to calm down the emotional feelings in the clearing but the anger that emitted from Edward and Jacob was too strong.

"What the fuck are you doing here, bloodsucker?" Demanded Jacob across the clearing.

"This used to be our home too, Jacob," Carlisle calmly stated.

I looked up to watch Bella's reaction to the conversation but her long brown hair shielded her face from us.

"I didn't ask you," Jacob spat at my father. Hisses emitted from each of my family member's. How dare he talk to our father like that.

"Jake..." Bella whispered in a disapproving tone, not bringing her head up.

"Bella, they deserve this!" Jacob said, turning to lift up her head so she would look at him. A small hiss came from Edward. "They left you."

"We didn't want to Bella!" Alice exclaimed thickly through her sobs. "We never wanted to leave you!" Alice continued but stopped by a dangerous glare from Edward.

Bella looked away from Jacob to look at each of my family. When her eyes met mine, the emotions in her eyes, made me want to sob. At last her rested on Edward's face. Several emotions played in the air; Love, hate, sadness, depression, happiness.

"Seth!" Jacob called over his shoulder towards the sandy coloured wolf. "Take Bella back to her place."

"What?!" Exclaimed Bella as the wolf called Seth trotted over to Jacob. "I deserve to be here, Jacob! I need to be here. I need answers."

Jacob looked down at Bella. "Bells, it isn't safe for you to be here..."

"She'll be perfectly fine." Edward hissed, glaring at Jacob.

"Of course she will," Jacob began, "Because you'll just leave again, when something goes wrong." A collective hiss came from my family. Jacob continued, "But this time you won't be leaving without one of you getting what you deserve."

"Jacob!" Bella said, anger filling her voice. "Stop it!"

"No-" Jacob began.

"She's right Jacob," Inturrupted Sam, "We don't need a fight. Take Bella home, now."

"What? No!" Bella said, her eyes going wide.

"Right." Jacob said, taking Bella by the hands. "Bells, we have to go."

"No!" Bella protested, "You might have to follow what Sam say's but I don't have to do it!"

"Don't be like that Bells," Jacob pleaded.

"If Bella wants to stay," Edward said, "She should."

Jacob slowly turned to face Edward once again. His body trembled and the air was filled with such anger, I started to shake myself.

"Shut up, bloodsucker!" Jacob yelled at my brother.

Edward was slowly losing his cool. His blank face now showed signs of anger and his hands were clenched into fists. I sent out calming waves, trying to stop a fight happening; Especially when Bella was near.

Jacob still held onto Bella's hands, causing her to tremble from the force of him shaking.

"Let her go," Edward hissed.

"Fuck off." Jacob growled.

Edward growled at Jacob, crouching into a pouncing postion. Jacob let go of Bella and started to run at Edward, trembling. In a second he was a russet coloured wolf baring it's fangs at Edward, who had met him half way with feral growls and hisses coming from his mouth.

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