Title: In your Shoes
Author: Lisea18
Rating: M
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Summary: When Dobe is Bastard and Bastard is Dobe, chaos is sure to follow. Naru/Sasu.

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Author's note: English is not my first language, so please forgive my mistakes.

In your Shoes

Heavy rain poured on the forest, darkening it and making it look like a green sea as a strong wind blew through it, bending the trees. Dark stormy clouds had gathered above what used to be a small clearing but now was a huge one, littered with scattered remains of wood. Some were burnt, other twisted as if a centrifugal force had collided with them.

Sounds of thunder could be heard and lightening tore up the clouds, like scars would a person's skin. Under that angry sky were eight people. Only two were still fighting. The others had retired and were eyeing each other, in case one was ready to fight again or tried to jump between the two fighting men.

It was a key moment; this had to be one of the last attacks, but the blond and the raven were as stubborn as ever. Naruto had finally switched to hermit and Sasuke had covered the sky, their best moves. They didn't talk to each other and hadn't moved for a few minutes. They were sizing each other up.

Finally, Naruto couldn't stand it and dashed on Sasuke, the clones behind him helping him create one big Rasengan in the shape of a shuriken. The raven tilted a delicate eyebrow and waited, ready to free his power. He didn't show surprise as Naruto released his attack, he knew the man had many tricks up his sleeve. Smirking, he let his trump card go.

One dragon of thunder appeared from the earth. It was supposed to take out the Rasengan, but barely managed to lessen it. Naruto grinned broadly, looking cocky and beginning to taunt Sasuke. He chuckled as he escaped another dragon, barely touching him before shooting to the sky with another one. Then he noticed a ball of fire taking out his attack. The blonde swore as he had used all his natural energy for this attack. He was satisfied however as he saw Sasuke's chakra was almost spent too. He began to grin, knowing he had more stamina, but Sasuke simply pointed to the sky and Naruto gave a loud shriek of terror.

He escaped death by a thread. If Sasuke hadn't warned him, he wouldn't have made it. Half burnt but safe because of Kyuubi he glared at his former team mate.

"Sasuke! Don't be so damn stubborn! Come back to Konoha!" he pleaded, breathing heavily.

"Madara is still alive somewhere, I can't let him be!" replied Sasuke, wiping the water trickling down his temple.

"It can wait! We need you! The village needs you! Having the infamous Uchiha Sasuke will prevent other villages from attacking us!"

"Gaara is allied with you, it should be enough. Go back to your precious Konoha instead of wasting time running after me, dobe!"

They both huffed and resumed glaring at each other. Neither moving because they didn't want the other to know how spent they were. In fact both were standing by sheer force of the mind. A simple breeze would have blown them away.

Not far were their teams. Suigetsu had fought against Sai, Karin against Ino, and Juugo against Chouji. Sakura had had to stay behind to heal the people back in Konoha and make sure Tsunade didn't overwork herself. They were all tired beyond belief. Since both teams had had the instruction not to kill the other, they were currently recovering some strength… had been doing that for at least one good hour now, mesmerized as Sasuke and Naruto kept at it the whole time. As finally they had also stopped to try to glare the other down, Ino tugged on Chouji's hem.

"I will try something, take care of my body."

She went through familiar hand seals but got distracted as they underwent an attack. Karin had noticed her making seals and they had act to stop whatever she was planning. Chouji tried to protect her as the incomplete jutsu started to take effect. She had been trying to get into Sasuke's body but as she was thrown on the ground it was Naruto she was looking at.

Naruto and Sasuke didn't have time to register what was happening. The two fighting friends collapsed on the ground. Ino also lost consciousness and Chouji fled with her. There was screaming as the remaining members of the teams tried to take back their fallen comrades.


He had his arms raised above his head and locked to the wall. His body was too tired to keep straight so he was hunched over, pulling on his shoulders, almost dislocating them. And he was cold, which was a very unusual feeling for him… well in fact his body wasn't cold, but he felt cold, as if he was missing something. Maybe it was because he felt the air on his chest… as if he was missing a part of clothing. He wasn't at ease either. And why did they blindfold him? It wasn't like he could use Genjutsu like the Bastard!

As the door opened, Naruto turned his head, feeling something silky caress his forehead, wondering what it was. More importantly, who had entered the room? What did they want from him? He was almost one hundred percent sure it was Sasuke's team that had captured him.

"Where is he? Where did your team take him?" yelled an all too familiar voice, Sakura's.

They had come to save him! He moved forward and winced.

"Where?" asked again a nearly hysteric Sakura.

"Oy oy, Sakura, you're killing my ears here!"

Naruto frowned a little at his voice. How strange, it didn't sound like him, yet he knew that voice very, very well. He couldn't pinpoint what was wrong, but never mind that. Sakura had come to save him, so they had to get out of there fast!

"Sakura-chan?" he called, surprised by the lack of response.

Usually he would have received a tap on his head or something. It was also strange that she wasn't setting him free. What was going on? The silence stretched for a moment longer before he received a huge slap, making his head turn and his cheek sting.

"Hey! What was that for? I didn't deserve the slap, Sakura-chan! You're so mean!" whined Naruto, pouting.

"Sasuke, you asshole! It's not funny!"

Had he not been blindfolded he would have stared at her and blinked owlishly, but since he was he merely gaped.

"Oy that hurts, Sakura. You could at least not mistake my name with the bastard's!"

He received another slap and heard Sakura take a deep breath. He could guess she had tears in her eyes. He knew Sakura loved Sasuke, missed him, and all that stuff. But to mistake him for Sasuke was a new one. It hurt.

"Sakura-chan, don't cry. I will bring him back. I promised, remember? We will bring him back together as you said," he tried, hating how his voice sounded. Had he caught the flu or something?

"Na-naruto?" asked Sakura, visibly shaken.

"Yeah?" he answered, wishing they would set him free already.

"Naruto is that you?" she screamed, sounding awfully shocked.

He didn't have time to react as his arms were pulled out of their bonds. He moved his shoulders, trying to get blood back in them. He stood and was surprised as he seemed… lighter?

"Don't move," requested Sakura, setting his eyes free.

Naruto groaned at the sudden light. Slowly he adjusted to the light and saw his hands. He gasped. When had he lost his tan? And those hands… those hands…

"Sit, Naruto and please look into this," ordered Sakura, sounding and looking far too nice for it to be a good thing.

Naruto didn't argue. Knowing better, he gingerly sat and waited until Sakura placed a little mirror in front of him. He stared. He moved a hand in front of his eyes, closed them, rubbed them and pinched his cheeks. If it was some kind of joke, it wasn't funny. He made strange faces and seeing them reflected on the mirror, he promptly screamed.

The face on the mirror was not his own, but Sasuke's.


"You've got to be kidding me!" mumbled a very pissed Uchiha Sasuke, walking in circles in the little room they were staying in.

He gritted his teeth at the sound of his voice. He hated that voice. He hated that body. It had to be a joke, a nightmare. He would wake up soon. He had to. It wasn't possible that this was happening to him. He heard Suigetsu snicker and glared at him, only to have him collapse in a fit of giggles. Juugo was looking at him completely expressionless. Karin was sniffing in a corner of the room, obviously really sad at what was happening… at least someone was sympathising with him, even if it wasn't for the same reasons.

Sasuke stopped in front of a mirror and sighed as he saw angry blue eyes, tinted red and messy blond hair, blinding him as always. The expression on the face was strange, far too serious. For a moment he had the urge to smash the glass into pieces. Instead he resumed pacing.

Seriously, how the hell did he manage to get stuck in somebody else's body… Naruto's body for crying out loud! Worse, it meant that the moron was inside his body with the Sharingan. And he was stuck with a demon. How would he be able to use the chakra? How could he fight with that unfamiliar body? What if Naruto, being the dumbass he was, got his precious body injured?

"We have to go to Konoha at once. I don't want the moron to get my body killed," ordered Sasuke, stomping toward the door.

"You're going looking like that?" asked Suigetsu, fighting off his urge to laugh.

Sasuke, raised an eyebrow, then closed his fists as Suigetsu bit his lips in order to keep himself mostly quiet, save for the snorts and twinkling in his eyes.

"You're wearing orange, Sasuke, orange," he pointed out and promptly collapsed in another fit of laughter, rolling on the floor and holding his sides as tears leaked from his eyes.

Feeling murderous, Sasuke decided he quite liked to see Suigetsu cry and begin to panic when he ran out of air. He would enjoy even more seeing him cry in agony and wondered if his other team mate would let him tear the water nin apart slowly.

That is when he saw a bird fly through the window. It was a Konoha bird, he could recognize them anywhere. The little thing dropped a piece of paper on his hand and left. Perplexed, Sasuke opened the paper and read. His eyes widened and he felt blood rushing to his head, as anger overtook him once again.

One minute later the paper was thrown at a snickering Suigetsu and Sasuke slammed the door closed, cursing. Of course, Suigetsu couldn't help it and snatched the paper off the floor. He grinned as Karin and Juugo looked over his shoulder, dead curious. They couldn't help a smile at what was written on it.

"Dear Sasuke,

I have your body.

Drag your /s/o/r/r/y/ a/s/s/ my perfectly toned ass back to Konoha!

- Naruto"

Team Taka nearly died laughing as they read the postscript.

"PS: Or I will molest your body to no end."

-To Be Continued-

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