Title: In your Shoes
Author: Lisea18
Rating: M
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. I'm making no money from writing this.
Summary: When Dobe is Bastard and Bastard is Dobe, chaos is sure to follow. Naru/Sasu.

A big thanks to my Beta!

Author's note: English is not my first language, so please forgive my mistakes.

Important: I will use "raven" and "blonde" even if they are switched.

This chapter is so late, I should go hide in a cupboard and never show myself again. This is the last chapter. I hope you will enjoy it. It was hard to write (and as usual I'm not pleased with it). Real life is getting too much in the way for my taste... not to mention writer's block.
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In your Shoes 6

Suddenly his body tensed completely. He didn't feel any danger, but Sasuke's body was reacting as if there was. In front of him Sasuke froze too and he nearly collided with him. Naruto gasped as a sudden light engulfed them.

Naruto yelped as a sudden pain stung his neck. With it came heat –a warmth that spread through him faster that even lust would. He felt himself fall, but mentally, he was quite sure his body hadn't moved at all. Was it over? Were they switching back? He was feeling warm all over as if burning up from a fever, his current body trembling and sweating. It was hard for him to focus and all he could see was a white light. Naruto was happy to get back to his body but at the same time sad, since he might never have the chance to savor Sasuke's body again... even if doing the savoring in his own body would be nicer.

As his eyes started to accustom to the light he could distinguish white clouds of dust surrounding him, scratching his throat, and almost making him cough. He didn't however, his ninja training preventing him to allow the enemy to locate him. Even if they might be switching back, there were also some unfriendly people around. A kunai whistling by his ear confirmed it and he ducked, the warmth seeming to spread inside him even more.

Then everything happened really fast and finally one of his most cherished dreams was coming true. It was a moment of ultimate recognition. He, Uzumaki Naruto, was in front of Sasuke Uchiha protecting him, shielding him, saving him like the hero he was. At last. Slowly he turned to the shaken raven, on his ass, his arm bleeding profusely, eyes narrowed in anger, and smirked with a conceited look in his blue irises. It was his victory, except for the fact that it had been Sasuke in Naruto's body... crap.

"The hell is going on?" screamed Naruto, pissed.

He angrily pulled out a small needle stuck in his neck and understood what was going on. They weren't switching back at all, he had been poisoned. He threw the senbon away.

"Seems like your beloved Konoha decided now was a good time to kill me since there is a crappy moron in control of my body," replied Sasuke glaring at the three Anbu in front of them.

Naruto didn't comment. He was back on his feet in seconds, ready to fight and wishing desperately he could use the Sharingan. Had he been younger he would have reacted to that comment, to the bitterness oozing from Sasuke's voice. Now he was old enough to know better and that it wasn't a good time to joke around, especially since it meant a lot for Sasuke... and if he wanted him to stay he had to prove he was ready to fight all the assholes in the village. He was going to become Hokage and put an end to all of it.

Sasuke was already battling fiercely with their enemies: three very well trained Anbu, if the way Sasuke was struggling against them was any indication. Naruto couldn't help but puff his cheeks, well technically Sasuke's, in anger. Too bad he couldn't see what it looked like on Sasuke's handsome and ever so serious face. The bastard was acting as if Naruto was just a dead weight and he had to protect his body on his own. Naruto was going to prove him wrong. Clapping his hands together he began making signs.

In the meantime, Sasuke was preventing the Anbu from getting too close to his body. Even if Naruto was inside and would protect it, he knew the moron wasn't used to fighting without getting hurt. Proof of it being that he had been poisoned by a kunai. Sasuke's body didn't have a Kyuubi to heal it. He had to hurry up, but he had to admit that he wasn't that used to not being able to use the Sharingan or his usual techniques. Not to mention how good the three pests before him were.

"Use some clones, kid," advised the fox ready to shower Sasuke with some chackra.

"Shut it," growled Sasuke, barely evading a direct blow.

"Let them touch you, then I will heal you and it will give you an opening," urged the fox, knowing that both Naruto and Sasuke couldn't hold for too long against three trained Anbus while switched.

Having managed to hurt one of his adversaries, Sasuke was considering following the demon's advice when he heard a familiar pop behind him. He couldn't quite place the sound, but he knew he had heard it before for sure. Under his very gaze, his three adversaries glanced above his shoulder and seemed to freeze. Not wasting the chance, Sasuke swiftly knocked the closest one, already injured, unconscious. Then he stabbed the second one with his katana, gave him a nice hit on the nape. A messy but still efficient Rasengan dispatched him by sending him flying against the third one.

"Nice one Naru-" he said, turning to his friend just to completely freeze on the spot, an eyebrow beginning to twitch even before his brain processed what his eyes were seeing: a very beautiful woman, absolutely striking with her dark curly hair brushing her shoulders and her two almond shaped onyx eyes. The darkness of her features only highlighting the fairness of her porcelain skin. She was totally naked, her small firm breasts only complementing the mesmerizing curves of her body.

"Whoa! He didn't even had to change your face," noticed the Kyuubi, whistling at Sasuke's female form.

That famous familiar pop had been none other than the stupidly famous Sexy no Jutsu. Sasuke hissed angrily, his fists curling in anger. His plans of viciously murdering Naruto were dropped as his team landed around him, ready to defend him. Since they weren't needed anymore they sprang into action, Juugo tied up the aggressors while Suigetsu checked on Sasuke and Karin rushed to Naruto, who was injured. She couldn't let Sasuke's body be damaged.

"You worthless brat! You let Sasuke's body be poisoned and injured!" she seethed, rolling up her sleeve so he could bit her and heal himself.

The attack hadn't been missed by Konoha's guardians. Suigetsu tensed, taking a fighting stance as Anbu, Jounins, and Chuunins gathered around them. Karin had pulled out a kunai, not knowing whether they were on their side or not.

It only took one glance for the people of Konoha to decide Sasuke had tried to escape: the three people lying on the ground were Konoha's, Naruto, who they knew was stuck in Sasuke's body, was injured with Karin nearby holding a kunai. Suigetsu and Juugo were in a fighting stance. Sasuke had been a missing nin and was to be watched. It all made sense for them.

With a look of utter horror Naruto watched as the village totally misunderstood the situation and attacked Sasuke. Suigetsu and Juugo acted immediately, protecting their leader. Karin fought against the men trying to prevent her from healing Sasuke's body. They took that for rebellion. Naruto tried to protest, but couldn't as the poison had spread through his entire body, preventing him from speaking loud enough to be heard in all the commotion. He staggered forward trying to reach Sasuke.

Suigetsu, after sending some Konoha ninja flying away, glanced at Sasuke awaiting orders. Seeing as their leader didn't react at all he decided not to fight back and let himself be captured. Juugo followed his lead. They gritted their teeth as an Anbu harshly kicked Sasuke on the back of the knees, making him kneel, enjoying it greatly. But as he was going to seal his chakra the blonde man just collapsed on the ground.

"Sasuke!" screamed Karin, worried sick as she knew Sasuke's real body was dying.

At the same time Naruto collapsed too and was caught by an Anbu before hitting the ground. He checked the fainted man's temperature as he seemed to be freezing and incredibly warm at the same time.

"He's been seriously poisoned," pointed out the Anbu, looking at Karin and adding, "heal him."

"No, don't!" ordered another Anbu, "if they switch back it's better if the Uchiha is weakened. Maybe if his body dies they will switch back and settle everything."

This was the last straw for Juugo, who suddenly sent his restrainers flying. Not only were they totally misunderstanding the situation without even trying to see if they were making a mistake, they were ready to let Sasuke and even Naruto die! He would never let someone endanger Sasuke!

Suigetsu followed his lead, hoping against hope that Juugo wouldn't totally lose it. Without Sasuke to calm him down there was no way to stop him. He covered his teammate's back as the gigantic man freed Karin, unceremoniously sending her to Sasuke's body by simply throwing her. She landed on her ass, wincing but immediately starting to heal her fallen leader. She wouldn't be able to remove all the poison but she could at least prevent him from dying.

In the meantime reinforcements were coming, the whole situation getting messier by the minute. Juugo and Suigetsu were fighting fiercely to prevent anyone from coming near Naruto's and Sasuke's bodies; after all, they didn't know who was who anymore. Besides, they weren't stupid enough not to have noticed that Naruto was someone special to Sasuke. Using Konoha's fallen ninjas as shields, the fight went on without them noticing that the three Anbu who had attacked Sasuke had been freed by their comrades and had long since escaped.

The situation was getting completely out of hand until a low but clear voice rang, cutting through the sound of the battle as surely as a katana would through flesh.


Juugo and Suigetsu froze, heads spinning towards the voice, Sasuke's voice... with an unmistakable tone that could be none other than Sasuke's... not to mention the dark aura surrounding his body. They had switched back.

"Stop! He's not the culprit here!" screamed Naruto, scrambling to his feet.

He blinked as he realized he was back in his own body and then swore as he had to adjust to it again. He had been in Sasuke's body a bit too long for his return to be simple. Using the distraction to their advantage, Konoha's ninjas swooped down on Suigetsu and Juugo. They didn't fight back, following Sasuke's previous order.

With Sasuke's team being docile the mess began to lessen, the Ninjas trusting Naruto's judgment for the moment, especially since they had everyone restrained. Sasuke was barely conscious, leaning heavily on Karin while some Anbu had their swords under his neck.

"He's not a criminal!" protested Naruto, trying to make the ninja release Sasuke and his friends.

They shook their heads, seeming to pity him and his faith in who they all believed to be a traitor. Naruto fisted his hands knowing that he would have to let it go until Tsunade solved the problem. He watched as the Anbu unceremoniously dragged Sasuke with them, not minding his injured and weakened body. As he passed him, Naruto hung his head at the words he received.

"This is the true face of Konoha and this isn't my home."


Naruto wiggled his toes and fingers, feeling strange. Who would have thought that he would have to get used to his own body? He was adjusting to his new height, to his new corpulence and everything else again. Not to mention he had gotten used to Sasuke's body's reactions and had to learn his own once again. Some came easily; some didn't, especially since his body had also learned how Sasuke moved. All in all it was a big mess.

"I like it better when you can't block me," piped in Kyuubi, enjoying his freedom.

Naruto growled. Of course Sasuke hadn't known how to prevent Kyuubi from pestering him, and since Naruto wasn't totally in control yet he couldn't do it either. He felt a pang of sympathy for his bastard as he thought of how hellish it must have been for Sasuke to have Kyuubi bothering him all the time.

"It just reminded him of you and your non-stop talking," chuckled the demon, enjoying how it pissed Naruto to no end.

Sighing, the blonde decided to leave the training ground. He had had enough. The more he thought about his out of body experience the more he thought it had been kind of useful. He had a better control of fire and lightning now. He had learned new ways of moving and also had understood quite of few of his automatisms. He was curious to see all the other changes that had happened, like how he suddenly wanted to eat tomatoes cooked with sugar and vinegar. A taste he wasn't supposed to know, since he had never actually eaten them, but his body knew it since Sasuke had. Good thing he had watched what Sasuke ate because, otherwise, he would have had no idea what he was craving.

Naruto scratched the back of his head, perplexed as he walked back home. He tensed slightly as he saw the Hokage tower out of the corner of his eye. He had explained to Tsunade what had really happened when Sasuke was captured. He had also taken the opportunity to inform her of Danzo's part in the Uchiha massacre and of how he obviously had men under his command who wanted to kill Sasuke. He had told her everything Sasuke had trusted him with.

That's how he had learned how powerless he truly was. How even as Hokage he wouldn't be able to do as he pleased. Not that that would ever stop him! He would only have to try harder for his dream to come true. He would take it slowly; after all, he knew there were no shortcuts. Step by step he would change things. Set firmly on his goal he strolled into the hospital. He nodded to his friends and some trusted Anbu that were guarding Sasuke's room... as much to prevent people from killing him as to prevent him from escaping. He felt a pang of sorrow as he thought of Kakashi. He would have been there... had he been alive. As he swung the door open, grinning broadly, he was back to his usual self.

Sasuke was sitting on his bed, lost in thought. He had had to recover from serious poisoning for two days in intensive care and now he was stuck in a hospital room that was more a prison than anything else. He knew his teammates were all being kept under guard too. It was unnerving not to know what Konoha had in store for him.

It was in this state of mind that Naruto found him as he loudly entered, greeting the raven with a: "Hello sexy, how are you doing today?"

A vicious punch to the jaw was answer enough.

"Good I see," mumbled Naruto, nursing his sore flesh even as it healed right away.

"You had to get me poisoned, didn't you?" hissed Sasuke, taking his frustration out on Naruto and concentrating on mundane matters to forget about the more important ones that he had no control over.

Naruto blinked a few times. He had let Sasuke's body be poisoned, he was truly sorry about that, but he had already apologized... even if Sasuke had been down with a fever at the time.

"Sorry, I swear it wasn't on purpose! And you messed up my body too, I want to eat tomatoes with sugar and vinegar all the time!" whined Naruto.

Sasuke snorted at that. He had had a hard time finding a way to make the moron's body eat veggies, but he had managed to find some dishes that suited his taste. Of course he had had to find something with tomatoes. Who could live without tomatoes?

"You will have to teach me how to cook those strange meals of yours," whispered Naruto, afraid of what Sasuke's answer would be.

"I'm not staying, Naruto," snapped Sasuke, going back to sitting on his bed, missing Naruto's look of hurt, but knowing perfectly well it was there.

He couldn't let the blonde moron get hopeful. Sasuke was an avenger; he had to accomplish his goal. Naruto should be able to understand that since he also had a dream of becoming Hokage, but the dumbass just didn't get it. Surely because he didn't understand how different their dreams were and of course because he was still obsessed with saving him, which just angered Sasuke. At least Sakura had understood that he wouldn't change. Naruto just wanted to impose his views on him, his idea of what good was. He clung to his dream but wanted Sasuke to drop his.

"Sasuke, it won't make you happy," started Naruto, trying once again to talk his friend out of what he deemed a folly.

Naruto had expected a growl, maybe even a punch so he was totally taken aback when Sasuke simply turned to him, eyeing him. He wasn't smirking. He wasn't being threatening but something in the way he looked at him with those cold merciless eyes made Naruto fidget, scared of what was coming.

"Come with me," deadpanned Sasuke.

Naruto's eyes bulged as his mouth went slack with shock. He hadn't expected that. He stood there flabbergasted and lost. His thoughts were stumbling in his mind. He had never thought of going away with Sasuke. He knew Sakura had... but... he couldn't because it would mean he couldn't become Hokage.

"I... I can't... it would make me a missing nin too. I wouldn't be able to be Hokage," he replied scratching his head, feeling strangely uneasy.

Sasuke tilted his head slightly; his eyes boring into Naruto almost making him take a step back.

"Oh so I'm to give up my dream but not you?" purred Sasuke, the edge of his words stabbing Naruto.

"I... I..."

Naruto was at a loss for words. Suddenly he saw that wanting Sasuke back was indeed asking him to sacrifice his goal while he got to keep his. If he had Sasuke back it would be like the icing on the cake. But... he was in the right, wasn't he?

"Your dream is wrong! Even Kakashi said so! It will only destroy you; it's a selfish dream that will only hurt people and yourself!"

Sasuke smirked as Naruto protected himself with his so called "righteous" ideas. He stood up slowly walking toward the blonde, each step punctuated by a word.

"And who are you to judge? What do you know about what will make me happy? Do you think knowing that the ones that destroyed my life are still alive will satisfy me when I was raised to be an avenger? Do you think I can live in a village that didn't hesitate to betray my clan and kill them all using one of their own members? I can't live knowing they haven't paid for what they did! It is an egotistical dream. I hurt you, Sakura, and Kakashi by following it, but I know it full well while you don't realize how egoistical you are."

"I'm not!" screamed Naruto, "I want to protect people! Including you!"

Sasuke scoffed as he stood in front of Naruto, close, as if imprisoning him so he couldn't flee from a truth he had refused to acknowledge until now.

"Liar. Remember how you phrased your dream? You wanted Konoha to acknowledge you. You never spoke of protecting anyone. You want them to love you. You want to be the hero, to have people respect you, to take your revenge after they all ignored and hated you for so long. That is the truth of your dream. And don't tell me you're not hurting people in the process. You will make things better for some, but they won't all be happy, not to mention all the people who want to be Hokage too and won't be if you are."

Naruto fisted his hands. He couldn't deny that. He had never realized it, but Sasuke was right. He was selfish. Sasuke was too, but he had known it all along. Yet... he couldn't just drop his dream, nor could he stop wanting to have Sasuke with him.

"If you love me, Naruto, let me go," whispered Sasuke in his ear.

The blonde grinned at that. That manipulative bastard thought he had won. Even if he had shaken the core of his beliefs, made him realize a lot of things he hadn't dwelled on until now. He had only won a battle, not the war. If Naruto was anything, it was stubborn. He didn't care if his dream wasn't as pretty as he had wanted to believe, he would do as Sasuke: pursue it, because it was what he believed was the right thing to do, what would make him happy.

He grabbed Sasuke's wrists and slammed him against the wall, not meeting any resistance as he had taken the raven by surprise.

"Never," he assured as he captured Sasuke's lips.

Even after being bitten he didn't pull away. Instead he only deepened the kiss, forcing his way into Sasuke's mouth, his tongue mapping that delicious place. He felt Sasuke struggle and knew if he didn't act fast, they would end up in a fight. He harshly pushed one leg between Sasuke's , pressing and rubbing without mercy. He felt the raven gasp and arch against him. He knew exactly what to do to make Sasuke turn into mush.

Naruto blushed as he remembered all the fun he had had... and even more as he suddenly understood what must have had Sasuke pissed off that morning. If Naruto's body was craving strange food he didn't even know how to cook, then Sasuke's must have been craving... pleasure that Sasuke wasn't used to providing. Naruto licked his lips and yelped as he was kicked in the shin, hard.

"What did you do to my body you damned perverted moron?" growled Sasuke, his voice almost shaky.

Naruto still had him pinned down, but he had stopped moving. A blessing since Sasuke had been totally stripped off his strength by the blonde's actions. That asshole had totally perverted his body, making him react to those touches. Sasuke growled. He knew that even if the blonde infuriated him, he loved him too. Proof of it was that he hadn't been as angry as he should have been when he realized that Naruto had totally taken advantage of his body. It had been making him hard just thinking of what the moron had done to it.

"I just taught it how to have fun," grinned Naruto, happy to have won.

But he had underestimated Sasuke. He had moved back his leg just a bit, since his shin hurt. Sasuke took that opportunity to drop to the floor. Naruto still holding his wrists was taken aback and didn't let go. His body followed the movement, bending down, his head connected with the wall with a loud thud. He finally let go of his grip and Sasuke escaped from him. He winced as he was slammed against the wall by a kick to his back.

"Bastard," he growled turning to face his friend, his eyes reddish with anger, the whisker scars on his cheeks getting deeper.

If Naruto missed the shiver of desire that cursed through Sasuke at the sight, Kyuubi didn't. He had been close enough to the Uchiha to know he loved power games. And he knew his vessel enough to know that the dummy needed a little push to pounce on the willing Sasuke because Naruto didn't get that making love wasn't always fluffy, that it could be harsh to release pent up emotions.

"Fight him. He needs to be tamed not soothed."

Naruto mentally huffed. That complicated Bastard. Fine. He mentally thanked Tsunade for giving him a scroll that would sound proof the room. She had wanted him to be able to speak to Sasuke without being overheard. He was going to use it to fight and fuck Sasuke without being heard outside. Without wasting time, he opened the scroll and threw it at the door. Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

"This way we won't be disturbed, bastard," explained Naruto, launching on his rival.

Knowing they would be interrupted if they used chakra or broke down a wall, it was a silent agreement that they would keep it to normal strength. Naruto was amazed at how he took less blows than usual. He had gotten used to trying to avoid getting hurt since it was painful and healed so damned slowly when Kyuubi wasn't there. Sasuke had improved too, not relying on the Sharingan, he had developed his other skills even more.

Fists met fists, kicks met kicks. Blood and sweat mixed intimately as they fought out their differences, their anger, and heir pent up emotions. Soon they were panting and grunting in excerption. That was their own high. The dynamic of the fight changed with their moods. At first anger and frustration made them hit and snarl. Then as it went on, as they enjoyed the silent communication, the rivalry between them, and discovered how the other had improved, how they had learned more about each other by switching, the fight turned to teasing. Smirks and grins where exchanged, a poking replaced a punch, a caress instead of a hit, a kiss instead of a deadly strike. They bantered in actions just as in words, their eyes glimmering. This was their courtship.

As Naruto saw an opening at Sasuke's neck he ghosted his lips over the sensitive skin, only to have a hand clamp on his mouth, pushing him away. It had been a trap. He staggered backwards and caught Sasuke's right leg in the process. They both stumbled on the bed, fighting and twisting even as they fell. Finally it was Sasuke who ended up sprawled on the white sheets with Naruto's heavy weight on top of him. Burning gazes crossed as both felt the hardness the other one sported.

Sasuke punched, Naruto dipped his head in Sasuke's neck, and nipped. Sasuke kicked, Naruto pushed their pelvises together. Sasuke pulled on Naruto's hair, Naruto pulled on Sasuke's pants. One was struggling, the other savoring.

"I'm not staying," groaned Sasuke as his body arched under Naruto's touch.

"I know," replied the blonde, enjoying how Sasuke trembled in his arms, even if the bastard tried to suppress it.

It had been Sasuke's warning, his way of telling Naruto that it would be his own fault if he ended up deeply hurt. Naruto had acknowledged it and decided to take the risk.

Sasuke shoved Naruto off of him only to catch him by his shirt, dragging him down to clash their lips. The blonde snatched away the hand fisted on his chest and holding the wrist, pinned it to the bed. Sasuke hissed into the kiss, giving a nip to Naruto's invading tongue. Clutching a patch of blonde locks with his free hand he wrenched Naruto away, only to have him bit the juncture of his neck in retaliation. The mixed gasp of surprise and pleasure that escaped Sasuke gave Naruto the opportunity to capture the other perfect and dangerous hand.

With Sasuke pinned underneath him Naruto was suddenly at a loss. All he could do was buck against the raven's parted legs. This was horribly frustrating. Sasuke snorted, smirking in a way that made one want to wipe it off his handsome face. Naruto growled deeply, the closeness of their bodies made the sound reverberate through Sasuke's body. Naruto bit his lips at how Sasuke tilted his head back, mouth open to release a hot breath.

He had no choice. He let go of one hand, only to get punched. He narrowed his eyes and then grinned as he noticed something that would help him. He had to struggle however, as Sasuke hoisted up his T-shirt to block his arms and make Naruto release him. Naruto managed to sneak his free hand out, grunting as he had to push Sasuke down with all his weight to not let go of the slender wrist he still had pinned to the bed. Clumsy but effective fingers then set to undoing Sasuke's purple belt, Naruto fully intent on using it to tie up his bastard.

The latter had caught on to the plan and twisted the T-shirt in his hold forcing Naruto's head down. He had now trapped one of the moron's arms and his head. Using his feet he pushed at the shoulder. Naruto had to let go before his shoulder got dislocated. Knowing that, the blonde fluidly pulled his head out of his T-shirt, letting go of his hold on Sasuke as he escaped the danger. He left his shirt behind but was able to take the purple rope with him.

He took this opportunity to catch Sasuke's leg by the knee, bending him forward. Sasuke tried to trip Naruto with his other leg, using his arms as leverage to topple him over. But Naruto used this opportunity to throw the belt above Sasuke's head and pulled, sweeping his hands from under him. With a speed born from desperation he managed to loop the purple rope around the two wrists, binding them. A few knots and many kicks later, Naruto had Sasuke right where he wanted him with his arms bound to the bed and behind him.

Naruto didn't lose time; he snatched Sasuke's pants off, along with his underwear and shoes, the white kimono just fanned around the slender body. His mouth watered, especially as he had proof that Sasuke was enjoying it too. A kick to the stomach reminded him that he didn't have time to contemplate him. Besides he had already scrutinized that body as much as he could. He wished he could savor touching that soft skin that felt so different under his fingers. He wanted to relish in Sasuke's taste that he had only known through Sasuke's own mouth. He simply wanted to discover that body with his own.

As things were he couldn't. Searching the room for something to lube Sasuke with, he kicked his shoes off, pants soon following along with his boxers. Naruto started to mumble and curse as he couldn't find anything that could help; that is until a bottle of lube was dangled in front of his face. He gasped and turned only to find Sasuke hovering over him, free, smirking and totally naked, the white kimono gone. He blinked owlishly at the bastard.

"Ninjas can untie ropes. Remember that, dead last," whispered Sasuke huskily.

Naruto growled as he remembered the first time Sasuke had thrown those exact same words at him, the time when he had gone for Sakura after binding Sasuke. He tried to snatch the lube that was taunting him only to have it put just out of his reach. That damned bastard! He immediately went after the chuckling dark haired beauty and their game started anew. They groped, kissed, nipped, did anything to divert the other's attention as they wrestled for the lube. Finally Naruto managed to gain the upper hand by straddling Sasuke on the bed, a few seductive movements of Sasuke's eyebrows later Naruto shrieked as he felt a finger poke at his entrance. That little...

His dominant side kicked in as anger at having been played by the bastard made his eyes turn reddish again. This time he didn't miss the shiver of excitement that coursed through Sasuke, nor the lust in those endless black eyes, a black hole where he had gotten lost long ago. He harshly grabbed the offending hand and in one movement left his position and turned Sasuke over, bending his arm behind him. He sat back down, pinning the bastard under him, hearing him hiss in protest. Grinning he stole the lube and poured a generous amount on his fingers and precious part.

He didn't hesitate as he plunged two lubed fingers in Sasuke's entrance. He had been preparing Sasuke's body for this day so he knew perfectly what it would take. Sasuke muffled a startled cry of pleasure, his free hand curling on the sheets. Naruto licked his lips. He also knew all of the bastard's sensitive spots, knew exactly what his body craved. Soon Sasuke was quivering, sweat covering his body as stifled moans escaped him.

"Stay relaxed," ordered Naruto as he pulled his fingers out, and let the tip of his manhood brush against Sasuke's entrance.

A burst of desire, of power, shot through him as he saw Sasuke comply. In one smooth movement of his hips he had sheathed himself deep inside Sasuke.

"Ahhhnnnn!" screamed the latter as he arched, his hand fisting the sheets, almost tearing them.

Sasuke had turned his head, letting Naruto see his profile. The blonde purred, the hand not holding Sasuke's wrist scratching his hips at the sight. The raven had his lips parted, puffs of labored breaths escaping them. He was slightly flushed from heat and arousal, his hair was tussled, messily scattering on his face. So erotic, especially when he knew just how dangerous and deadly Sasuke was.

Naruto started moving in slow languid thrusts as Sasuke glared at him. Heh, the bastard was still topping from the bottom. Delicious moans, barely muffled now, sang at Naruto's ears as he moved in and out, rocking his hips faster and faster as the moans got louder. Finally he couldn't control himself anymore. He snaked a hand behind one of Sasuke's knees and pushed, forcing it to bend, lifting his hips and pushing him down. Sasuke snarled as he understood Naruto's intentions. The blonde growled, twisting Sasuke's arm behind his back a bit more before leaning on him and nibbling at his nape.

Finally after a bit of struggle, Sasuke ended up kneeling on the bed, his face still pressed against the mattress, one arm twisted behind his back, the other one bent as he tried to straighten up and Naruto still buried deep inside of him. The latter had a hand firmly clamped on the pale hip making sure the bastard was under control. He could just see how it turned him on, to be tamed like that.

"Mine," he growled possessively.

Naruto pulled out just to slam back in, Sasuke biting the mattress to stifle a scream of bliss. Pissed at that, Naruto fucked him into the soft but unyielding material, unyielding like a certain bastard. Naruto couldn't stand not to hear the dark haired man's sounds of pleasure.

Harshly Naruto grabbed Sasuke's free arm and pulled him backwards, forcing Sasuke's torso to lift from the bed in an arch. The raven's head hung as his breathing became more labored, Naruto's member filling him to the core.

Spreading his legs to find a better position, Naruto began to pound into Sasuke again, using his captured arms to make the raven move in time with him, meeting his thrusts. Pants and moans suddenly turned into full out screams of ecstasy.

"Ahh fuck Ahhhh!"

Naruto increased his rhythm, riding Sasuke roughly. After a moment of this intense love making, he released Sasuke's arm. He collapsed on the bed, writhing in pleasure, his hips eagerly meeting Naruto's movements. The latter leaned on his raven, biting and licking his nape, a hand gliding to his nipples, teasing them as he fucked him hard and deep. Then he moved down to the hardness between Sasuke's legs. The simple touch was all it took for Sasuke to scream and release himself, Naruto following suit as the tight walls around him contracted.

Naruto kept moving, riding his orgasm even as Sasuke went boneless in his hold, on the verge of passing out from bliss. It was such an erotic sight. Ever considerate, Naruto moved Sasuke so he wouldn't lie on his own semen. Pulling out of his spent lover, the blonde couldn't help but grin at Sasuke's incoherent grunt at the loss.

All he wanted was to join him on the bed, try to coax him to cuddle, but he knew better. He had to clean their mess. He watched Sasuke from the corner of his eye as he cleaned himself and dressed. The raven was sprawled on his bed, so gorgeous and desirable, his dark eyes following Naruto's every move with their cold but at the same time fiery indifference.

"How about staying now?" gloated Naruto, teasing.

Sasuke snorted, getting up, and making himself presentable.

"Dream on."

"If I manage to convince the old hag to make your hunt for Madara an Anbu mission, while her and I try to deal with Danzo, all the while making him and the council think we are using you as a tool, would you consider living in Konoha?" proposed Naruto, he had already discussed it with Tsunade. It had been her idea in fact.

"Why not," replied Sasuke, smirking.

That was as much as a yes Naruto would ever have and it was all he wanted. He draped an arm around Sasuke's shoulders and licked his ear.

"We will have tons of fun," he whispered, his voice full of promises.

- End -

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