It was an average day. A day like any other. ...only when, you're me, no days are average. My name, is -to be revealed-, and this, is my story. I was half asleep in my office, with my feet up on my desk, enjoying the last hot days of summer while reading some mail. "A wedding huh? Better rsvp later-" "Making plans for the future?" I jumped. There was a man standing at my desk dressed in a black cloak. He wasn't necessarily tall, had long jet-black hair, and seemed to have been wearing glasses. "How bold. For someone in your line of work, of course." He spoke like we were having a conversation, when he just sorta crept up on me. "...suuure. You need something?"

As he reached into his cloak, and was rummaging around for something, I immediately became focused; prepped for anything I could imagine. ...until he pulled out a rolled up piece of paper. "...and that is?" Then he unraveled it, revealing that it was a map. "Once you arrive here," he pointed to a particular spot "all will become clear." This was WAY too suspicious. "Is that right?" I had to think about this one. But, I decided to check it out-if it was what I suspected, then I'd be making things that much easier for me with him out of the picture. "...very well. I accept."
I stood up, grabbed the map, pushed my chair in, and proceeded to walk away, when I heard almost mockingly "You're not naming a price? In your line of work?" I stopped, but didn't turn. "You're questioning it?" He simply laughed lightly, and I kept walking.

I chose to take my ship, since someone would pick up on my energy signal if I flew with my own power. And if this was a trap, I wanted to get the jump on this guy. I'd better get this over with soon, I thought as I climbed in I need to pick out a tux after all.
As I took off, the man in black smiled a sinister looking smile, and disappeared into the breeze. While I was in the air, I started to reminisce. "Man, Billy's getting hitched. I hope everyone else will show. It's been almost ten years. ...well, other than Sam and Nathan anyw-" My rear-view mirror (yes, I have rear-view mirrors on my ship) caught my attention. It was the man in black; hand extended with energy gathered at his palm. I read his lips: "Farewell, dragon." I rolled my eyes, and closed them. "Oh son of a-" I was interrupted by his blast of black energy, that pierced the ship, and caught me just above the neck.

The pain was immense, and I was losing consciousness fast. "D-damn, gotta, focus..." I felt blood, and was going down fast. But directly below me, was a house. My ships computer said: {Chances of survival: 99.9%}. Then I saw some trees. {Chances of survival: 0.0003%}. I just smiled. "As if I have a choice." I gave almost everything I had, and finally managed to get it to the forest. I-I, have to hold on! I, need to, I, have to... And I blanked out.

The whole time I was unconscious was a nightmare, because when you're not in control of your mind, it tends to wander. Every powerful memory, feeling and experience I could remember was swimming around in my head-the good, the bad... and the painful. But just as soon as they came flooding in, almost just as fast they seemed to slip away, farther, farther and farther, until they disappeared. Then, after what seemed like an eternity in darkness, a shining light pierced it like a dagger. It was almost blaring, but I couldn't help but be drawn to it's warmth. The closer I became, the better it felt. Until I let it envelop me completely.

And just like that, I was awake.