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All things lead to a common ancestor. With Vampires it is Drake. Drake just isn't for Vampires but for Wolves and some special humans. He is a class of special Vampire. They can only survive on human blood. They are positively faster and stronger than normal Vampires as well as their power are extensive. Drake has only turned four humans. He is currently looking for his fifth one to turn so they can lead the group. They normally have blood delivered to them from a blood bank. Since they hate harming humans. They protect even the normal humans. They are part of their own government agency that works with the FBI. They do things that the government can't. Close to black ops but not entirely like it. The fifth is a human that knows much more than they think. She has a shield built in. Can sense things normal humans can't, unbelievable protect of others and a leader not by choice but by need. He can sense her and see her with his eyes. She even is able to control fire. She's not a witch or a mutant. More than likely and indirect relative from him. She lives in an Alaska off the beaten path by a long shot. He can feel her as if she was standing right next to him. No one every really knows all of Drakes abilities but knows that he is the beginning.

Alaska (150 years ago)

Bella is sitting with her father as they talk about a time before her abilities showed. Before she destroyed and entire village with her rage that is normal contained. Her friend Jacob was killed and that triggered every protective instinct in her. . She remembers it like it happened yesterday.

Her flight or fight syndrome came out and since she never ran she fought with the killers immediately recognizing that they were not human. Feels the burning sensation in her hands and entire body. Lets out a blood curling scream and raises her hands and fires shoots from them wrapping around the things. They stop and scream as the fire spreads quickly from there roasting bodies to the town behind it. Her father runs from the forest grabbing her and throwing her in the truck. She watches the town she once called home burn to the ground all her friends and people she new dying. Even though they were probably already died before the fire she may never know.

Shakes her head to clear the fog from the memory.

Bella) "Dad how am I supposed to deal with the things I have done?"

Charlie) "You can either deal with it or let it eat at you until it kills you, you saved others from a most certain death if those things lived. You have no clue if anyone else survived or not."

Bella) "Dad they were my friends my family I should have done something anything to save them. They died and I just couldn't be a second faster or stronger. Then I had to kill someone or something to protect others. I'm just in a lost state I can't let anymore innocents get hurt I want to research them and study them."

Charlie) "You want to be a killer or you want to be a savior, there's no saving the damned and they are damned. I'll help you."

Bella) "Thanks dad. It's just I failed them and I will not fail another person as long as I live I couldn't save them and I failed so I will never let it happen."

She gets up to head in side to go on her computer as her father sits out on the porch with his shot gun and gas canister. He still fears for his life and for his child. She is more of adult now with her being 20, but was at college at the time. Only time will tell if they can complete their mission or will it be too much and kill them both, but if they can destroy more of them hell do anything. Jacob was like his second son.


Carlisle and Esme watch as their children Rosalie and Emmet bantering about safe and out. While Alice and Eliza are watching with utter amusement. Knowing full well that eventually there going to start kissing each other and then the rest will scatter soon. Eliza joined the group a while ago she was a special human the ability to kill the vampires that killed her family she was mortally injured and was dying. Alice changed her to save her because she knew that she would be a sisters of her some point. Alice freezes with the force of a vision hitting her

A taller girl about 5 7 with brown hair and flawlessly gorgeous skin walks into the classroom. She looks up and smiles slightly at Alice but red quickly fills her cheeks. Her eyes are the same golden color as the rest of the Cullen family. The new girl walks to the back of the room and sits next to her the only remaining seat and looks down to pull out her stuff. Then up again at the board. Alice turns to face her and is struck with how amazingly beautiful she is sticks her hand out.

Alice) "Hi I am Alice Cullen and you are?" The new girl at first doesn't respond and then slowly sticks her hand out and shakes Alice's hand while whispering her name.

Karina) "Hi Alice I am Karina Lavilla."

End of vision and she blinks her eyes rapidly to come back to the real world. Eliza looks at her and shakes her slightly

Eliza) "Alice what did you see?"

Alice) "I think I maybe have found someone I have been looking for. A new girl is coming to school I am sure I'll find out more as time progress."

Eliza) "How long till she gets here?"

Alice) "Six months it seems that her eyes are like a window to the soul, they're so intense"

Eliza) "I am excited for you Alice you will finally get the one you are looking for and have been waiting for."

They continue to talk while the others having heard what they said congratulates Alice and then get back to ball game


About 250 years ago when the cities weren't as built up as they are now. A young 19 year old was walking around the outskirts of her town when she hears a noise in the little home in the woods. It sounds like music, she get closer and closer to the sound. Looks in the window to see four people and extremely well built but older gentleman at the keys. The piano player gets up and appears behind her without her really noticing. Grabs her firmly and stays into her eyes seeing her life pass before his and the future she could holds as well.

Drake) "My child do you want to live forever? To be able to meet the one you are destined for? She will not be with you for a long time but she is yours and you are supposed to be with her. She will be waiting for you as well."

Karina) "I…I…I…. would… like … that" Lowers head and blushes while trying not to be scared.

Drake) "You may be shy but you are fearless I'll give you that. You will be a vampire. I will train you to live of animal blood, no humans. You will be the tamest new born ever created."

He looks into her eyes then lowers his head to her neck and bites into it. Numbing her first with his venom so she feels no pain then injection the vampire venom into her. Lifting her in his arms takes her and places her on the bed. Covers her and waits for her transformation to be completed. Normally it takes three incredibly painful days but since she was beaten by the first she is in a peaceful change where she learns all about her kind through his knowledge. She wakes up at four days. Her nails are crystal blue while her eyes start out blue. Drake then shows her how to hunt animals and her eyes change to a golden color. Joining his little band of misfits as they help humans even with human issues.

Alaska (148 years ago)

Bella's POV

I am now 22 I've killed my fair share of vampires. As a human they can not believe that I have killed so many the world of vampires are beginning to know me as Blade. I also have killed my fair share of wolves and tigers that have phased and been dangerous. My father is about as good as I but not good enough. He was recently killed trying to save a young girl about 7 years old when her mother was being held captive to watch as the vampires would play with the child. She was able to save the child but not the mother. After dropping the child of at local doctors with a note for the child once they were of age to read it. She buried her father and contained on her journey as the lone one that hunts the hunters. She has come to Forks a very small town. With a small amount of people but there as been stories of the animals dead in the forest with puncture wounds making her investigate. She lives in a two story house with her money that she has gained or made through tracking the vampires. Follows the outside force until she comes across a house. With her sharpened senses smells vampires and hears one coming up behind her. Turns quickly to see a pixie looking girls smiling at her.

Alice) "I am not going to hurt you. I am a animal drinker since you seem to know what I am already. I know you are Bella. Or Blade as they call you in our world."

Bella) "How do you know who I am my real name is ever spoken? What do you mean animal drinkers?"

Alice) "The rest of my coven is coming back soon they were hunting for animals because we don't drink human blood we choose to go against that part of our nature. There is four others don't be alarmed when they show up."

As she finished the four appear next to Alice and the blonde male looks at Alice curiously before looking at Bella.

Alice) "Meet Bella or as we know her Blade."

Carlisle) "You're the human that kills out kind. Once you find them that is, we mean you know harm all the people hear were changed because they were dying or one was going to be prey. How did you come to be able to fight us?"

Bella) "You smell of animals and you have different eye color. You all are a large coven

Alice) "We're a family. I don't remember my human life except that I don't want to hurt them. We even go to school with humans to blend. Carlisle is a doctor."

Esme) "How about we go inside and sit on the couches and get more comfortable."

Bella slowly studies all of them and if she felt threaten good just burn the house down. Nods and follows behind them into the house. Where Esme shows the couches everyone takes a seat. Alice is semi close to Bella since the other couches are completely filled.

Rosalie looks Bella over and notices many scars of all different types.

Rosalie) "How did you get all those scars they look painful when you got them?"

Bella) "I got them from vampires that try to harm the innocent."

Alice) "How did you become a hunter Bella?"

Bella) "A group of vampires killed most of my town and killed my best friend almost a brother. I can kind of do stuff and then I just killed the vampires and set the town on fire. I vowed then and their to kill everyone that hurts humans."

Carlisle) "Did you have any family with you?"

Bella) "My father recently died saving a young child from a vampire that I killed"

Esme) "How long have you been alone dear?"

Bella) "Too long but if I am alone then there is no way that anyone can get hurt near me or because of me."

Alice) "How did you know I was behind you earlier?"

Bella) "I am not your normal human but if you all aren't hurting humans for now I can leave you alone I should be off to go find some that are hurting."

Esme) "have you eaten dear?"

Bella) "I will in another town I ate yesterday."

Carlisle) "Nonsense let us use our kitchen we never get the chance. Please?"

His look made her about die with laughing because it was just too priceless the perfect pout.

Bella) "Ok … should I be scared since it's obviously been awhile since any of you has cooked"

Alice) "You will be fine but let's get you washed up while they cook."

Then she takes her to the bathing room and shows her about there unit. After that she eats and bids the Cullen a far well. Knowing maybe in future they might see each there again.