"…Then we went to the park. It was kinda dark out but that just made it more fun,"

I just nodded, pretending to listen to my hikari. He was telling me about what he did yesterday with Marik, his boyfriend. I didn't really want to hear this, but Ryou didn't figure that much out. I hated listening to this…Listening to how Marik made my hikari so happy.

"There was no-one else around but it was really creepy, cuz it was so dark! But I'm kind of used to the whole ghost thing now because of you," he smiled and giggled.

Now, why was I so upset about this? It's not that I don't want my hikari to be happy…It's the opposite. I want Ryou to be happy, but I can't stand someone ELSE making him happy. Yeah, I'll admit it. I'm in love with him…Completely in love with him. I can't stand it.

"But after that we came home and watched some movies…,"

While I did use him for my own selfish desires, now that we have separate bodies, I've started regretting it. And I did protect him…I never let him get too hurt. I never wanted him to get hurt. I guess I was a little rough though…completely blinded by my desire to succeed and obliterate the Pharaoh.

"And then we…,"

I tried to block him out completely, but it wasn't working. I could feel anger bubbling inside my chest. I could barely control myself. My hands clenched into fists, but Ryou didn't notice. He was too busy talking about Marik…talking about his boyfriend…

"Bakura, are you okay?"

I can't stand this anymore. I can feel tears burning in the corners of my eyes. I can't stand to listen to him anymore. I can't stand to see them together, to see how happy they make each other. It kills me inside. I can't stand it. Doesn't he realise how much I love him!? Can't he see how much I care for him?! I'd give up everything just to be with him!

"Bakura, what're you--,"

Next thing I know, I'm on top of Ryou. I'm pinning him down to the couch…with my hands around his throat.

"Shut up!" I scream, strangling him. Ryou struggled and pulled on my wrists, trying to make me let go. "Shut up shut up shut up!"

I heard the door open and slam shut. Someone yelled something at me and punched me. I fell to the floor, my head banging against the coffee table.

"What the hell Bakura!" I looked up and saw a familiar pale-blonde teenager. Marik was glaring at me, whilst hugging Ryou, making sure he was okay. "What the hell do you think you were doing?!"

I stood up, my gaze fixed on the floor. What was I doing? I can barely remember.

I looked at Marik, who was comforting Ryou. I remembered then. I hate Marik. I hate him so much. He stole my hikari away from me. He should die.

I wanted to say all this, but my hikari glanced at me, and my voice died in my throat. There wasn't the usually happiness and forgiveness in his eyes. It was fear.

I bit my tongue, trying to keep myself from saying anything. I could vaguely hear Marik yelling at me, and I felt myself begin to shake with anger again. I stopped biting my tongue with I felt blood fill my mouth.

I felt blood run down my chin and Marik stopped yelling. I raised my hand up to wipe some blood away. "I hate you," I said in a cracked voice. "I hate you so much,"

"B-Bakura," Ryou said quietly. "Please calm down,"

I threw my head back and burst out into full blown laughter. "I hate you!" I screamed. "DIE!"