Chapter 24 - Happy Birthday Leah

Jake and I walked into the Cullen's house and my birthday party was in full swing. Esther, Abby, Ephraim and Harry ran into the house ahead of us not bothering to wait going to search out their favourite aunt or uncle. Rosalie and Alice came running at me excitedly and Jacob kissed my cheek.

"That would be my cue to exit stage left," Jake murmured then he disappeared further into the house where I could hear him being greeted.

Alice and Rosalie both hugged me. I had to say, I had never seen Rosalie look so stunning, not even on her wedding day. She wore a tight bright red dress and bright red lipstick, her hair pulled back from her beautiful face. Alice was wearing a flowing, light green dress scattered with sequins with a matching green choker. Alice had chosen the dress I was wearing too. It was a dark pink colour, simple bodice and a sparkly skirt, but very Alice Cullen.

"Leah you look so pretty, I knew that dress would be perfect on you," Alice gushed giving me the once over and Rosalie nodded grinning at me then commented dryly,

"Alice is right, you don't look half bad."

I nudged Rosalie with my shoulder giving her the finger and she laughed.

"Leah, happy birthday!" Ness came running elegantly down the stairs wearing a delicate gold coloured dress, and Bella followed her down, wearing a simple black dress. They were the dresses Alice had assigned to them after the battle.

"Happy Birthday," Bella greeted me warmly as she and Ness hugged me. They started to escort me to the backyard but I was stopped at the door by Esme and Carlisle who wished me happy birthday and both kissed my cheek.

"Woohoo, there's the birthday girl!" Embry crowed from where he stood holding Esther and she clapped her hands laughing. I rolled my eyes; the things I did for this family.


After being greeted by Sue and Charlie, I was passed around to each and every one of my Quileute brothers and their imprints. I made the rounds with a smile on my face before finally I was handed a beer and I was able to sit down next to Jake who threw a lazy arm around my shoulders and kissed my forehead. There was music playing, Edward and Bella, Carlisle and Esme and Emily and Sam were dancing slowly to the music. Levi was hanging on his mother's skirt as they danced, and Kim and Jared were minding baby Naomi, Kim resting her hands on her swollen belly. Seth had his arm wrapped around Skylar and she was laughing at something he said. They would be the next wedding, I was sure of it. Embry had Esther and he was dancing along with her and Jasper had Abby and was spinning her around while she squealed. Ephraim was with Charlie, or Pop as the kids called him. Sue was always called Nan, while Billy was Grandpa Billy. Rosalie and Emmett were sitting next to me and Jake and we were just chatting. Quil and Claire were eating cake with Colin and the eight young wolves. It was a pretty big party.

"Speeches time!" Alice said delicately into a microphone. No one paid attention and Alice put one hand on her hip and narrowed her eyes before yelling, "I said be quiet its speeches time!"

There was an awkward silence and Alice smoothed down her dress calmly then smiled innocently at everyone as Jasper joined her on the little soap box she had erected in the back yard.

"When I first met Leah she had horrible fashion sense, it's not too bad now thanks to my guidance," Rosalie, Ness and Bella chuckled while Emmett made a snooze gesture and Alice continued her speech as Jasper wrapped his arms around her waist, "I am so very glad that I met Leah, without her I would never have learned sarcasm."

I had to chuckle here, sweet Alice tried to use sarcasm but it was never very good. Jake ruffled my hair gently and I punched him in the ribs for ruining my do.

"Leah, you are a wonderful person and I am so glad to have met you as our lives are richer with you in them," Alice finished looking at Jasper lovingly and there was a round of applause as Rosalie and Emmett took to the floor and took the microphone from Alice.

"Leah, you know you're my bestie and that I love you, there is nothing more to say," Rosalie said simply throwing a grin my way and Emmett pushed Rose aside taking the microphone and smiling lecherously at me.

"Leah, you are a sexy she-wolf," Emmett whistled into the microphone and Embry and Jake whooped loudly while I buried my face in my hands with embarrassment. Did they not realize my mother was here? Rosalie rolled her eyes and grabbed Emmett by the ear dragging him away.

The speeches continued. My mother and Charlie. Ness and Nahuel. Edward and Bella. Seth and Skylar. Rachel and Paul. Carlisle and Esme. Sam and Emily. Jared and Kim. Embry, Quil and Claire. All my friends and pack brothers gave the most wonderful speeches that had my eyes watering by the time they were done. This was the best party ever. After the speeches, food was passed around for those of us who ate. While everyone was distracted the Cullen's took me into the living room for some privacy and sat me down at the dining table and Jake sat next to me. Alice looked like she would burst with excitement. For the last week the Cullen's ladies had been exceptionally secretive about what my birthday present was. I had tried to pry the information out of them but they were so damn good at keeping secrets.

"So, here is our present to you," Rosalie said kissing my cheek as she placed an envelope on the table. They all crowded around watching my face eagerly.

"What is it?" I asked blankly picking up the envelope hesitantly.

"Open it and see," Alice gushed clapping her hands excitedly and I opened it up and took out a whole load of documentation. I couldn't really make heads or tails of it.

The Cullen's exchanged a couple of glances, obviously they had been expecting a bit of a reaction by now. Edward was hiding a smile behind his hand, sensing my confusion. Rosalie rolled her eyes and pushed Jacob out of his seat so she could sit next to me. Jake grouched quietly to Emmett about his pushy wife.

"It's a holiday house in Alaska, so you can bring the pups and stay with us whenever you can," Rosalie explained and I stared at her open mouthed.

"Oh my god, guys, this is…this is…thank you so much," I stuttered looking at each of them in turn and they all smiled and came to kiss my cheek.

"It is so we can always be close to each other," Ness ventured sweetly and I grinned.

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

The End

AN: Yes people, that is the end of Rising Sun!!!! I know the epilogue was a little bit boring and short but I wanted a nice warm and fuzzy ending. The sequel will be called Last Light so keep a look out for it. I haven't finished any chapters yet, just ideas so it will be awhile before the sequel comes out. I'm so sad this is the end :( Thanks to everyone who read and reviewed! I really appreciated all your comments as I wrote this story. Your comments kept me going!! Much love everyone!