He was on the way to the control room, when Rodney suddenly heard a load scream. He hurried to its source, bumping straight into someone.

The next moment his face was buried in a mess of brown curls which smelled lovely. Like roses.

"Elizabeth? What´s the matter?" he asked, looking worried her.

She just mumbled something into his chest, then raised her head said weakly "Spider", pointing at her quarters.

Rodney just raised an eyebrow and supressed the urge to laugh out loud.

Elizabeth Weir wasn´t afraid of giving people a piece of her mind, or holding important diplomatic conversation, but when it comes to little spiders, she throws herself into the arms of the first man that comes along.

And Rodney was glad to be that man.

With his arm still resting on her shoulder, they walked into her quarters.

"Where is he?"

"Behind the bed," she said quietly.

Rodney tried to push her away, gently, but that wasn´t that simple. Elizabeth still clasped his arm tightly.

"Uh … Elizabeth?"


"You´ve got to release my arm, so I can catch the spider."

"Oh, yes. Right."

Elizabeth blushed slightly and looked to the ground.

Reluctantly she let go of his wrist, watching Rodney crawling over her bed, stopping at the wall and coming back to her with a closed hand.

As he stepped closer, she immediately backed away, staring at his hand.

"Take that away!" she nearly screamed.

Rodney grinned and went to her balcony, just to retun a few moments later.

"You sure he´s gone?" Elizabeth asked, still slight panic in her voice.

"Yeah. I would´ve never thought that you got a spider phobia," he smirked.

"That´s not funny. I can´t help it. It just scares me when there´s one of them nearby."

"Well, if you got problem, just call me. I´d be happy to help."

Elizabeth smiled gratefully, walked towards him and before he even knew what was going on, she pressed a quick kiss to his cheek.

"So, Spiderman. Now that you saved my live, care to join me to lunch?"

Rodney grinned at the nickname, wrapped an arm around Elizabeths shoulder again and together they walked off to the mess hall.


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