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Hello everyone and welcome to Looking for Love! One man will get the chance to meet ten beautiful and eligible young women. For the few weeks, our bachelor will be getting to know the young woman through dates, both group and private, before choosing one to go home. Each week, the girls who are staying will get a piece of jewelry, all leading up to a possible engagement ring. Now, let's the girls who are going to try and win his heart!


"Hi! My name is Tanya! I was born and raised in Alaska. I'm currently a waitress in my mother's restaurant. I'm so excited about everything, well not the fact we're in Washington where it's cold and rainy. I'm sure everything will turn around as soon as I start looking for love!"

"Hello. My name is Angela. I'm a librarian for a library in Seattle. I'm working on a master's degree in Literature at the University of Seattle."

"Hola, my name is Carmen. I'm from Brazil originally, but I've been going to school and working in Los Angeles since moving to the states. I must say, I'm missing my sunshine already."

"Hello, my name is Bella and I'm from Phoenix, Arizona, where I grew up with my mother until my senior year in college. I majored in Classical Literature from Dartmouth University. Since then, I've returned to Phoenix and I'm not teaching high school English."

"Hi, my name is Rosalie. I grew up in Chicago, but since then I've moved onto bigger and better things. I've been living in New York these past few years working as a model, although I'm actually not in New York all that often since I'm constantly flying around the world to do various jobs. I figured this might be a chance to have a little fun…"

"Hey! My name is Jessica and I'm from Texas. My parents own a cattle ranch and I've grown up on the ranch. I'm actually sort of missing the open fields. I'm not used to all of the trees and mist… Anyway, I'm hoping that not everything is bigger Texas, but we're just going to figure it out."

"Hello! My name is Kate. I'm from South Carolina and I'm your classic southern bell. Unlike, probably most of these girls, I'm not worried about education after high school since I'm planning on being the perfect housewife. I'm beautiful, young, and ready for a family."

"Hi, my name is Irina. I'm from Denver, Colorado. I love the outdoors and love traveling through the mountains around my house. My perfect man will have to love the outdoors just as much, and he'll have to keep up on some hikes, but you never know what you might find in the woods…"

"HEY! My name is Lauren! I have a degree in psychology, but to tell you the truth, I'm not quite sure what I'm going to use it for. I love figuring people out though, that's why I think I'm going to get through this to the end. I'll be able to get to this bachelor so there's no way he won't be able to fall for me!"

"Hello, my name is Jane. I've recently come out of the military, and I'm not too thrilled about it. I love fighting, especially for my country and those I love. I'm not quite sure why I'm really here, but I'm not going to complain."


And those are our lovely ladies. All ten have recently arrived in our bachelor's family home… Let's see how they're all getting along…


The ten women stepped out of the limo and stood before a large wooden gate. From the gate, the women could catch a glimpse of the house. The home was set deep within the forest so trees surrounded all of the sides. There were large windows throughout the house, allowing the women to catch glimpses inside. There was also at least one fountain behind the gate idly trickling away.

"This is amazing." Irina muttered. She was looking around the house at the wilderness while the others were all trying to look inside.

"You can say that twice." Tanya said as she noticed the large flat screen tv, leather couch, and various artwork hanging on some of the walls. "Although, who would have a house with so many windows? This is just asking to get robbed."

"I wouldn't try it… we're on TV, remember?" Jane sneered. She was standing slightly behind everyone, watching everyone's reaction mostly.

"How could I forget?" Tanya said with a smile.

As the women continued to talk amongst themselves, the wooden gates slid open. Immediately, the movement caught everyone's attention. When they gates finished opening they each took their bags and either carried or rolled them in. The walk was made of red stone, and there were fountains on either side. The front of the house looked like the forest on the outside, but it was so elegant that it had to be personally designed. The woman stopped at the door once again, waiting the next movement.

"Good afternoon ladies." A man said as he stepped out of the door. He had on black pants and a blue shirt. He had blonde hair that was loosely tied back. "My name is James and I am in charge of security here. Our bachelor is currently unavailable, but you will all meet him later tonight at a barbeque he is hosting here. Just to let you know, this is our bachelor's family home. However, all pictures have currently been removed and will slowly return after tonight. For now, you're welcome to come in, claim a bed or room, and rest for the night. Welcome, ladies."

James stepped aside so everyone could race in. It was as though there was a sale at the local mall, with most of the women rushing in to claim beds. Tires screeched on the tile and the women hissed at each other over the rooms. Tanya, Kate, and Irina all found one room with three beds. It was obvious that it had been someone's room, but all of the personal objects had been taken out. Next, Jessica and Lauren found a plain room with two beds and two dressers. They each threw their bags onto the beds before running out to see the rest of the house. Rosalie found the first room with a single bed. There were a few sports icons spread throughout the room, but other than that it was rather plain. She put her bag on the bed and started to unpack, not caring where the other women went. Carmen, Angela, and Jane found another room with three beds, but this time it was brightly colored. The beds were separated slightly by a hanging sheet. Jane sneered at the colors and went looking for the last rooms. Unfortunately, Bella had already found the last room with a single bed. The wall was covered in CD's and DVD's, although Bella could tell that some had been taken out. There was a long couch against one window wall while the bed set against the far wall. Bella set her bag down by the bed and started going through the CD's.

"Bella, I want this room." Jane said as she came in.

"What?" Bella asked.

"I said, I want this room. The other room is too bright, too pink." Jane said.

"Well… um… too bad? You can go ask someone else…" Bella said.

Jane glared at Bella before turning on her heels and storming out. The next room she found had bags on all the beds, but no occupants. Looking down the hall she didn't notice anyone who the bags could belong to and decided to switch her bag with one of the others.

"HEY! That's my bag!" Irina shouted as she saw Jane moving her bag down the hall.

"O? It is? Well then… fetch." Jane threw the bag down the stairs before running back into the room to put her bag on the bed and start unpacking.

"You can't do that!" Kate shrieked.

"Why not?" Jane asked, walking so close to Kate that they were nose to nose.

"Because Irina already claimed it." Tanya said from inside the room. "So, why don't you… what did you say before? O right… go fetch." Tanya promptly grabbed the bag before throwing it out the window.

"YOU BITCH!" Jane growled. She tried to jump at Tanya, but was held back by two strong arms.

"Girls, I wasn't supposed to step in, but apparently I'll have to since you can't act like adults. Jane, go back to your room, this isn't yours." Jane said as he held Jane back from pouncing on Tanya. He shoved her out of the hall so she could go outside and grab all of her things.


While the ladies get settled in their new rooms, let's go meet our bachelor…


Edward Cullen grew up in Chicago, but moved to Seattle when he after he finished his residency in Chicago. He is currently a renowned surgeon in Seattle. Although his wealth has grown immensely, he spends some of it on charity, while investing the rest.

Edward Cullen stood out on the balcony of his pent house apartment. He bronze hair fell into his face, brushing over his green eyes. The wind blew threw it gently, almost as though it was playing with the locks. He had one a pair of dark blue jeans that hung low on his hips. His crisp white v-neck shirt was just tight enough that it showed of the lean muscle of his chest and arms. Edward sighed before taking a sip of the beer he had in his hand. As soon as his cell phone rang, it was in his hand and against his ear.

"Hey… Ya, I'm ready… It definitely will be interesting… Alright, I'll talk to you later man."

Edward hung up his phone and smiled crookedly before taking another sip of his beer. He turned and walked back into the house, sliding the glass door closed behind him.


Edward jogged up the front entrance of his parent's Washington home. The house had always been the family's summer getaway since it was an hour away from the beach, hidden in the forest, and always cool in the summer. He smiled as he stepped up, remembering some of the fun times that he shared with his siblings here. James stood at the top step smiling as Edward walked up.

"It's good to see, Edward." James said as he shook Edward's hand.

"You too James. How are they?" Edward asked.

"Some are quiet while others a feisty. I'm sure you'll find one just to your taste within this bunch." James laughed. Edward laughed as well and nodded his head. "So, are you ready to meet them?"

"I am." Edward said.

"Alright then, let's go." James said.

James continued to walk around the house until he came around the back of the house. The women had gathered around the small grassy area that separated the house from the forest. A few sat on chairs talking while others wandered around.

"Hello Ladies!" James said. Everyone turned their attention to him and waited for whatever announcement he had. "So, our bachelor has arrived and is eager to meet you… Ladies, I'd like you to meet Edward Cullen." Edward stepped out from the house. He grinned at the group of ladies, making a few of them swoon and a couple blush. "Edward, I believe you have some food to grill up as well as some women to meet. I'll see you all later." James stepped back, patting Edward's shoulder as he passed him.

"Hello everyone. So… hamburgers alright with everyone?" Edward held up a plate of raw hamburgers and everyone instantly agreed. Edward continued down the steps from the patio. Tanya and Kate were the first ones to great him. Even though there was a thick cloud layer hanging at the top of the trees, both women were in two pieces and skirts.

"Hello, my name is Kate."

"And mine is Tanya."

The women walked with Edward to the grill, one on either side. Kate was bold enough to place a hand through Edward's bent arm and placed the other on his bicep.

"Mmm… such strong arms." Kate said, her accent getting even thicker. "You must work out a lot."

"When I can." Edward shrugged.

Kate and Tanya stole most of Edward's attention while he cooked. However, as soon as the hamburgers were done he set them on the table and everyone came over. Bella and Angela were the last to get to the table, forcing them to sit at the end.

"What do all of you do?" Edward asked.

"I'm lookin' to be a house or trophy wife." Kate said, fluttering her eyelashes. Rosalie coughed into her napkin, attempting to hide her laughter. Kate shot her an angry glare before smiling sweetly at Edward.

"I'm currently a student in Los Angeles." Carmen said, allowing her accent threaten Kate's. "I'm working a for the university mainly."

"What are you studying?" Edward asked.

"Currently, a masters politics." She said. "I want to go back to Brazil and work in the government at some point. Or possibly, I might stay in the US and work for the government here."

"Those are some pretty lofty goals." Edward nodded.

"I'm a waitress for my mother's restaurant. We get all of the freshest items since my father works on a crab boat and usually brings us some." Tanya said proudly.

"Crab boat? You must be from Alaska or Canada or the North Eastern part of the US." Edward said.

"Your first guess was right… I'm from Alaska." Tanya said.

"So you're not bothered by the mist or cold here."

"No, not really. I would have liked to be in the sun though." Tanya said.

"What about you…" Edward motioned to Angela.

"I'm a librarian from Seattle." Angela shrugged. "Nothing exciting, I guess."

"Seattle? So you're a local, huh?"

"Born and raised." Angela said, a hint of pride seeping into her voice.

"What about you?" Edward nodded to Rosalie, who had already finished her hamburger.

"My name is Rosalie and I grew up in Chicago, but I've moved to New York, although I'm not there all the time either. I work for a modeling company and I'm usually flying to various locations." Rosalie said nonchalantly.

"I knew it! I've seen you in some of my magazines!" Lauren shouted, pointing eagerly at Rosalie. Rosalie just looked at the woman as though she was mad.

"Big whoop… I've been in a lot of magazines." Rosalie shrugged.

"Anyone else want to volunteer before I pick more people?" Edward asked.

"I work on my parent's ranch. We own a cattle ranch and have to move the cattle around a bit while still making sure they don't lose too much fat." Jessica said. "By the way, have you ever thought about clearing some of this land? It's so crowded here."

"Hey! I like the trees! It's so natural…" Irina growled.

"What would you know about it?" Jessica asked.

"I work for a company that takes people out hiking in the Rocky Mountains." Irina shot back. Jessica opened her mouth to say something before closing it again.

"You get paid to hike?" Edward asked.

"It's the best life, if you ask me." Irina smiled proudly.

"I'd have to say. My siblings and I would hike in this forest almost everyday. We know all of the trails by heart."

"You'll just have to show me some of those trails sometime." Irina said with a wink.

"I just might have too." Edward said with a smile. "Next?"

"Um… I'm Jessica and I have a psychology degree, but I'm not really sure what I want to do with it. I'm looking around still and working various jobs until I find one I like."

"Do you have any ideas?" Edward asked as he took a sip of the iced tea in front of him.

"No, not really." Jessica shrugged as if it didn't matter.

Edward was silent this time and just looked around the table.

"Um, I'm Bella and I'm from Phoenix…"

"Wait, your from Phoenix?" Jessica asked. "Aren't people from Phoenix supposed to be tan?"

"I guess that's why they kicked me out and made me come here." Bella replied without missing a beat. "Anyway, I'm a teacher at a high school."

"Really? What do you teach?" Edward asked.

"Mostly AP English for seniors, but I've had classes from every grade level." Bella shrugged. "I just like the reading curriculum for seniors the best."

"What's your favorite book?" Angela asked.

"That's a hard question… there's Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, and as a random book, Catch-22." Bella said with a smile.

"Sounds like an interesting range of genres." Edward said.

"I'd never be able to turn a book away. I don't allow myself to go to any of the bookstores because I'd spend too much." Bella said, blushing slightly at the conscience.

"O, me too!" Angela agreed. The two women instantly took themselves out of the conversation of the rest of the table so they could have their own.

"And the last one…" Edward said, looking over to Jane.

"I just returned from Iraq." Jane shrugged.

"Really? That must have been… intense, to say the least." Edward said.

"You have no idea." Jane said.

Edward continued on to get to know everyone who sat at the table with him. A few of the girls barely touched their hamburgers while others asked for more, including Rose which surprised Lauren and Jessica. Everyone helped to clean up, walking into the kitchen and throwing away their plates and silverware. Edward offered everyone a beer or a glass of wine to end the night.

"So, what rooms did everyone pick?" Edward asked. He could tell a few of the girls were going to answer at the same time so he stopped them. "Why don't you guys just show me?"

"Of course!" Lauren gushed. Edward walked up the stairs surrounded by the girls. He explained how his mother used his graduation cap and gown, as well as his sibling's to make a collage that hung on the wall next to the stairs. Bella was the only one who really looked at it. She had to be pulled away by Angela so she didn't fall behind the group.

"So, who's in this room?" Edward asked. He opened the first door to find three beds with bags and clothes on them.

"We are!" Tanya, Irina, and Kate said. They each walked in and stood by themselves. Edward nodded and looked around the room.

"The crew really cleaned out the rooms, huh? This is my sister's boyfriend's room. They were serious enough that he always came here with us." Edward said.

"This isn't your permanent home?" Bella asked.

"No, I grew up in Chicago," Edward sent Rosalie a smile, but she barely looked up. "This is our vacation home. We usually came her in the summer."

"Why? Why wouldn't you want to be in the sun." Tanya asked.

"It's cooler here…" Edward shrugged. "Plus it really became a tradition."

"I wouldn't mind coming here as a tradition." Kate grinned.

"Next room?" Edward asked. The group walked out and Edward opened the next door. There was a single bed and a few bags of luggage sat off to the side. "So, who was the lucky one who got my brother's room?"

"That would be me." Rosalie said. "Your brother's really into sports?"

"It's his life." Edward grinned. "Next?"

The next room was Lauren and Jessica's room. That ended up just being an extra guest room. Fourth was Carmen's, Jane's, and Angela's room. That turned out to be Edward's sister's room. Jane made a few comments about it being too pink and girly, causing Edward to laugh.

"Finally, who's in this room?" Edward asked before opening the door and stepping in.

"Um, I am." Bella said.

"Somehow you got my room." Edward grinned. "I'm surprised they let any of you stay here."

"What? This is YOUR room?" Jessica asked.

"It is. I built the shelves for my music on my own when I started getting too much music." Edward said proudly.

"I was admiring your collection earlier. I didn't think anyone had that much classical music." Bella said.

"It's always been my favorite genre." Edward said.

"It's one of mine as well." Bella admitted. "Listening to it made me want to learn how to play the piano."

"What's your favorite?" Edward asked.

"That's a hard question, Mr. Cullen. I'll have to get back to you on that." Bella joked. Edward laughed and nodded.

"I don't blame you at all. I don't think I'd be able to pick either." Edward said.

Bella noticed Angela smiling at her from the hall while a few of the others were glaring at her. She knew she had just made some enemies, but she wasn't too worried. This was a competition between a group of women. There's going to be back stabbing, fights, yelling, and just over all bitch fits.

"Well ladies, it's been a wonderful evening." Edward said. "But I'm afraid I have quite a drive back to Seattle."

"You mean you're not staying here?" Tanya pouted.

"If he was, he wouldn't have to drive back to Seattle." Rosalie groaned. Bella and Angela laughed, but quickly stopped when Tanya glared at them.

"I'm sorry, but no, I'm not staying here. I will see you all tomorrow morning." Edward said. "Have a good night."

The group of women all walked back downstairs with Edward. Instead of walking out the front door, as some of the women thought he would, Edward walked down a side hall and into the garage. He smiled and waved at the group before disappearing into the garage. Some of the women returned back to their rooms while others watched Edward drive away.

"That was awkward." Rosalie commented.

"No kidding." Jane muttered.

"He's so hot!" Kate said with a smile.

"Did you see his ass?" Tanya asked. Bella and Angela rolled their eyes as they watched Tanya, Kate, Lauren, and Jessica walk back upstairs.

"What did you think was his best… asset?" Angela asked Bella.

"Other than is music sense?" Bella asked.

"Other than his music sense." Angela nodded.

"Um… probably his eyes. They were just so startling." Bella said.

"I'd agree, but I'd also say his smile." Angela said.

"Ya, I'd agree with that." Bella nodded. "So… you work at a library?"

"I think we're going to become friends pretty fast." Angela laughed.

"I think I'd agree with you on that one." Bella agreed.



Does Edward really have to be so… so dazzling? I mean I just want to survive the next few weeks. In all honesty, my friend back home, Jake, put me up to this. I don't know what to expect, except for a house filled with girls constantly fighting. Hopefully Angela and I can stay out of that as much as possible… How am I even supposed to compete with some of these girls anyway? I mean, look at them! And Rose is even a model! I'm sure Tanya and a few others could easily be models as well. Yet here I am, plane, boring old Bella. There's no way I'm going to be staying here for longer than a week or two. O, and Jake, I'm so going to kill you when this is over…


Let's see… a bunch of slutty girls, a few quiet ones… this is going to be a long few weeks. I mean, do I really have to put up with all of these bitches? Seriously, I'd rather be doing a shoot in the slums of the south rather than putting up with all of these girls.

And Edward? I'm sorry if you're expecting me to sit here and fawn over him. Go look at Jessica or Lauren's opinions; I'm sure they're doing just that. I mean, ya he's hot, but he's just not what I'm looking for. I like muscle… lots of muscle. Sure, Edward has lean muscle, but I like my man bulky. He's nice and from Chicago, which I guess is a plus, but still, is he really worth fighting for?


Holy shit… Did they go out looking for the most gorgeous guy in America? Well, they found him! I'm so happy I decided to come. Who cares about the weather when you get to look at Edward all day! I'm sure we can fly to California for one of our dates since I'm sure I'll be winning most, if not all of them. Maybe we can even have a beach wedding? That would be so nice. I think I've finally found a way out of Alaska… and I'm not going to lose it, especially not to some of these whores.


Edward is hot… to say the least. Plus, he's rich. I mean, he is a doctor, a surgeon actually, and they make a decent amount of money. I wouldn't mind him always being gone either, especially since that means I'll be able to go out shopping as much as I want. I'm sure I'll look perfect on his arm for any charity benefit or any other dinner he has to go to. We'll be the cutest couple around!


He's good looking, sure, but really, I prefer my men in cameo. Plus, did you see the room I have to stay in? It's PINK and YELLOW and so BRIGHT. There's no way I'm going to survive any of this here. When I find out who sent a tape into the auditions for this… they're going to be sorry. I'll make sure Iraq looks like the perfect vacation spot once I'm done with them. Personally, I hope I'm leaving next week. I don't want to be here anyway so why waist anyone's precious time?


So our ten ladies have met our bachelor, and as we saw, there are some definite mixed reactions in this group. I promise you this will be an interesting season, here on Looking For Love! Join us next time when things start to heat up and the first young woman has to say goodbye. Until next week…