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James: Welcome to our special, Looking For Love: The Women Tell All. Tonight we are going to sit down and talk with all the women from this past season. We'll see exactly what happened when the cameras weren't rolling, what the women thought of each other once they saw the show, and any new developments that have happened to the women in the past seven months. But before we bring the women out, let's look back on a few of the more memorable moments of Looking For Love…


Things began pretty rocky right off the bat with all the women fighting over rooming assignments…

"Bella, I want this room." Jane said as she came in.

"What?" Bella asked.

"I said, I want this room. The other room is too bright, too pink." Jane said.

"Well… um… too bad? You can go ask someone else…" Bella said.

Jane glared at Bella before turning on her heels and storming out. The next room she found had bags on all the beds, but no occupants. Looking down the hall she didn't notice anyone who the bags could belong to and decided to switch her bag with one of the others.

"HEY! That's my bag!" Irina shouted as she saw Jane moving her bag down the hall.

"O? It is? Well then… fetch." Jane threw the bag down the stairs before running back into the room to put her bag on the bed and start unpacking.

"You can't do that!" Kate shrieked.

"Why not?" Jane asked, walking so close to Kate that they were nose to nose.

"Because Irina already claimed it." Tanya said from inside the room. "So, why don't you… what did you say before? O right… go fetch." Tanya promptly grabbed the bag before throwing it out the window.

Almost immediately, the romance started burning…

"Oh! Strawberries!" Lauren said. She climbed out of the water and grabbed the plate. She carefully walked back into the water before taking a single strawberry and walking over to Edward.

Lauren used the strawberry to tease Edward's mouth open. After Edward had taken a bite, Laurent put the stem on the side before bending down to kiss Edward. Their tongues dueled over the piece of strawberry. Lauren too the initiative and grasped Edward's face, keeping their lips in contact to her whole Edward continued to relax with his arms on the wall. Lauren smiled as she broke away and fell back into her seat next to Jessica.

"Must you be so cliché and use strawberries?" Tanya asked. "Watch and learn little girl, watch and learn."

Tanya walked up to Edward and sat on his lap. Edward smiled down, knowing exactly what was to come. Tanya returned the smile before leaning up and pressing her lips to Edwards. She was still for a second before nibbling Edward's lips so they would open for her tongue. As soon as Edward's mouth had opened, Tanya's tongue slipped in. Their tongues played for a while until Tanya drew the battle into her own mouth. She sucked on Edward's tongue as Edward wrapped his arms around her. When they eventually parted, both of them were panting slightly. Tanya smirked at Jessica as she wiped the corner of her mouth smugly.

"So, are they the only ones who get kisses?" Jessica pouted.

"Of course not." Edward said. This time, he went over to Jessica and kissed her soundly, but quickly moved on. He kissed Kate on each cheek, much to her dismay, and pecked Irina and the lips.

And the romance could only last so long before the fighting came back…

"Well well well, what do we have here? Some three year olds playing in the pool? Don't you know you need a parent's supervision to play in the deep end?" Tanya sneered. She stood at the edge with her arms crossed over her chest.

"You're right, but you are here now so we shouldn't be worried, right Mom?" Bella laughed.

"Why I oughta…" Tanya growled.

"What? What are you going to do? I'm guessing since you're still in your slut dress and heals that you won't be coming in." Bella said. "So I can stay here, have my fun until Edward arrives, and you can sit over there and pout."

"This dress is far nicer than anything you have! I would be embarrassed to come to any of the elimination ceremonies in the dresses you've been in!" Tanya shot back.

"Really? You must be getting used to last decades fashion then." Rosalie said as she walked in. She was in a sheer dress with a bikini underneath. She slipped off her heals and dress before stepping into the water.

"My dresses are not from the last decade! They're top of the line! One of a kind!" Tanya hissed.

"Are you sure about that? I think I've seen the same dress in every color on some of my shoots, but I wouldn't be sure. I mean, those shoots were a few years ago when I was still in my teens." Rosalie shrugged.

Tanya huffed, but finally relented. She held her chin high as she stormed out of the pool. When she got back, Irina had taken control of the remote and was keeping the television trained on Bravo. There was some stupid reality show on, but Tanya barely noticed as she threw herself down on the couch.

"What happened? Were they in the pool?" Lauren asked.

"Will you shut up? I don't even know why you're still here." Tanya snapped. "Rosalie stepped in for Bella and we had a few minutes of verbal sparring."

"And you shot her down, right?"

"I don't think anyone can shoot her down. I'll find her weakness… soon." Tanya growled. She glared at the TV before sighing. "Can we watch something else other than this bullshit?"

But then, one contestant might not have found love with our bachelor, but instead with his brother…

"I… I'm sorry Edward, but I can't." Rose sighed. The others all gasped and Edward's eyes shot up to hers. "I never believe in love at first sight, but I do now and unfortunately, it wasn't because of you. I've never felt more attracted to a man than I have to your brother. I'm sorry Edward, but I'd rather be with your brother than with you and I would not wish to take someone's place who could possibly be the one for you. Please understand Edward, I'm doing this for both of us. Give the next two necklaces to Lauren and Carmen, don't waist one on me."

"I would never keep someone here against there will." Edward said after a moment. "I will have to say though, I believe my brother returns your feelings. If you'd wait for me after this ceremony, I'd happily reunite the two of you."

"Thank you Edward." Rosalie sighed…

…"Carmen and Lauren, please step forward." Edward said. "Well, that's surprising. Lauren, you're lucky once more. That was going to be you. You went from being too quiet to being overly clingy. There's a happy medium, find it." Edward clasped the necklace around Lauren's neck before letting her step back.

"Thank you Edward." Lauren cried.

"You shouldn't be thanking me. You should be thanking Rosalie." Edward said, slightly coldly.

Lauren wasn't quite sure how to act and looked between Edward and Rosalie. "I'm sorry Rosalie, but thank you."

Rose just nodded her head in acknowledgement.

"Carmen, you went from being overly bold to being slightly laid back. I'm trying to wrap my mind around you. While a mystery is fun, it can also be annoying if it goes on for too long. Just like Lauren must, you also need to find a happy medium and stick with it." Edward brought out the final necklace and wrapped it around Carmen's neck.

"I will Edward, I will." Carmen said.

Then, with a simple test, Edward found out who was being truthful and who was acting…

"Carmen, Irina, please step forward." Edward said. "Carmen, you never made eye contact with Robert and then made some comments as soon as you were back in the living room. Irina, not only were you visibly disgusted to Robert, you constantly reminded everyone about how unfit, ugly, and fat he was. While both of you have been amazing to have around, one of you will be going home tonight… I'm sorry Irina, but you were willing to say things even when I was around. If Robert had actually been part of my family, you probably would not have made it off the field. So now, you will not be making it back to the house. Carmen, will you accept this headband and stay in the house?"

"Of course." Carmen whispered. She bent down so Edward could place the headband on her head.

"I'm sorry Irina, but this is goodbye." Edward said. Irina just nodded, turned on her heels, and left the gazebo.

And then… love began to bloom…

"To tell you the truth… I was going to make this private date a dinner in Port Angeles. When I found out it was you, then I decided that this was the perfect date spot."

"It is beautiful." Bella said, again. "But why show me? Why not show Tanya or any of the other girls?"

"Because they wouldn't appreciate it like you." Edward said. He walked over to the center of the meadow and sat down, pulling Bella down next to him. He went on to talk about how twilight was his favorite part of the day and the different constellations he'd seen in the sky. Apparently the meadow had been Edward's only reason for taking a few astrology classes in college even though he didn't need to.

Edward's hand had been tracing idle designed on Bella's skin for sometime when she finally decided to act. He bent over him slightly and pressed her lips on his, letting her hair create a curtain around them. Edward instantly responded and licked Bella's lower lip so she would open up. Bella instantly obliged and their tongues started to rub together. Bella's hands traced Edward's stomach, chest, and shoulders while Edward's hands were roaming over her back. Neither pair were able to feel skin when they had to break apart. While Bella caught her breath, Edward started kissing up and down her neck.

"Ok, we have to stop." Edward said.

"Are you sure?" Bella asked.

"I don't want to, but we have to." Edward said. "I don't want this going to far and if we continue… well we would."

"Mk…" Bella said. She cuddled into Edward's side so they could relax in the calm night. By the end of the night, Bella had curled up into Edward's arms and was just enjoying being in his presence. She rested her head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat rhythmically. Edward's arms were wrapped securely around her and his head was tilted so slightly that he could smell her strawberry shampoo.

"Bella, I think we need to head back. It's late and we haven't even eaten yet."

"We can stop at a McDonald's or something. I like being here." Bella mumbled. Edward chuckled at her response and pulled her closer to him. He smiled into her hair as he thought about what to do.

"Alright, we'll stop at the first drive-through we see and then we'll eat in my room back at the house."

"You mean I'm allowed into your room? Even with the other girls there."

"Always." Edward confessed.

"Well then, lets get going." Bella said.

"So now you want to go?"

"Food and snuggling into your bed… ya, that seems alright right now." Bella replied. Edward got up before helping Bella up. Considering she was still half asleep, it wasn't hard to get Bella back onto his back and make it back down to the Volvo.

"You ready, Bella?"

"Mhm…" Bella murmured. "Wanna know something your Volvo is good for?"


"Sleeping…" Bella muttered.

"Whatever you say." Edward smiled. He pulled out of the parking lot and started driving back to the house. He knew he would have to go past the house if he were to go get them something to eat. He looked next to him and noticed Bella almost completely asleep and decided just to get her back and into bed. He pulled up in front of the house and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the house was dark. He pulled Bella out of the car and carried her bridal style up to his room. He set her down on the bed before changing into flannel pants and slipping in next to her. Bella mumbled something in her sleep, although Edward wasn't paying attention enough to tell what she said. She rolled over as soon as Edward had settled into the bed, returning to their position from earlier that night.

But people seemed to be changing in the name of love as well…

"This is such a fun date!" Tanya smiled.

"I'm glad you're enjoying it. I figured we needed to switch things up from the usual dinner and dessert."

"Well, you certainly know how to pick the dates. Did you come here often when you were growing up?"

"My mother always made a point of coming here once a year." Edward explained. "While we came often, we never came to learn how to do all the fancy stuff you and Carmen were doing. I'm guessing you took lessons back home?"

"It was practically mandatory in my family. At one point my mother wanted me to become some famous ice skater, but I twisted my ankle pretty badly before regionals and was forced to drop out. It kind of killed my enthusiasm for the sport and I started working in the diner."

"But you do have great cooking skills now." Edward said.

"That's thanks to my dad. While my mom wanted me to skate, my dad always wanted me to cook. He taught me all of his secrets as soon as my mother allowed me around the stove." Tanya explained.

"I never would have expected that." Edward said. "Well not all the cooking stuff, but everything else."

"Well, I'm just full of surprises." Tanya smiled.

"Apparently." Edward replied. The two continued to skate together in silence for a few more minutes before Tanya pulled Edward back out to the center.

"Alright, ready to spin again?" Tanya asked.

"I guess I can give it another try." Edward said. With Tanya's help, the pair started spinning faster and faster. Tanya started to giggle eventually and Edward just continued to smile.

It came down to Edward proposing to either Tanya and Bella…

"No… apparently I haven't been." Edward said with a slight smile. "Bella, it's time for my announcement… Bella, I can tell you with all my heart and with the greatest of confidence, I love you. I have never felt this way towards anyone and I never knew there could be such passion for one person in life, but apparently there is. Bella Swan, will you make me the happiest man on TV and become my wife?"

"Yes! A hundred times for each rerun of this Yes!" I said. There was no hesitation or anything, I just wrapped my arms around Edward's neck and he hugged me into his chest.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you." Edward repeated into my hair.


James: The happy couple is here tonight and they've warned us that they do have an announcement for everyone. However, the will not be till later. For now, let's bring out the rest of the girls from Looking for Love.

~Lights turn on to the girls sitting at the side of the stage~

James: Thank you ladies for coming here tonight. As you can see Tanya is not here right now, but she is backstage. She'll be coming out a bit later. For now, I would like to talk to you about a few things that happened on the show. Jane, you never wanted to be on the show and we know you were beyond mad about being there. Why did you even agree when we contacted you?

Jane: I wish I could say it was because there was a gun to my head and I was forced to. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I guess I did it because my father had never liked me tomboy ways and somewhere deep down inside I was hoping that I could satisfy is need to see me as a girl.

James: Did your father ever see the show?

Jane: He did, but we don't talk about it all that much. My father and I have a decent relationship enough, but there are topics that can strain it.

James: Of course… I'd like to talk to two women who tried to flirt with some Cullen men other than Edward. Both incidents caused the girls to leave, but under different circumstances. Kate, you attempted to flirt with Jasper when he appeared on his show and you were dismissed later that night. Rosalie, you found yourself attracted to Edward's brother and you stepped out of the competition and pursued a relationship with Emmett. You two eventually got married and last we heard you were trying to start a family. I would ask how that is going, but we can see it's going quite well…

Rosalie: Emmett and I are expecting twins in three months. We couldn't be happier. Emmett's been attempting to make a nursery right now, but with football practice and life getting in the way I think Esme is just going to help us.

James: Well congratulations. Do you have names picked out yet?

Rosalie: We have a few, but we've decided not to know the gender until they're born.

James: Well congratulations again and I hope everything goes well with the rest of your pregnancy. Moving on, Kate, when we visited you last you had moved on with Garrett, who I believe you met in Seattle.

Kate: Garrett and I are still together and Garrett and I are actually looking for a place to live in Georgia right now.

James: Is there a wedding in the future?

Kate: Of course! My daddy would shoot Garrett if we weren't engaged and moving in. We're planning a wedding for this coming fall.

James: And more congratulations are called for. Before I go on, who else has found someone else they love?

Irina: I met Laurent. He's become a partner in the mountain tour company I own. We're living together right now, but no wedding yet.

Carmen: Eleazar and I are still dancing together. We got married a few months ago. It was a small wedding, just our friends and family there.

Angela: My boyfriend's name is Ben. We've been friends for a while and recently tried a relationship. So far, so good.

Jessica: I'm engaged to Mike, he was there when you came to visit me. We're in no rush, mainly because we're planning a big wedding.

James: Wow, it seems like a lot of people have found relationships on and after the show. What about you Lauren? No relationship?

Lauren: Ya, I don't really want to get in that.

Rosalie: You still slutting it up?

Lauren: No comment.

Rosalie: I'm betting married man.

Carmen: I'm betting she's gotten her heart broken.

Jessica: I'm betting she was cheated on.

Lauren: Will you guys just shut up? I said I don't want to talk about it so just leave it alone.

Rosalie: Aw poor baby finally knows what it's like to have her heart broken. Karma's a bitch.

Lauren: You're right… you better watch out before she comes after you.

Rosalie: Are you threatening me? I might be pregnant, but I can still take your ass down. And by the way, I might have been a bitch, but I was standing up for my friends. I wasn't being a bitch because I was some jealous slut not getting the attention I needed to survive.

James: Alright ladies. Rosalie, I don't think we need you getting worked up right now. Moving on, I want to talk about what appeared to be cliques between you guys. Rosalie, Angela, you were always team Bella it seemed. Lauren, Jess, Irina, you guys seemed to be with Tanya a lot of the time. Was it really how it seemed?

Angela: Bella and I were definitely friends. We had a lot in common and so we became quick friends. We're still friends and still trading books.

James: Rosalie you must still be friends with Bella since you are now sister-in-laws.

Rosalie: I couldn't ask for a better sister.

James: Lauren, what can you tell us about your relationship with Tanya.

Lauren: She was just as rude and bitchy as she was portrayed on the show. She was like that queen bee that was in everyone's high school that walked around with her nose in the air. It was hard to live with her and I got in more fights with her than I did with Rosalie or anyone else.

Carmen: I think everyone got into more fights with her than anyone else.

James: Yet it seemed that you guys were also going after Bella…

Kate: From the beginning it was easy to see there was something between Bella and Edward. There was just an instant attraction between the two of them. We all tried to deny it, hence the fighting, but Edward made the right choice in the end. Tanya was the only one trying to fight it and I think if she had gotten her way we would have a fight tonight because she would not still be with Edward.

James: You don't think so? How come?

Kate: Tanya was looking for a way to get rich quick. Edward's too smart for that, obviously. Tanya's a bit of a fame-whore and if she had won then she would have her face plastered on all of the magazines and all of these celebrity television shows. Who knows, the wedding could have been a whole season of drama on some other channel.

Irina: Or she could sell a break up story to the magazines to attempt to keep her image in tact.

James: So did anyone here like Tanya?

Carmen: She was nice when she was acting, but that was about it.

James: Well then, this might be interesting. At this time, I'd like to bring Tanya out.

~Tanya walks out and sits in a chair slightly separated from the rest of the girls~

James: Welcome to the show Tanya, how have you been?

Tanya: I'm surviving. I've moved back to Alaska recently.

James: Really? What happened to Richard?

Tanya: He no longer met some of my needs and so I left him. Then I dated Kyle, but he too failed to provide me with the adequate lifestyle. So now I am back waiting for my prince charming to come rescue me.

Rosalie: So pretty much as soon as you suck these guys dry you leave them in the dust? You're just a money vampire…

Tanya: Hey, I didn't get married and get knocked up within a year of meeting a guy.

Rosalie: I'm still with Emmett for that year. How long have your relationships lasted? Two weeks? Three?

Tanya: I was with Richard for five months and with Kyle for four months.

Rosalie: You can't even last six months! Hell, I bet Lauren has a better track record than you.

Lauren: Actually, I do.

Tanya: At least I won't be losing my figure anytime soon.

Rosalie: Don't worry, I'll be modeling before you find your next victim.

Tanya: I doubt that… who would want to make you the star of their campaign?

Rosalie: Apparently a few brands because I keep getting offers. Plus now I'm getting television and movie offers as well. I just don't want to put my kids into that world until they're old enough. Paparazzi can be crazy… of course you wouldn't know that. You're housewives tv show was cancelled after three episodes… the paparazzi don't even know who you are.

Tanya: If you weren't pregnant I would come up there…

Rosalie: And what? I could take you down without breaking a nail and I'd do it while pregnant.

James: Alright ladies, calm down. Rosalie, Emmett is screaming in my ear for you to calm down.

Tanya: Yes, do what the hubbie says.

James: Tanya, you're close to being escorted out of the studio. Considering feelings are still running quite deep with everyone, I want to move on. Rosalie, if you could step down and join me on the larger couch because I'd like to bring out the Cullen family sans Edward and Bella.

~Rosalie moved down to a large couch and was joined by Emmett, Esme, Carlisle, Alice, and Jasper~

James: Well, it's nice to see everyone again. I spent some time with you the morning after the wedding and it seemed as though Bella and Rosalie have quickly found their niches in the family.

Esme: Rosalie and Bella are like two more daughters. I rarely ever think of them as daughter-in-laws because it reminds me that I have to share them.

James: How often do you all spend time together?

Emmett: We're together all the time. We all live in Seattle so we see each other quite often. Luckily, our family travels a lot so we also have time to ourselves.

James: Carlisle, tell me what you thought when you heard what exactly Edward was doing.

Carlisle: I couldn't believe it at first, but if he wanted to find his future wife this way then so be it. I was never one to stand in the way of my children and their ambitions. I'm just happy it worked out so wonderfully for everyone. I couldn't believe that both of my boys would find their future wives thanks to a tv show.

Alice: I told them everything was going to work out perfectly and I was right… again.

James: Alice, you're the one who signed Edward up, weren't you?

Alice: I was. I knew my brother needed a kick in the right direction and this show was the kick he needed.

James: Little does everyone know, Esme actually volunteered the Cullen house to us for this adventure. Esme, what was the thought process that led to that decision?

Esme: While you took all the pictures down, there were still pieces of everyone in the house. I knew we would be able to find the right girl by seeing how the girls acted around all of our items. I wasn't let down either.

James: Alright, well it has been wonderful talking to everyone, but it is now time to talk to the couple of the hour. Everyone, I'd like to welcome to the stage Edward and Bella Cullen.

~Edward and Bella walked out hand in hand. They sat down with the rest of Cullens~

James: You two look like you're doing well.

Edward: We're doing amazing. Even though we're back to the grind of our lives, everything has been wonderful.

James: Bella, you had to move to Seattle to be with Edward. Have you found a new job?

Bella: I have. I'm actually working for a small newspaper now as a writer and it has been a lot of fun. I always wanted to write, but I needed money so I started teaching.

James: How has it been considering you both have busy lives? Do you see each other at all?

Bella: We make time to see each other. We do have busy schedules, but family is important to both of us so we're together whenever we can be.

Edward: Working at the hospital makes being a family man hard, but I had a great role model in my father so I'm confident I will always be there for my family.

James: You two seem to be the iconic newly wed couple, happy and totally in bliss. Is that how it really is? Have there been any bumps?

Edward: We've had our fights here and there. We really are like any normal couple. We fight, we make up, we move one, we fight, we make up, and the cycle just keeps going. Luckily the fighting is limited and we're usually some of the happiest people you could meet.

James: What was the hardest thing for the two of you to overcome?

Bella: All these women, are you kidding me? Edward somehow saw me and picked me from all these women and I'm so grateful he did. After the actual show I think the hardest thing was me moving to Seattle. It took some time to get my affairs in order, then find a job, and I was homesick for a bit, but Edward was there the whole time.

James: Well it certainly sounds like you two are totally and irrevocably in love.

Edward: There's no doubt.

James: Alright, well, I want to open up the floor to everyone, including the audience and the ladies to see if there are any questions.

Audience Member 1: Hi, my name's Missy. To Tanya, why is it so important for you to find someone with money? Why can't you just be happy to be with someone you love?

Tanya: The only way I'm going to be happy is if I will be able to shop and keep my way of life. If a man wants me to be happy with him then he better be able to pay for it.

Carlisle: Right now, I couldn't be happier that Edward did not choose Tanya.

Audience Member 2: Esme and then Edward, what did you think when you watched the show and saw what was really going on behind the scenes?

Esme: I knew my son would choose the right person and he did. Although I couldn't believe someone would be so calculating and cold to act nice just to get someone's money. Unfortunately it's a sad part of reality.

Edward: I was really surprised with some of the things that were said in the opinion section. I mean, I was watching what was going on in the house at the time. That's how I knew if there were threats and sabotage going on. Still, the opinions, especially those of the girls leaving surprised me.

Kate: Alice, I just wanted to let you know that you are incredibly lucky to have a guy like Jasper. As I know you saw from the show, I flirted with your husband. I was more in the mode of competition when I did it and I'm sorry. Your husband is incredibly faithful to you and I can only hope Garrett will be the same to me.

Alice: Kate, thank you for apologizing and I do forgive you. Jasper and I are totally devoted to each other so I know he would never do anything. I'm sure Garrett will be just as faithful to you and you can trust me. As my family says, you should never bet against me.

Tanya: I have to ask. Bella, have you grown a backbone or are you still hiding behind Edward and Rosalie? I know the socialites can be a bit… nasty. You never know when one of them might try and steal your delicious husband away from you.

Bella: You're right they can be, but I survived you, didn't I? So far you beat all the gold diggers and bitches that I've met. Plus the nice socialites make wonderful shopping friends. By the way, my father is a police officer; I know how to use a gun so just in case you ever think about stealing my man or hurting my family you have another thing coming.

Rosalie: Tanya, you might as well go back to Alaska and stay there because by the end of tonight, you're going to be one of the most hated women in Seattle. Plus, any prince charming you might have just watched this and he's riding away from you as we speak.

Edward: Tanya, you surprised me the most. I've never been happier in my decision in turning someone down as I was with you. Bella is the love of my life and the only person who will ever share that love with be our child.

Esme: Edward… Are you two…

James: Edward, Bella, I believe you said that you had an announcement.

Bella: Sorry to steal your spotlight again Rose, but Edward and I are expecting a baby. I'm four months pregnant.

Esme: Another grandbaby! I'll have three grandbabies!

Alice: Mom, you'll have more, and soon.

James: Is this a hunch Alice, or fact?

Alice: A hunch, but you never want to bet against me.

James: Well there you have it. Most of the bachelorettes have found someone to share the love they didn't find with Edward. The others are still looking… Rosalie and Emmett are happy, Bella and Edward are still madly in love. To make it better the Cullen family just seems to be expanding as we speak. From all of us here at Looking For Love, thank you for joining us and good night.