A/N: This plot line belongs completely to Kelsey. She thought of it as we were discussing how much I would love to be first lady, but president too, and who would get what if the president and first lady divorced. So it's just a silly little one shot, that even though Kelsey doesn't watch the show, I know she'll love!

Ew Kels, we went to Outback last friday and I was eating the garlic mashed potatoes which are oh so yummy, and they have the skins in them you know, well I was eating some, and I thought I was biting on one of the skins, but it was too hard, and I took it out of my mouth, and it was a piece of shrimp!!! And I got a medium well steak and it came out rare, and I was like, whoa, then Jeff and Rose who got well done steaks, tried to cut into theirs and it was like rubber. No lie. And they were really small steaks. I got the joey sirloin, and it was bigger than theirs, but after the shrimp in my mashed potatoes, I'm never going back. And when I do, I'm only getting cheese fries, it's hard to put shrimp in those. So to everyone who has a sea food allergy, or doesn't like sea food, don't eat the potatoes at Outback, or just to be safe, don't eat outback at all, you don't know what else it could be in.

Anyway, on with the fic.

The House

"I GET THE HOUSE!" She screamed at him.


"I NEED THIS HOUSE!" She reminded him.


"No, really, I work here." She told him.

"So?" He asked.

"I'm the president of the united states, you can't have the white house!" She said loudly, but not quite yelling.

"I WANT THE HOUSE, I'M GETTING THE HOUSE!" He yelled, then walked away.

"WE'LL SEE WHAT THE JUDGE HAS TO SAY ABOUT THAT!" She yelled down the hall to him.

Two Weeks Later, In Court

"Ms. Allen I understand you are requesting the current residence to go to you." The judge said.

"Yes your honor." She said.

"And Mr. Calloway you are also requesting the current residence." The judge said again.

"That's correct your honor."

"Well, I understand that Ms. Allen need the house." The judge stated.

"But your honor, my client also needs a house for himself and for the children and he wishes to stay in his current residence." Rod's lawyer told the judge.

"Then, if it is alright with you Ms. Allen, Mr. Calloway will stay in the current residence." The judge told her.

She whispered to her lawyer for a few seconds finally, he made his statement. "Your honor, my client has wished to have the secondary residence, Camp David, put into her divorce settlement."

"Good. If that is ok with you two." The judge said motioning towards Mac and Rod.

"Agreed." Said Rod's lawyer.

"Fairness." Mac's lawyer stated.

"Good. Mr. Calloway you get the primary residence, Ms. Allen you get the secondary residence. Court is agurned." The judge stated.

"I wanted Camp David and you knew that." Rod said in a nasty demeanor to Mac on there way out of the court room.

"I wanted the house." Mac replied with a cocky smile before stepping in front of Rod and exiting the court room.

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