The Lay of Moldred

The Story of the so-called "black knight" in two chapters.

Disclaimer: I don´t own Fate stay night. Parts of Type-Moon´s "Character Concept" Of Mordred were used in this story.

Chapter Zero: Stats as Eirei.

SABER CLASS True Name: Heroic Spirit Morana Pendragon (Sir Mordred)
Sex: FEMALE Color:Burgundy and Black
Chaotic Neutral
Height: 1.61 Mt Weight: 46 Kg
Appereance: Hair: Pale Blonde / Eyes: Red / Build: Athletic / In her late teens / Girl
Talents: Plotting, Raising Animals Nemesis: Arturia Pendragon
Likes: Sci-fi looking stuff, puppies Dislikes: Being Ignored, Fate, Smog
9/9 Bloodtype: O+

Noble Phamtasm:
A Strenght: B+ Endurance: A
Agility: B+ Mana: A- Luck: C
Magic Resistance: A+ Riding: C Mana Cluster: A
Deep Meditation: A Chivalry Field: B


Sir Mordred was made an Homunculus. A clone out of King Arturia Pendragon by her half- sister Morgan Le Fay, to destroy the King. However, Morgan actually care about her son and when she finally let Morana go, was to protect her.

Morana went to the golden Kingdom of Camelot and found a new home. There she finally found her father and little by little she discovered her personality and her sacrifice to make the perfect kingdom. Admiring greatly her king, she pledged herself to him and tried to help, but was always looked down.

Infuriated, but still caring for her father, she tried to get the king step down the crown to ease her burden, not realizing the King´s hope of an Utopic Kingdom. Finally she was forced to take the banner of revolution and tried to overthrow the King. In the Battle of Camlann Father and Son fought and both were mortally wounded. Still trying to earn her father´s aproval, she called out for her one last time.

As Mordred embodied England´s hope for a brief time, as she was trying to overthrow the "cold and inhuman king", she was exhalted as an heroic spirit.


Magic Resistance: Rank A+

Not only resists all offensive magecraft (only true magic hurt Saber) but it reflects back to the Caster any lesser spell ( C Rank and bellow).

Riding: Rank C

Ability to ride things. She can ride most vehicles with average skill.

Mana Cluster: Rank A

The ability that defines an Homunculus. The entire body of this servant is one big Magic Circuit, allowing Saber to have an almost infinite mana pool for all purposes: Fighting, Magic Defenses, Living Support etc. For practical purposes in any Grail War, Morana is the only self-supporting Saber and she has the "Mana Burst" ability on always.

Deep Meditation: Rank A

One of the aplications of Mana Cluster, used only when Saber is in critical condition. This "shuts out" all of Saber´s other systems and redirects all the mana inside her to Living Support. Allows Saber to survive, heal and inmunize against any certain wound. The duration of the slumber depends on the wound and its boosters (if it is caused by poison, curses, divine intervention etc.)

Chivalry Field: Rank B

The Ability to "reset" a battlefield. This allows Saber to always fight at her prime, with no restrains such as illusions, mana depletion, curses and such.

Noble Phamtasms:

Prismatic Change. "The Knight hides her name"Support. Rank:D

Awarded by the zeal which Morana hided her name from anyone but her king. This is an optical magic that surrounds Caliburn, as it is just as famous as Excalibur. This magic allows Caliburn to take the form of one of her "roots" to pass as another sword. Gram, Balmung and the unnamed original sin are famous swords whose blueprints were used to make Caliburn. Therefore this magic is used to "show off" Caliburn as another sword, to fool the enemy into thinking Mordred is indeed another Knight.

Caliburn. "The Light that Shines upon a country". Anti Fortress. Rank: A

The Sword in the Stone. The hope of England and the sword that signaled Arturia´s rise to power. After being broken because the king broke the code of Chivalry, Mordred took the shards and reforged it with the help of Morgan.

As a noble phamtasm it ranks lower than Excalibur as Caliburn represents the hopes of a country, while Excalibur embodies the wishes of mankind. However, Caliburn´s attack comes in two forms. The first is in the form of a Holy Pulse that comes from heaven, gets reflected in the sword and attack the enemy in the form of a " Holy mental pulse" attack, showing the enemies´ most painfull moments to broke his or her spirit. Two second attack comes right after it, with the release of the remanent light within the sword, in the form of a Holy "pilar of light".

Because of its history. Constant repetition of this attack would break Caliburn.

Cal Edge – Iburn Blade."Twin daggers of Broken soul". Broken Phamtasm. Rank: C

The broken form of Caliburn. Twin daggers that are traslucent and with a pale green color. They need a constant mana supply in order to stay in this world. They main feature is that if their owner´s existence were to fade, their´s is the one that fade instead.

As attack noble phamtasms, these daggers have a one-time use of one of Caliburn´s attack. The Cal Edge would do the "Holy Pulse" attack, while the Iburn blade would do the "Pilar of Light" attack. After doing that the dagger dissapears.

Morgan. "Living Armor of the Compasionate Knight". Support. Rank: B

Moldan was one of the many stray animals that Morana raised in her lifetime. A male Fox that usually followed her around everywhere. His blood, and that of any other animals Morana had. Was then enchanted and used to soak the Armor that the knight wore. As such, Moldan is a "cloth": a living armor with the power of Evolution.

Each of the 57 blood types (one for each animal) can evolve to adapt to a certain characteristic that can harm Morana. Being it elemental magic, weapons, etc. Giving Morana a boost in defensive capabilities.

Named after Morgan, mother of Mordred and the one that made this armor.

Krimlidag. "The Pledged Sword of the Herbal Knight." Anti Personal. Rank: C+

The first sword of Mordred. A sword that a Blacksmith gave to her after she saved his child from a decease. Plain but full of sentiments. It isn´t an offensive noble phamtasm, but allows the owner to understand fully the feelings of those around him.

Mordred must use it in fight at least once before calling forth Caliburn.

AN: Caliburn´s "Holy mental Pulse" attack is the same of Arael, the fiftheenth angel, in NG Evangelion XP. That was used against Asuka.