Here's just another ending. What if Alice hadn't warned the boys, leaving them to their well deserved punishment?

You may thank dgeo98, it was her idea... :)

"Well, if you have to know. – It wasn't only Carlisle who spanked me, but Esme as well. I broke the chair when I grabbed too hard."

There must have been total shock on my face, my heart was filled with unending sympathy, imagening him standing bent over the chair with Esme spanking him.

He shook his head.

"Could you please think about something else?"

"All right." I tried to get the image out of my head. "So what music could you recommend."

I let him pick some CDs and we walked over to my and Alice's room.

Alice was still with Esme, making her dress and redress all of her new clothes and try out new combinations with the older things. There was no need to try sneaking around the house. We were all vampires and could hear each other breathing, whatever room we were in.

I went to my stereo and put the first CD in, lowering the volume to a minimum. We sat in silence as the first small notes started to flow, finding each other to grow to a heartopening tune. The violine just started to play when we heard Carlisle's voice from his study.

"Edward, Jasper. Would you come here, please."

If our hearts were beating, they would have stopped that moment. We just looked at each other. I could see that he tried to read my mind, but I was sure it came up black at the time.

"NOW." Carlisle's voice was not neccessary louder but the tone made us jump nonetheless. We practically bumped in the door, nearly running through the house to get to Carlisle's study just to stop frozen in place in front of the door. None of us wanted to knock.

"Get in, boys," came his no-nonesense voice through the door making us hurry inside.

I guess it wasn't the best way to try arguing your way out, when you stand next to your partner in crime, both heads lowered to the floor and guilt written all over your faces.

He knew that we had been naughty, and we knew, that he knew, which made it all the worse. There was no sense in trying to talk our way out.

Yes, we could have said that I wasn't banned from my stereo, but I hardly used it anyway. And when I did, I would have chosen another type of music, rather than what Edward prefered, which made what we had done all the more obvious.

"Do you believe you should bring some kind of argument forward, or do you think, we should skip that part and get to your punishment?" he asked calmly. There were some seconds in utter silence before I decided to speak up.

"I...", I started, but Edward cut me off.

"We prefer to skip that part." He looked at me with wide eyes making me nod dumbly in Carlisle's direction.

Carlisle just rose an eyebrow.

"In that case you may find yourself a corner to stand in. Jasper, You're banned, from your stereo as well. Edward, you are not to touch the piano for the next three days, is that understood?"

"Yes Sir," we said in unisono already facing the walls in the opposite corners of Carlisle's study.

"Good, half an hour will suffice, I think. No talk." We could hear him taking a book out of his board and sitting down at his desk, turning the pages from time to time. I could feel Edward sigh soundlessly and felt with him.

We really hated having to stand in a corner.

Time crept on slower than a snail trying to move backwards. I was getting restless. It wasn't uncomfortable standing still, as that wasn't a problem for vampires, but I just couldn't let my mind wander in fear of letting some emotions wave, making Carlisle keep us longer there than neccessary.

Finally we heard the desired words.

"The time is up, boys. You may leave the corners."

Edward stopped in the door, turning around when I went to stand in front of Carlisle.

"We apologise." I said feeling Edward nod vigorously behind me, making Carlisle lips twich into a smile.

"You are forgiven, boys."

I grinned sheepishly, turning around and leading Edward out of the study and to his room.

"Wanna tell me, why we didn't argue?" I asked curiously, letting the happy feeling that we were out of the corner wave a little bit around.

"Esme was on the other side of the door, ready to start a lecture should we dare talking back. I was sure you would want that even less than me."

"Good choice," I said, "good choice."

He just nodded. Esme's lectures were even more feared than the corner.

the (2nd) end