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Chapter One


Severus Snape sat quietly at his desk in his office. A pile of third year essays on Boggarts to grade, however they stay untouched; instead his black eyes are fixed on the blank stone wall across from him. He tries to think, to bring some sort of logic to why he just agreed to kill a man he has seen as a father figure since he was 21 years of age. He had hoped, by some miracle that he would escape this war alive and that he would be free to retire living out the remainder of his days on a remote, isolated beach where he could practice his spells and potions and have not a worry to ponder. He now sees that as more unlikely than ever.

Taking a long deep sigh he looks down at the essays, already two days past the promised return date. Not that he cared what the pubescent idiots thought anyway, but still, Severus Snape was never late. He was meticulous to the letter and organized to a fault. At least he was until three days previous when he was asked to do the unthinkable.

"Severus." His eyes diverted from the wall to the woman who had just entered the room. He gave her a rare small smile. She was one of the few he showed his softer side to.

"Good evening Minerva." The Scottish woman, 20 years his senior sat down in the chair just across from him.

"How are you?" She asked her voice full of concern.

"Well enough."

She sighed and gave him that look. That worried to death about him look. She was one of the few, aside from his own mother, Lily and occasionally Dumbledore who had ever looked at him like that. "I am worried about you Severus."

"Do not fret over me Minerva. It is a waste of your valuable time." Minerva reached across the table placing her hand on his. Again Severus smiled; he could help but enjoy her touch. "Please Severus. I see you as a son and seeing you so melancholy worries me."

Severus rolled his eyes as he pulled away his hand then rising from his chair. Walking over to the window that faced out onto the Quidditch pitch he sighed. "I do not want your pity Minerva." He knew that was not what she was expressing, but he had to pretend, it was easier that way. It was easier to suppress the feelings that way, to ignore the pain in his chest that he knew all too well, that he had suffered once before.

Again he felt her soft touch, this time on his shoulder. He turned to her. "Severus, please tell me what is bothering you?"

Looking into her green eyes, focusing on that the sparkle that lingers in them and has since the first time he saw them at the age of 11. Severus raised his hand to her face gently cupping her cheek, again he smiling at her beauty. "Out of everyone I will miss you the most when I am gone." He then leaned in and gently kissed her on the mouth. He paused for only a minute before exiting his office, leaving a very confused Minerva touching her just kissed lips.


Days past and then weeks and Minerva McGonagall was still lingering over that kiss. She simply did not understand where it was coming from. Could it be possible that he truly had feelings for her, or was it simply an act of kindness for attempting to help carry his burden? A burden she still did not know. She had asked Albus if he knew the cause for his distress, he stated that sadly he did but could not confide.

Minerva hated secrets.

After weeks of trying to make since of-well-everything, she finally forced herself to confront him. She waited until it was late, several hours after curfew. She knew he would be in his quarters, she also knew he would not be asleep. Severus had told her some time ago he abides just fine with four to five hours a sleep a night, she never understood how. Bringing fourth all her Gryffindor courage she knocked. It was quickly answered.

"Minerva." The former potions master was in his night clothes, sweats and a T-shirt. She could see his dark mark, she quickly averted her eyes.

"Can we talk?"

"Of course." Severus showed her in. "Tea?" She nodded. Minerva sat down on his couch and stared into the fire while Severus prepared the tea. She then looked up at his mantle where three pictures rested. One of he and his mother, one of Lily and to her surprise one of her. She was at a quidditch game. Adored in Gryffindor colors cheering her team onto victory.

"So." He said handing her the cup then sitting down besides her. "Could you not sleep and needed company or was there something you needed to speak with me about that could not wait until the morning."

She gave a small laugh. "Actually a little bit of both." There was a pause while she took a sip of her tea. "Actually I was wondering something."

"Yes." Severus was almost positive she was going to ask him why he had kissed her. In fact he had wondered why it had taken her nearly 6 weeks to pluck up the courage to address it. Normally Minerva was not one to avoid confrontation.

"First off why-why did you kiss me and second what did you mean you will miss me the most when I you are gone?"

Severus placed his tea cup down on the coffee table before scooting a closer to his colleague. "The latter I am afraid I cannot answer however the first, well, why do most men kiss women?"

Of course he couldn't answer the question forthright. This was rather infuriating for Minerva who absolutely hated it when he played mind games like that. Of course she knew what the answer was but the way he addressed the question combined with the way he looked at her while stating it leaves her second guessing herself.

"You can't possibly……fancy me. Can you?"

"You underestimate yourself Minerva". Taking her free hand in both of his he again moved closer to her.


Her words were cut short by his lips once again pressed upon her own; this time however he did not release them as quickly. "I do not understand my feeling completely." He admitted. "I do not know if I ever will, however I find myself completely drawn to you".

"Why?" Not that she didn't enjoy the feeling of yet another warm, wet kiss, from the mysterious head of Slytherin, however she still did not understand his feelings for her.

There were so many ways he could have answered that question. He could have told her that it is in part her loyalty to him. Even when others doubted his alliances during the first war, she always believed him to be a true patriot to the light. Or that she has always been kind and a comfort, such as when he lost his mother to cancer and then Lily to Voldamort. He could list her beauty, in that although she has aged she carries herself in a way that makes her more attractive the woman half her age. Also there is the simple fact that she is a completely brilliant woman, one of the few he can have an intellectual conversation with, or enjoy a good argument over the ever growing animosity of the Gryffindor/Slytherin Quidditch rivalry. But why waist the little time he knew they had together.

"Because Minerva. I love you." Once again he leaned in and kissed her.