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Chapter Three

The Color Black

The months passed and the couple continued to meet after hours in secret. No one could know that Severus Snape, known death eater and murderer of one Albus Dumbledore was engaged to a blood-traitor member of the Order of the Phoenix by the name of Minerva McGonagall, it would have been unbelievably scandalous. Late one Friday evening the couple lay in each other arms attempting to drift off to sleep. They often spent the night in one another's quarters simply flooing to their own room the following morning.


"Hum." Severus pulled his fiancé tighter in his arms.

"When are we going to get married? We have been engage for almost 5 months now and we hardly talk about it."

"That eager are we?" He joked.

Minerva pulled herself from Severus and sat up in bed. "I'm serious I really want to talk about this."

"Okay." Severus sat up as well. "Do you have a date in mind?"

"Yes, tomorrow." Severus laughed thinking she was joking, but then she gave him the look.

"Oh please don't give me the professor look Minnie. Besides it doesn't work nearly as well when your naked." Minerva just shook her head. "That is unless you would like me to call you professor when we are-

"Severus! Stop. I'm serious. You have seen the things that are going on at this school. Some of the students didn't even come back from Christmas break." Minerva closed her eyes and took a long deep sigh. "I just don't want to put this off any longer."

Severus could see the pleading in her eyes, and in all honestly he did not want to wait much longer either. If he was going to die he would much rather die with a gold band around his finger. "Okay Minnie. Tomorrow we will go find a muggle minister to marry us." Minerva let out a girlish giggle and then wrapped her arms around him once again.


The following afternoon the couple went to a muggle minister just outside Wilshire who consented to marry them on the spot, for a small fee of course. Severus had already purchased the rings via mail order. They were magical bonding rings which meant that once they were placed onto their fingers they would only come off in case of death or divorce. The ceremony took place in a small converted garage, it was meager but with circumstances the way they were the couple chose not to complain. Once the ceremony ended the couple headed back to Hogwarts where they spent the remained of the weekend –the honeymoon- in Severus chambers. Before Minerva left Severus charmed their rings so that no one but the two of them could see then, just as he had with her engagement ring.

Days later Minerva sat in her office twisting the rings on her fingers simply to remind herself that although she could not call herself Mrs. Snape to the world, it was most assuredly the truth.

At that very same moment Severus entered the confines of Malfoy Manor, hoping to have business be over with quickly and be home in time to have dinner with his wife.

"You wished to see me my lord." He bowed to his master.

"Yes. I would like an update, how is the school running." The serpent man studied his most faithful servant as he waited for a reply.

"Well my Lord, however-


"The Carrows do not seem to be listening to my recommendation when it comes to proper discipline."

Voldamort laughed. "I am assuming they are being too harsh?"

"If the children cannot walk to class to learn, then there is no point is there."

"I see what you are getting at. I will have a word with them."

"Thank you, my lord."

"How are the other teachers falling into line, the ones that have leanings toward the light?"

"They listen well enough. They follow the rules set out anyway."

"Even McGonagall?"

"Trust me my Lord, she is not a problem."

"You are positive?"

"Oh yes, I have a tight leash on her." Severus gave a mental snicker.

"Very well, you may go."

The weeks passed as the wizarding world became an even darker place to live. Mr. and Mrs. Snape tried not to dwell of the atrocities that were happening around them when they were together.

"When this is all over I will have to introduce you to my niece, Charlotte. She's actually just a few years younger than you." Minerva told her husband as they sat in his quarters enjoying evening tea.

"You're not going to try and set me up, are you?" He joked.

"Very funny." She slapped him on the shoulder but then scooted closer to him. Her husband wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed her on the top on her head. "Sev." She said resting her head on his shoulder. "Does it bother you that I, well that children may not be an option for us?"

Severus gave a small laugh. "Trust me Minnie I see enough children on a daily basis, I don't need my own to add to the stress."

"Is that true or are you just saying that as not to upset me." In truth Severus would have liked to have an heir, but it wasn't that much of an issue for him, he would much rather have Minerva at his side anyway.

"No dear, you are enough." He kissed her on the head once again.

"Are you sure? I mean we could try if you really wanted to. I am only 59 after all and wizarding women have been known to have babies into their 70's."

"Sweetheart, really it's okay. If it happens great, if not, I will be just as happy living out my days with you."

Minerva pulled her head from his shoulder and looked into his eyes. "I love you Sev."

"I love you too Minnie." He said with a kiss. "Forever."


Seven months later Minerva lay in her bed at her family home in Glasgow, staring blankly at the ceiling. For weeks she had refused to get out of bed for anything other than to use the bathroom. Minerva was normally a very strong woman. She did not know the meaning of the word defeat, however at that moment that is exactly how she felt-defeated. It was just too hard to face the world without him in it. She knew there was a chance one if not both of them wouldn't come out of it alive, but she never gave up hope. She and Severus would talk for hours about retiring to a small island and living out their lives in utter tranquility, but now that dream will never be fulfilled.

"Aunt Minnie." Minerva looked up at her niece who had a tray of food in her hands.

"I'm not hungry." She said rolling to her side.

Charlotte placed the tray on her aunt's bed side table and then sat on the edge of her bed. "You haven't eaten all day, I know you're hungry and I am pretty sure that little one you are carrying is as well." Minerva rolled back onto her back then placing her hand on her protruding pregnant belly. A tear rolled down her cheek.

"He'll never know his daddy." She said as she softly rubbing her stomach.

"No." Her niece said in a soft calming voice. "But he will know of him. He will know that he loved his mother and him and that he died protecting you both. Your son will be very proud of his father and Severus' memory will live on through him."

Minerva nodded before sitting up in bed finally agreeing to eat.


Minerva Snape stood next to her husband's grave stone, her four year old son's hand in hers as they gazed down at the words etched into the black marble.

Severus Tobias Snape

Born Jan 15th 1959-Died May 23rd 1997

Beloved Husband and Father-Hero to the Wizarding World.

No One Knew Love Deeper Then He

"Mummy." The black haired boy looked up at his mother with his sparkling green eyes as he dropped his hand from hers.

"Yes Sev."

"What was daddy's favorite color?"

Minerva gave a small chuckle at her son's random question about his father. Not that she should have been too surprise the boy wanted to know anything and everything about him. "Black." Sev laughed.

"It is getting cold angle, we should get home."

"Okay." Minerva once again loosely wrapped her fingers around her son's tiny hand, her wedding rings still ever present. Magically they were supposed to loosen once he passed, signifying the marriage bond was broken, but they did not. She knew in her heart this meant that she was more than the love of his life, but the love of his soul, and that was not even something Lily Evans could say.

The End

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