Rose sat on the couch and zoned out slightly while the Doctor received a rather technical explanation of what had happened from the Professor. Despite the fact that while she was stuck on the alternate Earth she had attained several degrees in various subjects, this was WAY beyond her level. Future technologies that she wasn't even supposed to be hearing about! So, instead of standing around and pretending that she understood what was going on, she opted to sit and wait for the less, er, detailed version.

Rose looked at the Doctor and could tell by the way his frown was deepening that the news wasn't good. She wondered how bad it could possibly be, a chemical had caused the problem, and therefore a chemical should fix it. Rose turned her attention to the professor; he was gesticulating broadly and trying to form images with his hands.

The Doctor nodded and his expression furrowed even further as he contemplated all of the information he had heard. His expression cleared as he approached Rose on the couch.

"So you want the abridged version then?" he asked, a bit of a grin on his face.

"Yup," she replied, "thought you would've figured what with me just sittin' here lookin' pretty."

"Alright then," he said briskly, getting into his stride, "The government was testing this organic atmospheric chemical that was supposed to destroy particles of pollution in the air… apparently the chemical mutated at some point between the final test and the actual dispersal. The chemical, instead of getting rid of the pollution targeted the impulse, reasoning and intelligence centers in the brains of the dogs, leaving the planet with a bunch of insanely intelligent dogs that can reason things out but have absolutely no impulse control."

"Hmmm…" Rose furrowed her brow as though thinking, "Let me guess the rest of the story: The rest of the scientists working on the project, at least the ones who aren't already dead or crazy, are trying to develop a killing chemical that will only target the dogs that have been infected, which you have decided is the worst way to go about this, so now you, me and possibly the Professor will have to infiltrate the lab and try to figure out a way to stop them from using the drugs and develop our own SAFE way, because the dogs have now been granted people status with there super intelligence, as well as them being a large part of the Barcelona society, Did I get it all?"

"Wow," the Doctor said, looking a little perplexed, "Have all of our saving a species/world problems become so predictable?"

"Eh, kind of." Rose replied with a shrug, "Although there is sometimes some bizarre twist to events. Although, I'd put money on one of the three of us being kidnapped by the dogs, so be prepared for that… oh and it'll probably be either you or me… odds on me, cause I'm always the one that gets kidnapped."

"Er… well…" the Doctor looked thoroughly perplexed, "Alright then… next time, we have to go somewhere with a completely unique problem… this is getting too easy."

"Well better the devil you know than the devil you don't, my mum would say." Rose said cheekily. She flounced off of the couch and over to the professor to ask about his family and what not: the domestic approach. The Doctor watched her go with an amused expression on her face. She was simply brilliant.