CSI: NY Rated T

Name: For You, Anything

Chapter 1- How often do you shave?

Stella's POV

I couldn't seem to get him off my mind lately. He was in my dreams every night and at work he always put himself with me. I'm always thinking of him, I've even started shaving my legs everyday. Normally, I would only do it once a week and that was only because I started to feel really unclean if I left it so long. But now, I get up every morning just to do it, hoping he'll notice, not that I show off my legs at all. I was processing some evidence at the moment, when Mac walked in. My heart skipped a beat as I saw him.


"Yes Mac?" I asked.

"Could you help me with something?"

"Yeah sure"

"Could you sit down for a moment?"


I went and sat down and Mac came towards me. God he looked so sexy. Stop it!! I need to get Mac out off my head. My thoughts were cut off when I felt Mac grab my leg and slide my trouser leg up. I gasped at his warm hands on my skin.

"Mac, what are you doing?"

"You've shaved"

I blushed as his hands ran up and down my leg.

"Mac, seriously, what are you doing?"

"How often do you shave Stella?"

"Um… Every day"

"Every day?"

"Yes and why do you care?"

"I thought women only shaved their legs when they went out"

"Well I like to feel clean, so I shave everyday."

I could feel my face getting reader and my breathes became quicker.

"You're weird Stella"

"Excuse me Mac, is there a point to all this or do you like criticizing me?"

"No, the victim in our case was on her way to a romantic dinner right?"

"Yes Mac, get to the point"

"Well her legs weren't shaved"

"So maybe the person she was meeting wasn't that important. She knew she wasn't going to have to impress."


"Yes Mac, that's why women shave, to impress."

"Do you?"

I blushed bright red.

"Stella are you going out tonight?"

"No, I just like to be clean, now can we stop all the interrogation."

I then realised that he still had a hold of my leg when Lyndsey came in and gasped in surprise.

"What the…!"


This is my new story, hope you like the first chapter. I came up with this whilst I was shaving my legs, LOL!! It will be mostly from Stella's POV but some chapters will be Mac's POV. Shorter chapters than I usually do, makes it more fun. Please review and i'll write some more!!