CSI: NY Rated T

Name: For You, Anything

Chapter 20-A Future

Stella's POV

I was stood in front of the mirror looking at my outfit. I still couldn't decide whether or not it was too revealing. I sighed and started to turn around and go pick another outfit when I felt Mac's hands on my waist as he laid kisses down the side of my neck.

"You look absolutely stunning"

"I think I'm going to change, it's too revealing," I mumbled.

The dress was black; it was tight around my upper body, revealing way too much cleavage. It had a single strap holding the front tightly to my body, but otherwise it was backless. And as well as that it came just above my knees, showing too much leg and my heals were massive.

I squealed as Mac picked me up, throwing me on the bed and pinning me down.

"You have no idea what thoughts are running through my head right now. One of them being to rip that dress right of your body. You look sexy, hot, gorgeous and so many other things."

Mac kissed me with such force my head started to spin.

"I love you", I said against his lips.

Mac pulled back and looked me in the eyes,

"I love you too. Now, you look stunning and you're not going to change"

"Fine", I said as I pulled his lips back down to mine, at this rate we wouldn't be going anywhere anyway. God how good it would not have to do anything and just relax. I pulled away and looked at Mac.

"Mac, I was just wondering…I mean I never take any days off…and…well"

"What Stel, you can tell me anything remember"

"Well, you haven't taken a day off in ages as well and I was thinking we could take a break"

"Take a break?"

"Yeah like…go on holiday because I really want to go away with you and just relax and enjoy being with you not that I don't anyway but you know…"

Mac chuckled and looked down at me,

"You're cute when you ramble, I like seeing you all lost for words."


"Stella, I would love to go away with you and yes we have never had a day off and I would love to spend some time with you."

I smiled and tugged on Mac's shirt so he landed next to me on the bed and I snuggled into his side,

"So, where do you want to go and it has to be warm."

"I don't know, if you want we could go to Greece. I know you love it there and seen as you are Greek, you can translate everything so I can actually know what I'm eating."

"It sounds perfect. When should we go?"

"Next week, I'll organise everything all you have to do is pack"

"Oh, but that still takes a lot of work I mean I've got to figure out what I'll wear and how much clothes to bring. How long we going for?"

"Two weeks"

"Are you serious, I mean will the lab be able to cope with neither of us for that long?"

"I am serious, we deserve it."

"Good, well I think I might start to pack today, you know, get a head start. You could help me" I smiled.

"I would love to but I think I need to pop home for a bit and get some more clothes, this was my last shirt", said Mac laughing.

I just laid there thinking, I want to be with Mac forever so why can't he move in. But is it too soon…but I should ask him, shouldn't I?




Mac started laughing,

"What? Why don't you try putting a breath between each word."

I looked down at his hand entwined with mine and smiled,

"I said, do you want to move in with me?" I stayed silent waiting for him to say something, begging that I didn't mess things up. I felt Mac put a finger under my chin and lift my head up so my eyes met his,

"I would love to move in with you," he said smiling and brought my lips to his. Like I said before…things could only get better!

We were so preoccupied that we lost track of time until I heard my phone ring from the living room. I got up and ran to get the phone, Mac following behind.


"Stella! Where are you and Mac we've been waiting half an hour now?"

Shit! Half an hour, time does fly when you're having fun.

"We're so sorry we got distracted, we're coming. We'll be there in 10"

"Well hurry! See you soon"


I turned to Mac, and saw him at the door with our coats in our hands. I smiled and walked towards him.


"Yeah, we're late"

We laughed as we made our way to the car.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we went in to find the whole tea sitting in a booth in the corner.

"Really sorry that we're late, we kind of lost track of time" I said as I slid in next to Lyndsey, Mac on my other side.

"I bet" snickered Danny.

"Not like that", I rolled my eyes.

We all talked for a while about me and Mac until the food came and we ate. Mac was holding my hand, his thumb drawing patterns on the back.

"You want to dance," Mac whispered in my ear and I smiled.

"Love to", I replied.

Mac got up and grabbed my hand firmly in his, leading me to the dance floor. I saw Lyndsey drag Danny to his feet and smiled.

When we reached the edge of the dance floor, Mac pulled me into his arms as his hand wrapped around my body and my arms went round his neck. We swayed to the music, my eyes were closed and my forehead was resting against his, I felt like I was in paradise. I felt Mac put his lips to mine and he kissed me with love and care and I felt so loved and cherished as a tear slipped down my cheek. I felt Mac trace his lips against the tear stain,

"I love you Stella, forever."

"I love you too, forever"

Mac brought my lips to his once more and I drowned myself in him. My Mac Taylor, my forever. I couldn't wait for the rest of my life.

The End


Thank you for anyone that has reviewed and loved writing this as much as you enjoyed reading. I will be doing a sequel, but it won't be up till after I come back off holiday, which is like september. So please look out and be patient because there will definitely be a sequel. Thank you again and I hope you liked it!!