Disappear Part 1

And now she's gone. And nobody knows where she's gone. She could be anywhere by now. Her dad says he hadn't seen her since dinner last night. Me, Lewis, Ash, Cleo and Emma haven't seen her since the end of school. But she'll be okay, wherever she is. She's strong, stronger than any of us. Well, I'll hope she'll be okay.


Don't be stupid Zane, of course she will be okay. I mean; She's a 17 year old girl, she can go out for a day without anybody worrying about her. No text message. No note. No voicemessage. Something is up – Rikki wouldn't go anywhere without letting any of us know where she has gone. It's not...Rikki. Stop over reacting Zane. She is right now sat in the juicenet, waiting for you. Then when you all come in all flustered looking for her, she will most likely laugh at you. Yes – Let's go to the Juicenet, then you can share a banana beatbox, and then you'll be fine.

Aha! They're you go, there's Emma, Cleo, Ash, and Lewis. But no Rikki.

"Hey Zane" Said Ash.

"Hey..." I replied.

"Have you seen Rikki?" Emma asked, very concerned.

"No...That's what I was going to ask you..."


"Where could she be?"

"Well, she's not answering her phone. She wasn't at school today, she's not at home, we've spent ages looking around the mall, she's not there either. She's obviously not here..Where else could we go?"


"We're so stupid why didn't we think of this before?!" said Cleo, speaking for the first time since Zane arrived "Mako!"

"Oh yeah!"

"Come on Cleo, let's go"





"Rikki?" Cleo squeaked.

"Hey Cleo, look at this"

"What? Have you found her?"

"No, but there's a note.."

"A note? Read it then"

"Oh. My God." They both said in unison.