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There was maybe a little bit of demand for this, and I like finally having it written down, so here's my headcanon/backstory/origin story for the Pokemon World. I believe there's a pseudo-official canon somewhere, but this is how it works in any story I use that references and/or uses Pokemon, especially Harry Mewter. ^^ Hope you enjoy!

Epilogue: From The Beginning

In the beginning, there was nothing. No world. No life. No fighting or chaos. No order or even time.

There was only thought. The thoughts of a being that didn't know where it came from, and didn't even know what it was.

But the being did know that it was lonely.

It tried to create. To create a place to be. To create something to see. But it failed. So instead it wished. Not for a home, or for something to see or play with.

Instead, it wished for a friend.

A friend that would keep it company, and which it could love.

That first being, the one which approached from nowhere, and which to any other being would have been little more than an imaginary friend, was promptly named 'Doggy'. The form of Doggy didn't matter, and so it had no set form, but he (for that is what he insisted he was) knew that he existed for her (for that is what he insisted she was). And with this companionship, both were content for a time.

Eventually, the novelty of companionship with each-other began to wear away, and he began to notice her wish for more. He did not understand it, he had been created for her, and only her, but by some unspoken thought he knew what he must do.

He reached deep inside her, her essence, and from her created a new being. Unlike himself, this new being was not meant to comfort and entertain, for he fulfilled those needs in her, but rather this new being was meant for her to love and care for. It took on qualities that were meant to appeal to her, which made her gravitate toward it and hold it as best she could.

This one was loved, and was quickly followed by more until they had a small family. She was the first mother, he the first father, and they the first Children, playful and innocent but earnest in their love for their parents.

Again, they lived that way for a time, but as with all Children, these first ones began to grow bored and antsy. They did not fully understand what it was they wanted or needed, and neither did their mother, who could see their needs but not what to do to help them.

He could, however, and again he solved this problem by reaching deeply into her.

A world is what he created, brought forth from her. It was still of her, still a part of her, but in that moment Doggy had brought form into the world for their Children to explore.

It was rough, and by modern standards that proto-world would be considered unbelievably violent and dangerous, unpredictable and chaotic to the extreme. But to those first Children it was perfect, a playground where they could burn the energy they had to spare while still never leaving their mother's embrace.

And so the first Children, known today as the first generation of Mew, leapt forth into this new world to explore it; they were never able to see all of it, for it changed constantly and was itself infinite, form bound only by the expectations of the ones seeing it. But it was a start, and with those first Children off exploring their new world, Doggy brought forth another generation of Children for Her to love.

They lived this way, repeating the cycle an unknown number of times, and more and more Children came forth into a world created specifically for them. They kept an eye on the Children that left their embrace for the world they'd created, but overall things were stable again for a time.

Then some of those Children, inspired by their parents, also wished for Children of their own.

She and Doggy heard those pleas, but at first they were unsure how it would work. The Children had never been intended to be anything but Children, after all. Still, She was eager to see it done, and so they came to their decision.

Life as it was, determined life as it would come to be. It had taken two to create the first Children, so it would always take two to make more. Form, needed to explore the world the Children now lived in, was decided later, and for the most part Children would take on the form of one or both parents, assuming either held a form at the time.

These first Grandchildren were much like their parents, but unlike the first generation these new Children had the experience of their parents to draw upon and saw the world not as a toy to play with, but as a way to connect with the grandparents they were told they had, but whom most never met directly.

This vein continued for a while, but unknown to most, even She and Doggy, each generation further was influenced more and more greatly by the world in which they now lived. They were becoming part of it, one with it, and this world was always changing, never stable and nothing lasted for long. The Children, Grandchildren, Great-Grandchildren and so-on took on forms to better withstand it, most changing their forms to deal with new situations while others had favorite forms and favorite situations.

But perhaps the most important effect of this change, of this evolution of life, the one that most defined the world and its inhabitants from that point on, was death.

For the world as it had been made was chaotic, and nothing lasted for long. And as the Children began to be more and more like the world in which they lived, they, too, began to decay. None had predicted it, none had planned for it, but one day a child of unknown generation, had been doing as all before him had, and simply… lost form.

Tired, is what he was. Spent, no longer having the strength to resist the reforming force of the world in which he lived, and so he lost cohesion, lost that which made him separate from his world and was lost, his essence returning to the many-greats-grandmother that he knew only in stories.

It is said that all the worlds lakes, rivers, and oceans were filled in a single day by the rains created by her tears, inconsolable as she was to know that a child, one of hers, had been lost forever and would never again return. Because ultimately, all things of this world, including those who lived in it, were a part of her, and if overwhelmed by her, would return to her being. She could not bring them back, for doing so would not bring back what was lost, but merely an imitation, a memory of what had been, and in her grief she threatened to tear at the seams.

Part of her wished to be alone, and in this retreat she plunged herself into an empty corner of her own mind, where she did not have to see the world, this house of cards that she and Doggy had built, an empty space of no more form than could be expected, and here she stay, not even Doggy knowing how to help her.

But she did not stay alone for long. The first generation, knowing her most acutely, came to stay with her for a while, listening to the pain of her heart.

It was during this time that a solution was decided on. The Children knew best what it was that was happening, they saw it in the others that lived in Her world yet separate from Her. And so one of them came to a conclusion.

'I shall take them.' he said, 'When they are tired and can no longer live among you, I will take them and protect them. With me they can rest and regain their strength, and when ready return to you, and live the world anew.'

This solution was heard, and it was decided that it was a good one. With one of the first Children, the strongest of all, protecting them from the otherwise overwhelming force of Her Will, and with He not having Children borne of his essence, they would never be in danger of becoming one with him instead.

A space was set aside for him to do this work, a space with no form such that those too tired to hold one would not be required to expend the energy in keeping one, and he soon had work to do to uphold his promise.

For the world was still chaotic, and other Children were soon losing their own battles with this chaos. Those that lost their fight found solace with him, and he came to be known as their guardian. Wishing to show their gratitude, they learned of his name. Giratina.

But now, new problems were being discovered.

While the first few generations were strong enough to resist the world in which they lived, which had been made for them, the later generations discovered that it did not wear at them evenly.

One individual would travel shortly and yet be almost completely worn away, while another would wander farther than all others and be barely affected. The infinite nature of the world had been good for the first Children, but now this very nature made it more hazardous than necessary.

Two more of the First Children came forth with a solution. They could affect the world around them, and between them, with input from Doggy, they decided on the world as it would be known from then on. A world still with forces, but much more evenly spread and predictable, with forces that moved rather than simply appearing and disappearing without reason.

A world of both Time and Space readily defined. The names of these two who were responsible for this newly solid world, came to be known as Palkia and Dialga.

As Time marched forward and Space allowed for it, permanent settlements began to grow, groups of Children banding together to draw strength from each-other and for protection from the forces of the world.

With their world now relatively peaceful, the Children began to turn to each-other to fulfill the need for struggle that had defined the march forward into the infinite world. No longer a struggle to resist the destructive forces of the world they lived in, these battles amongst each-other actually strengthened the participants. In time it was found that the strongest among them could even protect the weaker ones from the world, and so, while some Children set out on their own, most came to a mutually beneficial arrangement: The strong led and protected the weak from forces beyond their muster, while the weak took on forces closer to their level and grew stronger from them.

This worked well, and soon came to be the most widely accepted way to live. But after a time Death again came to an emergency.

Giratina was overwhelmed. The continued creation of new Children populated the living world, but when they died and He came for them, even formless and infinite as was his nature, he simply could not keep up with the ever-increasing demand.

He was afraid of missing and losing the essence of weakened Children, and so had began taking them before they lost that battle. He was making up for his inability to reach them all in time by taking them when he got to them, even if he had to weaken and take them by force.

This was a major concern. While the necessity of his task was undeniable, taking the living before they died was beyond what was expected of him. They did not want it, so they had to address it.

Three solutions were found. The first was that no new Essences, no new 'Souls' were to be created; rather, souls suitably rested and strengthened from time in Giratina's domain would be returned to the Living world, reducing the population of his world. Second, a new 'form' was defined, this time by a Second Child, based on Giratina's form which a Soul could take without being further weakened; a non-physical form which could keep a Soul together almost indefinitely and even draw strength from others as one of the Living could.

This 'Ghost' form came to embody the unmoved-dead, and like the living, many variations on the basic form came to be.

The third and final solution came from any other child available with the strength to pull it off: Children from any generation of suitable power could and would approach a soul, and strengthen it. Some by lending some of their own power, strengthening the soul in a way that no amount of fighting ever could, others by shoring up the Soul's defenses. Some Souls needed as little as reassurance that things would be okay, or a promise to inform those left behind of their passing. Some, not truly ready for Death but whose forms had been lost prematurely by some means or another, were simply given a new form to live life anew, skipping time in Giratina's world, even if this meant their new life would be shorter than if they had properly rested.

And so Time went on. The Children discovered that when Space had been defined not all of the World had been in one place, and that because of this there were now many worlds with nearly infinite Space between them, with only the greatest among them being able to bridge the gap. This left most of these worlds isolated from each-other, even if still connected by their shared Ancestry, and shared Otherworlds.

As time went on the Souls, no longer being made anew, grew stronger. More resilient. After a while even the weakest of them could live in this newer, more peaceful world relatively unchanged for longer and longer periods of time. Eventually, a new type of form, influenced by this strengthening of souls came to be, a form which could be more easily destroyed and yet was somehow more solid. These Children were the same as their brethren at first, but the strengths and weaknesses of these, which called themselves Human, came to be more obvious: No longer did they need to draw strength from others just to continue to exist, no longer did they need to fight, and indeed the strength of their presence was enough for others to draw from them almost infinitely, furthering the strengthening of all the world's Souls. But while their Presence was indeed strong, their form, their 'Body' was weak. The loss of the innate Chaos in their form gave them solidarity, but made most of them almost defenseless.

These Humans became natural leaders of others. Their ability to support and strengthen others meshed well with their relative defenselessness, and even when the differences between Human and non-Human became clearer, the relationship between the two, if anything, strengthened.

Over time problems arose, and solutions came about to deal with them. Some in the form of actual Individuals prepared to take responsibility for them, others in the form of new rules of conduct. The Chaos of the Proto-World was imitated by a pair of Third-Children who took on the task of moving the land and sea, such that it would never degrade away completely. The History of the World and of its Souls was kept and protected by a Triumvirate, responsible for keeping its Memory, protecting its Strength, and encouraging its Growth. Some sought to seek new ways of being, while others sought to protect what had already proven to work and work well.

No matter the way or the reason, struggle continued, sometimes itself causing problems. Problems continued to come and go, creating fatigue that would at times cause the tired to do things they otherwise wouldn't have. Destruction went alongside creation and growth. A sort of Morality was defined, and itself changed and was redefined infinitely, much like the world that inspired it.

In all this, the world lived on its own. Dedicated to itself and its children, yet separate from them. For, beyond the first two or three generations, if she were to interact too much or too directly with one of the Children, any defense they could muster against her influence would be overwhelmed. She could love them and support them, and hope they became strong enough to meet her directly some day, but she had to keep her distance.

This was her world. Until an outsider came.

This outsider simply did not come from her, and at first neither her, nor Doggy, nor any of the Children could understand how this could be.

They realized that she was more like Her than like the Children. She was young. Small. Infinitesimally so. And yet, she was the same as Her.

Hope in her heart, She brought this new one into her world, gave her a place in that world, and in return, whether knowingly or not, her very presence strengthened the souls around her.

This new one was prone to wandering, and She could not keep her down, especially as the wanderings themselves not only strengthened her, but even opened Her eyes to places beyond even her imaginings.

It was when this One, adopted as a surrogate Child, brought Her out of her own shell and into the land of another, that an idea was hatched.

Just as the young one strengthened the souls of Her world, they could strengthen the souls of another.

In this Other world, they brought something of Her world, and gave it freely.

The three that took on this blessing, especially the one that took on the full blessing of one of her First Children, were indeed strengthened beyond any of their contemporary's imagining, and the effect of these two worlds touching would change both forever.

Because as with any Mew, Harry Potter's goal was to strengthen other souls as well he could, and being of multiple worlds, he could do so beyond even the reach of his own.


So there we go, that's my Headcanon backstory to Harry Mewter, and is ultimately my Headcanon for any story I write involving Pokemon. 'She', the Will of the Pokemon World, typically takes the favorite form of her Children, if a bit larger, which is the Mew form as we know it. This is partly my explanation for how Mew can be the 'Ancestor' of all Pokemon, while still having Arceus having created the first Mew, because she takes the form of a Mew but is not technically either a Mew or even a Pokemon at all.

And yes, 'Doggy' is Arceus. :D

Neither of them is really sure whether Arceus is an Other from outside of Her, or if he is, indeed, a figment of her imagination. And neither wants to know or cares.

The reason Harry cannot take the form of certain Pokemon is because, rather than being forms that all Mews take, the forms of those such as Palkia, Dialga, Arceus, and indeed the bulk of the Legendaries are, in fact, Individuals who took on their form and never abandoned it. Some, like Giratina, because their form helped them perform their jobs better (his ghostly state helps him to take care of the Souls of the Dead), while others simply have no need for another form, and still others keep their individual form as a way of identifying who they are and what they do (such as the Lake Trio).

The 'Children' (mostly Mews) that assist Giratina do so either by taking the souls of the dead directly, consulting them (imagine the ultimate psychiatrist), or periodically by simply putting them back to life. They also assist Giratina by taking souls from the Land of the Dead (aka The Distortion World, kinda makes 'You don't belong here' more meaningful) back to the living world, this in addition to being the 'New Species' Pokemon gives them the title of 'New Life' Pokemon; these roles strongly affect Harry throughout the story, specifically any time he interacts with any sort of egg, especially the Golden Egg which is about the size of a Pokemon Egg.

The 'Other' spoken of near the end is essentially an Interdimensional traveler, and is also the one who not only kicked off the whole Harry Mewter storyline, but contacted him during the summer before fifth year to explain all of this to him and is even the reason he, himself, can now travel between worlds, having taken him to visit her adopted home.