Love Will Keep Us Together a Twilight Fanfiction

By SmileKylz


Isabella Swan wasn't like ordinary girls. She was the popular cheerleader, and of course the one everyone envied. But when a tragedy causes Bella to lose everything that means something to her, she hides behind the lies she says to keep her secret a secret.

No one could know what caused her to stop everything she enjoyed. Bella didn't want special treatment. She wanted to avoid everyone knowing.

One day when she is outside of school she notices a mysterious boy looking her way. As she feels herself starting to fall, Bella wonders if her life could ever start up again.

As life goes on, symptoms of the past begin to show up again. Bella grows scared to mention it to anyone. She knew it was back. Nobody noticed. Life would stay the way it was now. No one would ever find out.

But a secret like this was too hard to keep a secret. When Bella's world starts crashing down, Edward will finally find out the truth. Life threatened, Bella grows weaker by the day. She was strong. She could get over this again. Bella wouldn't allow herself to leave him. But this time, Bella wouldn't get over it. It was worse then before. She knew the doctors were wrong.

A story of two lovers fighting for everything they have with each other. Their love would have to keep them together. It's what would end up saving them in the end. Even if all else perishes.

Sorry for such a horrid summary. It's hard to sum up everything since I already did once. Please read and review. =) This horrible summary doesn't mean my story is going to be as bad. LOL!