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Chapter 5- Silence is deadly

"Bella! Bella?!" My mother's worried voice came from somewhere behind me.

My face was pressed against the toilet seat, and the smell of vomit almost made me want to puke again. I didn't need to look in the mirror- I already knew what I would see…. My face was chalky pale with not a trace of color. As my mom walked hurriedly into the bathroom, I used my strength to sit up and lean my head against the wall.

Though all of it, my only thought was why? Why again? Shouldn't this be over with already? Closing my eyes, I waited for the room to stop spinning. Opening them, I realized I felt better. My mom waited for me to say something, worry flashing across her face.

"I'm fine mom," I sighed, standing up and swaying slightly. "The doctors said this would happen with my new medicine. You don't need to worry."

And this was true. She didn't need to worry. I was fine… better than I've been for a long time. It just may take a little while for my body to get used to my normal routine again.

My mom, with her childlike eyes and harebrain, was not the one to stay long and fret. Her mind moved too quickly through things to stay on one subject for long. And it pained her to watch me suffer, I knew it and she knew I knew it too. My mom was not a fighter.

With my words my mom muttered something along the lines of, "Alright, sweetheart, if you're sure," and then flipped open her cell phone, shook her head, and then whispered something about having to go back to the office.

My mother was a lawyer, and mostly never home. I never could fully understand why she had gone into that field, or how she could even manage it, but I never have seen her enough to ask her why. I know my mother as someone who is wild and eccentric; definitely not the attitude I'd address with lawyers.

After rinsing off the soap and towel-drying my hands, I walked down the steps and into my small yellow kitchen. I sighed, noticing the small stick it note placed on the table.

"Bella," It read, "Something came up and I have to go back to the office. Don't know when be back. Cook dinner for Charlie? Sorry sweetie. May or may not be back for a few days- court till night. I'll pick you up after cheerleading practice on Thurs. Lo"

I shook my head at the clear rush of her words, the missing v and e to love. And of course, the grammar errors and way her handwriting looked scribbled instead of her normal manuscript. But this, too, I was used to.

I have always had to take care of myself since the time I was able to do things of my own. It never really bothered me; I never had to sneak out of the house. I thawed the meat out in the microwave, drumming my fingers across my countertop. The side dish I was making sizzled on the top of the stove.

As I was waiting for the food to cook, my mind wandered to him. Edward Cullen. I had heard Mr. Banner say it when he called role. And that entire biology class, Edward didn't talk to me. Once. All I could think was, "Damn. He's doesn't know what he' doing." Nobody ever refused to talk to me. Ever. But to Edward, it was like I was invisible.

Screw being sick. Rosalie doesn't know a thing about being on top. And I'm not going to let her get in my way. When I'm through, Edward will wish he was the one who was being ignored.

Screw the rumors. Screw it all. The Bella people knew was back. And things were going to change.

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