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Forty-nine seconds and twelve seconds to go. Eleven. Ten. Nine…

Bored out of my mind, I let my focus slip. The edges become blurry, the droning of that impossibly boring world history teacher slowly fades out and I lose myself contentedly in my visions. Nothing significant shows up: pizza being served at lunch, Emmett trying a pepperoni as Edward watches in disgust and amusement, Rosalie and Emmett…being Rosalie and Emmett (loudly, much to everyone else's chagrin), Esme passing time in her garden. I focused my attention on Jasper's immediate future: boredom in chemistry, struggling during lunch, hunting later with Edward and Carlisle, curling up with me on our bed in the early morning hours…nothing disastrous. Slowly, I refocus on my surroundings, bringing myself reluctantly out of my reverie. My eyes focus blurrily on the grey walls of the classroom as the tunnel vision subsides and brings me back to the present. I take a deep breath to help clear out the rest of the haze from my mind's eye, the pungent smells of human bodies lingering with perfume, cigarettes, hairspray and chalk knocking me with an overwhelming sense of reality. Check the clock: two minutes and twenty-six seconds passed. Damn. I look happily to my right, to see Jasper's concerned golden eyes boring into my own.

As he usually is when I "come back," he's at the edge of his seat, jaw clenched, white hands moved to the side of the desk closest to me. Protective, as always.

"It's so funny," Rose told me once. "When you get a vision, he's there just one second before. He gets all tense, like something might happen to you. It's almost cute," she said with a smirk. Edward explained to me once that Jasper can sense a slight shift in my emotional atmosphere milliseconds before I have a vision.

"He doesn't like the vulnerability your visions leave you with," he explained with a crooked smile.

I smile at him, my over-protective fool of a husband, sending little waves of calm and reassurance his way.

Is everything alright? he silently asks. I notice his eyes dulling into black. Good thing he'll be hunting later this evening.
Yes, it's fine, I answer him with a smile. He relaxes a little, sitting back in his chair just a bit. I smile again, this time shooting him love. His mouth almost curves up in a reciprocate smile, but not quite. I take out a piece of paper to start sketching that dress design I was thinking of this morning. Thirty-two minutes to go. As my pencil glides across the paper, I steal a glance at the perfection beside me. His stare is set straight ahead, hands clenching and unclenching tensely. His chest is completely still, not rising or falling with breath at all. It's so hard for him, but I couldn't be more proud. To know he's doing this for himself, for our family and mostly for me causes pride to swell up in me. He must've felt it, as his gaze has redirected towards me. To my delight, our eyes meet. I know it's corny, but I could look at his eyes forever. Thirty minutes and nineteen seconds to go.


After feeling the intense pride Alice was giving off (a feeling she sometimes shares with our family, but I know is reserved for me), I meet her gaze, her gorgeous golden eyes captivating my own. My god, she's so gorgeous. However, the moment ends abruptly when the teacher asks the student in front of Alice a question.

"Greek architecture focused on…symmetry?" the girl answers hesitantly.
"Yes, very good, Gina. Classic Greek architecture borrowed the same proportions used in their portrayal of the human body to…" his boring voice droned on and on. Alice's emotions settled; the sudden attention to our area of the room had caught her off guard. Boredom flooded off of her as she shot me a look that clearly said I'm so bored I could die again. I smiled for the first time that day. And at my smile, I felt little waves of love, appreciation and lust swell through her. Nothing feels more beautiful than those feelings from Alice, except her smile, which she gave me again before returning to her drawing.

Luckily for Alice, I have a surefire way to cure her boredom.


I was sketching the hem of the dress when suddenly, from nowhere, a surge of lust started to kindle…slowly. Painfully slowly. I nearly dropped my pencil and glared at Jasper, who stared stoically ahead. I knew better—this was one of his favorite games. I tried to focus on anything: class, my drawing, the future, but I couldn't. The familiar, tingling warmth was building in my center—so distracting, but so good.

"Jazz!" I whispered so low only he could hear it. He looked over at me, a look of both angelic innocence and devilish playfulness gracing his features. "St—" but before I could tell him to stop, another pull of lust tore through me. I was torn. I wanted so badly to tell him to stop, but knew that if we were alone somewhere I'd be begging him not to.

The heat between my legs intensified and my mind was made up. Don't stop, Jazz, please don't stop, I thought, grateful Edward's class was in another building. I closed my eyes and tried breathing slowly through my mouth to ease the sensation. Nothing. I knew Jazz was watching, probably getting equally turned on seeing my reaction to his emotional ministrations. My god this felt so good. It had been such a long time since he'd done this to me, and even though the moment couldn't have been more inopportune, I wasn't about to wish this away. I crossed my legs, squeezing my muscles together…anything to create some kind of friction.


I watched as Alice crossed her legs and her breaths increased in both speed and frequency. My god, she was so attractive. I was getting more and more aroused just watching her arousal. And I was the one doing this to her. I sent more lust and passion through her in measured waves, one intense, then waited, then three small waves, then a huge riotous one, then nothing. I could smell her getting wetter and wetter…delicious. I thought about everything I wanted to do to her, mixing my own arousal and desire with her own. I watched, eyes wide and dark with longing, as she tipped her head back, slowly grinding her hips back and forth. Before long, I was so hard it hurt, but I wasn't anywhere near done with her.


I was trying so hard not to make any noise, even though I wanted nothing more than to scream his name. Luckily for us we had two things working in our favor. Firstly, we were in the back of the classroom and the teacher's back was constantly at the board. And secondly, we were used to being quiet. It's just common courtesy when you're sharing a house with five other people, and trying not to get caught in various janitor closets around school. I started moving my hips, slowly so as not attract attention, imagining what it felt like to have him inside me. Oh my god, he had me so hot for him. I could feel the moisture building in between my legs and was thankful I'd decided on jeans instead of a skirt. I weighed my options, begging the future to come before me. It wouldn't. I could leave now and finish what he started in the bathroom. But there were only seven minutes left in class. There was no way I'd be allowed to leave the class. I thought about ending it myself here, in class, but knew better. The only option left was Jasper sending me over the edge. That was it. I needed him. Now.


She glanced at me harshly, mouthing the word "Please," to me desperately.

"What do you need, Alice?" I whispered so only she heard.

"I need you…please…" she gasped. The "please" was louder than she'd hoped, and Gina, the girl in front of her turned around. Alice wiped her expression clean and just smiled politely. Luckily for her, Gina turned around again. The minute her attention was off Alice, I sent a tidal wave of pleasure roaring through her, finally giving her what she wanted. Hell, it was what I wanted too. I watched in sick delight as her head tipped back, her perfect lips forming an "o" as she drew in a sharp gasp. I had wanted her to ride it out, but she just wouldn't keep quiet, my amazing little pixie. Her final breath drew the attention of the teacher.

"Everything alright, Miss Cullen?" he asked in his nasally voice. I held back a laugh.

"Y-yes," she nearly panted out, for more reasons than one. He raised a curious eyebrow, but I shot him a threatening stare, and he turned back to the board. I refocused on Alice, letting her ride out her orgasm just a little longer. Now it was I who needed her


I can't believe he made me orgasm in the middle of class! Furthermore, I can't believe I almost let the whole class in on it. He was so going to pay for this later. But not now. That was so indescribably good, that it was worth it. As I re-regulated my breathing, I glanced over to him. Yeah, he was definitely turned on, too. I smiled and mouthed, "I love you," before checking the clock one last time. Four minutes to go. I think I could wait that long.