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I glided happily down the hall, Jasper's hand in mine. I tried carefully not to let my excitement and anticipation seep out. I didn't want him to feel them, too. I had to catch him off guard. Edward had been admonishing me for days, ever since I'd had my vengeful vision. He just didn't understand; after Jasper's little stunt in world history last week, he simply had to be punished. And I'd been waiting for my visions to give me the perfect opportunity. This was it.

I led him into the classroom, noting the deep breath he took before entering. We'd been trying to get him to breathe more at school, just to help him build up a better resistance to the blood. He was still reluctant to do so, concerned that he would slip. I squeezed his hand encouragingly and gave him a smile. He started to move to his desk beside mine, but I kept his hand in mine, and suggestively patted the back of the desk in front of me. I can't sit there, he told me with a look.
"Yes. The girl who sits here is sick today, and besides, it's a movie day. I want to talk." And of course, by "talk" I mean "tease." Usually when there's a movie day, we just stare ahead pretending we're watching, and hold conversations at a speed and volume that the humans can't comprehend, so this wasn't totally out of the ordinary. He looked from his normal seat, to the desk in front of mine, then to me. I gave him a pleading smile, before jutting out my bottom lip ever so slightly and making my sad eyes at him. He chuckled, a rarity anytime we're in public, and obliged, taking the seat in front of me. Perfect, I thought.

"Okay, class, today we're watching the film version of Wuthering Heights," the teacher announced. I had seen it when it came out in '39, so it's not like I'd be missing anything. A collective groan shot up from all the boys and some of the girls, while the more romantically inclined ones giggled excitedly to each other. I mean, Wuthering Heights is a fantastic story. But today, I needed to get even.

"You're awful antsy today," Jasper said with a half-smile.

"Just looking forward to some things."

"What kinds of things?"

"Shopping with Rosalie and Esme kinds of things. There's going to be an amazing sale this weekend and I absolutely cannot wait. You and Edward could use some new clothes, too," I answered. It wasn't a total lie. There was going to be a sale, and in all probability I would go shopping with Rose and Esme. But that wasn't why I was excited. The lights shut out, and the film began, casting our back corner of the room in total darkness. We always sat near the doors in every class, in case we needed to make a hasty escape from all the blood. I waited while everyone's attention became focused on the screen at the head of the class. I had to wait just a little longer…closer to the end of class. If I started too soon, it wouldn't work. I waited, relying on my visions to let me know when to start. When I knew we were clear, I put my plan into action.

It started simply enough. I slowly reached forward, placing my hands on his arms and working my way up to shoulders. I started to knead them slowly…he was so tense. Poor Jazz. He turned his head slightly, probably to tell me to cut it out, wait until later, we're going to get caught, etc. We weren't getting caught; I'd seen that much. Gradually, I eased out little bits of the lust I'd had pent up in anticipation. I hoped he caught on a little, but not too much.
"Alice," he started.

"Rough day, Jazz?" I asked innocently. He sighed softly.

"They're all rough. You haven't seen me killing anyone, have you?"


"Then it's a good day so far."

"Mmm," was my only answer. I moved my hands up from his shoulders to his neck, where I continued rubbing, slowly but firmly. He sighed again. This was good; at least now he was breathing. I snaked my hands up into the base of his golden curls, right at the nape of his neck. I knew this was one of his favorite spots. Bad Alice, I thought amusedly to myself. He shifted a little in his seat.
"Alice, I think—"

"Jasper?" I cut him off quickly, leaning forward in my seat so I could whisper in his ear. "Do you want to go bed shopping this weekend?"

"Why? What's wrong with the bed we have?" I smiled and giggled a little into his ear.

"Because," I whispered, licking the outline of his ear before nibbling gently on his earlobe, "I don't think it's gonna make it through to see next week."

"Alice," he groaned. I smiled wickedly and continued with his ear, lowering my hands back down to his shoulders. I let all my lust pour forward now…I was banking on it to make this as torturous as possible for him. Grounding my feet on the floor, placing my elbows on the desk and leaning into them, I rose myself up enough to make this easier, hoping not to get caught. At times like this, I curse my shortness. I scanned the future quickly…nope, nothing. We weren't getting caught. Not today. Now nearly standing, I moved my lips from his ear down his neck, stopping at the spot where his jaw met his throat. I sucked so gently, darting my tongue in and out as a low growl built in his chest. Bingo. Had we been human, he would've had one hell of a hickey. Lucky us. His hands were gripping the edge of his desk as I moved my way agonizingly slowly down and around his neck. I knew he was getting turned on at this point. I had a split-second vision of him trying to touch himself.

"Oh no you don't," I whispered to him, feeling his lust burning with my own. I leaned back, and snaked my hands down his sides. He shuddered in response. Little by little, my hands made their way to his center. Yep, his jeans were definitely tented. "Poor Jazz," I whispered wickedly as I caressed his swollen manhood through his jeans. With a sharp intake of breath his hips bucked into hands. This was turning me on. He was so hard for me…I wanted him in me. He felt my sudden surge of lust, and the familiar tingle of his own desire meshing with my own overwhelmed my senses. The students in the desks nearest to us were squirming uncomfortably in their seats, too. "Tsk, tsk, Jazz, control yourself," I scolded him.

"Alice, please," he begged me.

"Please what, Jasper?" I asked innocently. In a move I wasn't expecting, he grabbed my hand in his own and moved it to the zipper on his jeans. I stifled a giggle—this was such a Rose and Emmett thing to be doing! Edward was going to have a heyday later. Slowly, hoping not to make any noise, I started lowering the zipper. Suddenly, a vision flashed before my eyes of two girls in the row next to us looking over, obviously shocked to see me giving Jasper a hand job in the middle of class. "Shit!" I whispered as I zipped up his jeans and leaned back casually in my desk, like nothing had happened.

"Alice, what the hell?" Jasper asked, obviously frustrated. Good. I'd be banking on that frustration for part two of my plan. I just ignored him and looked ahead. Two seconds later, I looked to my right, to see those two girls looking directly at us. I just smiled casually. The girls exchanged a look (how much had they heard? Oh well, it's not like we were doing anything totally inhuman), and turned their attention back to the notes they were passing. I sighed in relief and leaned forward again.

"Only one minute left in class, Jazz," I whispered huskily, poking my leg forward and stroking his calf with my foot.


"Yes?" I answered, restarting my ministrations to his ear.

"I'm sorry I snapped at you a couple seconds ago. That's no way to speak to a lady." I almost laughed out loud at my husband's endearing Southern manners.

"No, and I suppose begging her for hand in the middle of class is completely acceptable?" It was his turn to stifle a chuckle as he turned to try and kiss me. I leaned out of the way, a playful, devilish grin on my face. "Ah ah ah…only ten seconds left," I reassured him. He sighed, clearly frustrated, and turned forward as I massaged his shoulders. I knew it was a good idea to wait until class was almost over.
"Three," I whispered as I sucked on his earlobe. "Two." Nibbled, licked, then kissed. "One," I whispered. At that instant, the bell rand and Jasper shot up from his seat, eyes black with longing. I stood as well, taking his hand in mine. Before the lights were turned on, I was already leading Jasper out of the classroom, still facing him, to our lockers. Once we got there, I opened mine to put my never-used books back in. Jasper slammed it shut from behind me, twirled me around and pinning me against the lockers, kissed me. Deeply, passionately and in front of everyone. Even I didn't see that one coming. Jasper is never one for public displays of affection. Clearly, my plan had worked just fine. I heard the shocked whispers of the students around me.

"Oh my god, Cullen and Hale are going at it!"
"I wish Bill would kiss me like that."
"God, she's so lucky."

I am lucky. My shoulders tightened as I had a vision of Edward, Rosalie and Emmett showing up in about six seconds. I broke away as best I could from underneath Jasper's six foot three frame (the whole kiss had lasted all of about five seconds), and buried myself in his neck, gracing it with light kisses. Let him deal with Edward.

"Jasper, please, this is my favorite sister you're thinking about."

"Shut up, Edward," Jasper spat. "She's my wife."

"Edward?" I asked, ducking out from beneath Jasper and meeting my disgusted brother's gaze. "I don't think we're going to be staying for lunch today, but don't worry, we'll be back before sixth hour."

"Really, you two?" he asked, his eyebrows knitting into a look that was both sickened and rebuking.

"Really," Rosalie answered. I reached my hand into the air as she tossed me the keys to her car.

"Thanks, Rose," I said smiling. She winked, and lacing her arm with Emmett's headed toward the cafeteria. Edward stared at us a second longer before turning quickly, running his fingers through his hair in frustration, following our siblings.

"You had this all worked out, didn't you?" Jasper asked, his accent coming forward. I giggled.

"Yes. Why else did you think we took two cars this morning? Edward would have never let us borrow his." He laughed, actually laughed. The action made me smile, too.

"Well, let's go," he said, eyeing the door at the end of the hall.

"No wait. Twelve seconds." I turned and pretended I was getting something in my locker as I counted them down in my head. At seven the vice principle turned the corner, passing just in front of the door in question. Six seconds later he ducked into a classroom. "See?" I turned to my husband. "Timing is everything." And with a smile, and a tug on his hand, we left for our own lunch break.