Chapter 1- Fracture

"Well, today we stage your prison break," Mary, my nurse, said with a genuine smile on her face. She knew my distaste for being held here in the hospital, although I had chosen to stay here rather then with my friends, Alice and Jasper. I would not allow myself to be a burden on them. It was easier accepting the help of complete strangers then it was to show weakness to those who were closest to me.

I glanced at her smirking,"Did you finally smuggle in a metal file and enough sheets to make a rope?" I said this with mock enthusiasm, I knew she liked it when I played along.

She came towards me, laying in the hospital bed, and gently removed my blanket, "Now Edward don't forget the blow-torch, that one was hell." Starting to giggle to herself, she was no doubt thinking of how she would actually sneak a blow-torch into a hospital.

Begining her daily routine, she methodically rubbed my legs. This was to see if any feeling had returned to my legs since they had been on the mend for the last three months now. "Any more feeling then yesterday?" She asked with honest, caring interest.

Glaring at my legs, I was disgusted with my immobility, I sighed, "Just a tingle, mostly numb..." I trailed off. Both of my casts had been off three days already, and still I had to concentrate like a surgeon just to wiggle my big toe. This was infuriating, not being able to use part of my body, not to mention that I would soon have to start my physical training to learn how to walk again.

Her gray eyes softened with sincerity, "Well at least you can feel them, that's a good sign." After smiling at me she walked around my bed and headed for the bathroom, I heard her start my bath.

I shuddered. I hated this, I could not even get myself up out of bed, let alone in and out of the bathtub. It was not about Mary seeing me naked, all of my modesty had gone out the window about a week after I first got here, and back then she was giving me sponge baths. Rather it was the fact that I could not do anything for myself, other then eat, but even that had to be brought to me. Its all just so maddening for me to be this... this helpless.

"Can't I wait till I get home to bathe?" I called after her.

Peeking her head around the door, she stared at me with a fake pout on her face. "What? You would want a complete stranger to undress you, but not lil' ol' me?"

As she went to close the door of my room, I glared at her in mock distaste."Lil', Oh I would not go that far, you have more muscles then me, besides I let you, didn't I?"As the words passed over my lips, I could not help but smirk.

After shutting the door, she walked to the side of the bed closest to the bathroom, lowering the guard rail. Offering me her hands, "Yes, but you know me now. However, I will give you this, you're the most determined patient I have ever seen trying to get out of here. I mean you are letting a complete stranger move into your house, just so you could get Dr. Cullen to sign your release papers."

I cut her off then, reluctantly grabbing her hands for support as I pulled myself up into a sitting position, "Yeah, I mean have you tasted the food here, I swear the kitchen staff is trying to keep the hospital beds full." We both chuckled.

She began to untie the back of my hospital gown, "Sure, but you don't even know this guy, and your having him move in for no less then four months? He could rob you blind."
After Mary finished untying my gown, she removed it and set it across my lap. She knew how much I appreciated keeping some measure of my privacy.

"Well if that happens, I'll just call you up," I said this eyeing her muscular arms and smirked.

Noticing where my gaze had landed, she mockingly flexed her bi-cep, "Yeah I could take him." We both shared a quite laugh. Then looking at me she asked, "Are you ready?"

Sighing I responded, "Am I ever?" With that said she lift me into her arms and carried me towards the bathroom.

During the few seconds it took her to carry me from the bed to the bathtub, we were both silent. She understood that I hated this, having to be cared for, so during times when she had to do things for me, there were no remarks or sly comments made. I will always remember her gracious and understanding nature, and be thankful for her kindness.

She placed me in the warm water, my gown floating to the surface, but she kept her eyes on my face as she stood, "Just holla for me when you are done."

I nodded in acknowledgement, she smiled at me and took her leave, allowing me to be alone with my thoughts.

Taking my gown from the water's surface, I placed it on the side of the tub, it would be used again when Mary returned, to 'cover' myself. Its rather unnecessary, but it does make me a bit more comfortable. Its not like she hasn't already seen me naked, but she has always remained professional about it, one of the only times she ever really does.

Glancing down at my exposed body, I realized that despite me being in bed for more then three months, I had not lost any muscle definition. This was probably from the fact that I had to use my abdomen a lot more now then I had in the past.
I had an unresistable urge to feel my body, not for any other reason then to see if the rest of myself would become just as useless as my legs. Beginning at where the water lapsed at my abdomen, I traced up my stomach, needing to reassure myself that my body could still precieve touch.

As I proceeded with my movements, a wave of relief washed over me as I felt every bit of the sensation of my skin. With that thought running through my head, something rather unexpected happened, my left leg twitched. And while this action seemed so small and insignificant it suddenly filled me with hope.

It took me a moment to realize why, and the reason was that that meant if my legs could still give involuntary responses, then maybe I could learn to walk again, dance again, or even better swim again. This idea filled me with happiness that I laughed in pure contentment. Content in the fact that this would all pass, and I would be normal again.

My laughing disturbed the water and it lightly ebbed and flowed over my body, drawing my attention to my bare chest. Suddenly all cheerfulness left me and the tendrills of dispair started to last at my heart. I was staring at my scar, the only visable evidence of my accident.

As I traced the hideous scar, from the top of my right shoulder to right under my left nipple, a solitary tear ran down my face as the events of that dreadful night rushed back into my conscience like a perpetual flood of blood.