Welcome to the first chapter in my first Twilight fanfic. After reading a Twilight fic from my favorite author, Countrybutterfly. This simply creeped into my head and wouldn't come out. So enjoy.

Chapter 1: Smell

It's another day in my dreary life, at this dreary school on this dreary day. My life in Forks had been perfect, uneventful, and uncomplicated until she showed up. Bella Swan waltzed into my life, turned it on its head, almost got me killed, and could at any moment expose my family. I have Alice check everyday to see if she changed her mind. For now Bella is content living in sunny Jacksonville with her new human boyfriend. I know I pushed her to leave me and for that I am happy, but I miss her so.

"Edward. Hello." Alice said, her hand waving in front of my face. Once again, I was zoning my family out as I've done for the last six months.

"Yes, Alice. How can I be of service to you?" I said smugly, noticing an exchange of glances between Alice and Rosalie.

"We have got to go, Edward. Now." Rosalie ordered rather forcefully. Since Bella left she had been happier, if not more cautious. She knew I could read her thoughts and was trying to keep me as happy as possible.

"Why?" I asked raising an eyebrow at my sisters.

"Emmett, Jasper just grab him." Alice ordered in a very uncharacteristic manner. Alice was the polite one; any orders given came from either Carlisle or Rosalie.

Although extremely perplexed I shoved my brothers off of me and proceeded to leave the cafeteria. But as I was leaving, I realized the reason for such haste. A smell filled my nose, and drove me wild. Bloodlust took over and I knew that I needed to get out of there before I hurt someone. I grabbed Emmett's hand and wrapped it around my wrist. He caught on instantly and Jasper followed suit. I was trying my best to keep my wits about me but the smell…the blood was intoxicating. I wanted to sink my teeth into whomever it was that the ruby red liquid was pumping through. Rosalie left us to retrieve my car from the student parking lot, walking quicker than she should have. I heard the tires screech to a halt as close to the cafeteria as she could get. My brothers rushed my out of the building and roughly threw me into my silver Volvo.

Even though my more animalistic instincts were fighting to take over, my mind was still working. I couldn't figure out how the rest of my family was not tempted by the smell. They were all cool, calm and collected.

"Head for the woods, Rose. Edward needs to hunt before he can kills someone." Alice said, in her more normal sweet tone. "I should have told him. Someone could have gotten hurt."

"It's not your fault, Alice. We all agreed to keep this from him." Jasper said weaving his fingers with hers.

"We're here. Jasper, please see if you can do some tracking. Edward needs to feed as soon as possible. I can see that his eyes have changed. They're blood red now, he has gone too long." Rose ordered as Jasper sped into the confines of the woods.

"Will someone tell me what is going on here, instead of talking around me?" I snarled.

Jasper blurred back into my vision, pulling me from the car. "Let's go, your bloodlust is showing. I've tracked a mountain lion for you."

"He's right, Edward. We all have a ton of explaining to do, but you need to eat first. Your emotions are unpredictable when you're like this. Calm down, and we'll explain when you get back." Emmett said nudging me out of the car.

My nose caught wind of the mountain lion, unsuspecting in the woods. I allowed my thirst to take over and the thrill of the hunt excited me. I charged into the forest seeking out my prey. I wanted the lion to catch wind of me. Fear always makes the chase more thrilling. Once he caught my scent on the wind, the lion burst into a full gallop, weaving in and out of the trees. This male lion was impressive, faster than the others that I have hunted, smarter too. But nothing compares to my skill in the hunt. Emmett may have his strength, and Jasper was the fastest but I had a plan for every hunt and I have never been denied. I knew the lion would head for the meadow, partly because it would give him free space to run at full speed but also because I was herding him there. As we approached the edge of the forest, I leapt onto the nearest Sycamore truck and climbed up the mighty tree. At the top, I could see the lion break from the confine of the forest. I pressed my feet against the trunk, and pushed myself off, gliding toward the lion. My aim didn't fail me as I landed with my arms around the lion's neck. I gripped him tight, and in one swift movement my teeth were buried in his flesh. The warm drink ran over my tongue, falling down my throat like a ruby waterfall. My hunger began to wane and a new sense of calm overtook my body. The lion eventually stopped struggling and collapsed on the soft meadow ground. I lied on the soft grass allowing my senses to come back down from their heightened state, reveling in the euphoria that was blood.

"Done yet?" Emmett asked, his voice booming from within the confines of the forest.

I laughed at his candid attitude and replied, "Done…yes, but not satisfied." I searched my mind for Emmett's thoughts.

'Satisfaction. Rose satisfies, with her hot body covered in sweat after one of our hot sex sessions.'

"Em, will you keep your nasty thoughts to yourself. I hate when you try to block me with thoughts of Rose." I cringed.

"Then keep your nose out of other people's thoughts, Edward. That is awfully rude of you. Just remember, Emmett is the innocent one, you could have always heard what I think about him." She chuckled. It was good to see a smile on her face, even if it was at my expense.

From the corner of my eye, I caught Alice walking toward me, a worried expression on her face. "Edward, we need to talk. We have a problem. Jasper, love, will you clean up after Edward? Wouldn't want any unwanted attention."

"Don't I always." He answered, although I ignored his comment. He lifted the lion off the ground and ran off into the forest.

"Has she told?" I questions, beginning to feel angry.

"No, it's worse.."

"Is she hurt?" I interrupted, feeling a disregard for manners.

"This would go a lot faster if you'd shut up." Rosalie barked, leaving Emmett's side and forming a semi-circle around me.

"Fine. I apologize Alice. Please continue."

"I had a vision, well several visions. All the same but everyday more flashes are added to it. At first, I just saw you fall in love. Then I saw you change them. But lately I've seen your, let's say could be love, talking with Carlisle. Then he punches through Carlisle's stomach turns toward Esme and does the same. He then finds these two sex pots." She says pointing to Emmett and Rosalie. "And does the same thing."

"So all I need to do is hunt on a more regular basis and stay away from this girl." I explained as if there was no problem with my plan.

"You couldn't resist Bella. This scent is ten times stronger than that. You saw how bad it got today. We were lucky that you've spent so much time fighting bloodlust but we can't take anymore chances." Alice argued.

"Are you going to tell him the other thing?" Emmett asked, a wicked smile on his face.

"What other thing?" I asked, trading glances between Alice and Emmett. I got slightly distracted as a breeze blew by me. Jasper had returned.

"Truthfully, the thing is…"