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Ikuto: Hey there better be not any Tadamu on here!


Ikuto: What did I say something wrong?

Amu: Tadagay is here.

Tadase: Of course theres going to Tadamu!-puts hand around Amu-

Amu: -takes hand and throw Tadagay into pool with crocodiles.

Ikuto: thats my girl

Amuto supporters: KILL TADAGAY KILL TADAMU!!!!!

Lynya: -sweatdrop- well put that aside, NO THERE WILL BE NO TADAMU!!!!!!!!

Miki: Will there be Miru?-blush-

Lynya: maybe

Miki: Lynya-chan does not own Shugo Chara Peach Pit does.

(Amu POV)

It's my birthday… and he hasn't come. I wanted to spend as much time with him tonight too. Who is he you ask? He is none other than Ikuto Tsukiyomi. Why do I want to spend as much time with him tonight? Easy, this is the last time I will ever see him and my friends, my family doesn't even know about me leaving. Once the clock strikes midnight, and Ikuto is not here, it's over I will never get to see him ever again!

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR AMU! HAPPY BITHDAY TO YOU!!" everyone sang, even the charas were having fun. I loved them all very much. I blew out the candle and made a wish. 'I wish for when I leave I wish everyone will forget me and stay them selves!' I opened my eyes tears threatening to fall. Miki caught this and distracted everyone from seeing by saying to open up the presents.

The first present was from Utau. Yes, Utau and I are friends; very close actually, we're like sisters! Utau gave me a midnight blue night gown with pink trimmings on the ends.

The second gift was from Rima. She gave me a comic book with all sorts of funny gags.

The next gift was from Yaya. A bag full of treats that Yaya love to eat. It took her all her might to hold herself from asking me to have I gave her one treat.

Kukai gave me a soccer ball; Kairi gave me a blue bracelet with cat paws and strawberries, Nagehiko gave me a pink kimono with purple trimmings, Tadase gave me a silver necklace with a crown with a strawberry sitting on top(Lynya: -pukes in corner-).

There was only one thing missing, Ikuto's present. Before I knew it was time for the guardians and Utau to leave.

"Amu-chan what's that?" Miki questioned when I went to my room. She was right there was a small box hidden near my pillow. The box was neatly wrapped in midnight clothe with a pink ribbon to finish the touch. There was a small note underneath the present. I gasped. 'So you did come all along huh?' I thought looking at my balcony door and at the moon.

To Amu

From Ikuto

Happy Birthday Amu! Sorry I couldn't come.

"Ikuto" I started crying falling to the floor as my charas comforted me.

"Amu-chan check what's in the box." Ran told me. I picked up the box and opened it. It was beautiful! There in the box was a chocker that had a heart pendant that had a garnet, aquamarine, and emerald gem stones that covered the heart and in the middle was a sapphire gem with a tint of pink on it.(Pic on pro) The clock strikes midnight. I clasped the chocker around my neck and went out to the balcony door.

"I'm ready now…" with that my charas and I went out into the night making a stop at the Royal Garden and dropping a note and we were gone.

(Next Day) (Tadase POV)

I walked off to the Royal Garden with the rest of the Guardians, Kukai and Kairi following, hoping to surprise Hinamori-san. Hinamori-san wasn't with us yet so we took our usual seats at the table.

"King, what is that note on the middle of the table?" I only noticed it just now so I picked it up, and read. I was very shocked at what I had just read.

"Everyone please read this!" I gave the note to everyone my hand trembling.

I'm sorry everyone, but I have to go…forever. You probably wont ever see me ever again…so don't bother looking for me, got it. My parents and little sister don't even know this…tell them I love them ok? I'm sorry for not telling you where I am, but please! Please forget me and move on! Do it for me…


(Normal POV)

Yaya fell off her chair and was screaming with tears running down her face. Kukai tried to comfort her while holding back the tears. Rima had on a blank face while tears streamed down muttering 'baka..'. Nagehiko, Kairi and Tadase held back the tears.


"Shhh! It's alright!" Kukai couldn't hold back anymore tears streamed down and he started sobbing. Tadase started sobbing too. The atmosphere was depressing and tense.

"We-sob- have to-sob- find-sob- Amu!" Tadagay sobbed out. With that Kairi was looking through files of the best place Amu could hide in.

"You know there's a possibility that Amu could be in Kanagawa for hiding." Kairi explained.

"But we don't have enough money to get a plane for us…" Rima had calmed down a bit and started talking normally.

"THEN WE'LL JUST HAVE TO SAVE MONEY!!!!!!!!" Yaya yelled filled with hope.

"Right. That means no buying treats or any type of food unless it's from your families' money, Yaya." Kairi proclaimed, Yaya's soul started to come out.

"For the rest of you no buying unnecessary items unless-" Kairi was cut off buy Rima.

"-Unless it's from your families' money, right?" Rima then walked away, as did the rest of the Guardians except for one, a purple long haired guy.

(When Guardians gone)

"What are you going to do about it?" Nagehiko asked someone he couldn't even see.


"Will you try to find her?" Nagehiko questioned.

"Yes, even if it cost me my life…" a husky voice replied back.

"What did you give her for her birthday?" Nagehiko pulled out a chair and sat down.

"How'd you know and… it's none of your business."

"Amu… I wonder what her reason for leaving was." The purple haired asked himself. A blue haired man came down from the near by tree on a branch and took a seat across from Nagehiko.

"We need to find her!" The blue haired man said calmly but worriedly.

"Could you help us? The more people we have the more possibility we have of finding her… Tsukiyomi Ikuto." Nagehiko pleaded calmly.

"I'll see what I can do about Easter first then I'll tell Utau about this too. For now see how much money there is for the flight of…eight people. And if any of them need cell phones." Ikuto explained with that he character changed with Yoru and leapt out of the Royal Garden. Nagehiko sighed 'Guess I have to see if anyone needs cell phones and how much the flight cost' Nagehiko thought and left the Royal Garden.

(4 years later)

The Guardians where preparing to pack their stuff up and planned to go the Kanagawa searching for Amu. It's been four long years with out her and it was depressing. But today there had high spirits that they would find Amu. At 6:15 they met up at Utau's airport where she had a private plane for them. The passengers being:









That was all the passengers for the flight. Everyone had become allies since the incident with Amu, except Tadase and Ikuto. They glared at each other now and then.

(3 hours later)(making time up people!)

The group landed and began to walk towards the hotel they were staying at and unpacked their stuff. Then they went in to individuals around Kanagawa.

(Ikuto POV)

I walked with my violin on my shoulder, around aimlessly trying to spot at least one blob of pink. I soon find myself at a park. Then… wait! PINK! I see a blob of pink near a deserted fountain. I stand behind a tree making sure I'm not found. The girl was… singing or was beginning to.

(Song: Whatever Will Be by Vanessa Hudgens)(Play music with it for more effect)

Sometimes I Feel Like I'm A Bird With Broken Wings
At Times I Dread My Now And Envy Where I've Been
But That's When Quiet Wisdom Takes Control
At Least I've Got A Story No One's Told

I Finally Learned To Say
Whatever Will Be Will Be
I've Learned To Take
The Good, The Bad And Breathe
'cause Although We Like
To Know What Life's Got Planned
No One Knows If Shooting Stars Will Land

I stepped out and took out my violin and started to play along with her. She seemed to pause for a second and started to sing again.

These Days It Feels Naive To Put Your Faith In Hope
To Imitate A Child, Fall Backwards On The Snow
'cause That's When Fears Will Usually Lead You Blind
But Now I Try To Under-analyse

I Finally Learned To Say
Whatever Will Be Will Be
I've Learned To Take
The Good, The Bad And Breathe
'cause Although We Like
To Know What Life's Got Planned
No One Knows If Shooting Stars Will Land

Is The Rope I Walk Wearing Thin?
Is The Life I Love Caving In?
Is The Weight On Your Mind
A Heavy Black Bird Caged Inside?

Whatever Will Be Will Be
The Good, The Bad
Just Breathe

'cause Although We'd Like
To Know What Life's Got Planned
No One Knows If Shooting Stars Will Land

Whatever Will Be Will Be
I Learned To Take
The Good, The Bad And Breathe
'cause Although We Like
To Know What Life's Got Planned
Thing Like That Are Never In Your Hands
No One Knows If Shooting Stars Will Land

When her singing stopped I stopped and took a look at her. Golden honey eyes I saw pierced into mine. How I missed to see them.

"Amu" I ran up to her and hugged her tightly so she wouldn't get out of my grip. I pulled back and kissed her once then twice she didn't move, but instead kissed back.

"I-Ikuto?" the girl said when we where done.

"Amu! Why? Why did you leave?" I asked her tears threatening to fall. She pushed me back roughly.

"I'm not the same anymore! AND I NEVER WILL BE!!" Amu had yelled out. My eyes widened when she flipped me over and sat on my back when I was on the floor. I… sorta liked this position. A smirk crept on my face.

"So... Amu, I didn't know you missed me that much to put us in this position" I expected her to blush and stutter to get off me and turn around pouting with her arms crossed, but no she sat there a smirk that could rival with my own. She put her hand over a pressure point.

"Like I said I'm not the same anymore." Amu said still smirking. This was not how I expected it to be.

"Amu answer me this riddle. Why is my heart still with you? Have you seen through the coldness and checked the warmth?" Amu didn't realized what I meant. Fortunately I knew she still has feelings for me because I saw that light glimmer of gems on her neck along with a chocker that I have given her four years ago.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Why is my heart that I gave to you four years ago still with you? Have you seen through the coldness and checked the warmth?" I repeated a bit differently. And she will know sooner or later what I mean.

"I don't understand…" I caught her off guard and flipped us over so that I was on top. Her eyes widened when I kissed her again. I knew she wanted to kiss back, but she didn't. Instead she murmured 'goodnight' and pressed on my pressure point I fell unconscious, but I looked at her once more before I black out. It was night and I could see tears start to form in her eyes and glistened when the moon shone on it, then 'I'm sorry you'll never see me again... Ikuto' she whispered enough for me to hear, I stared at her golden eyes and fell into darkness.

(Normal POV with the rest of the group)

"Ikuto is not here yet and it's been an hour!" Kairi said.

"We should look for him."

"Wait! Ikuto and Utau installed our phones to have trackers. So we can look for Ikuto that way!" Nagehiko pointed out. Then took out his cell and dialed Ikuto's number, but no one answered. So he typed I-k-u-t-o on the tracker and it showed a map with a red dot at a park.

(When the group at park)

"IKUTO!" Utau had found Ikuto near the deserted fountain laying unconscious on the cold cement. Everyone rushed to Ikuto and woke him up. Ikuto started to silently cry as he explained what happened with Amu, but took out the kissing and riddle thing.

"Wow Amu changed that much!" Kukai said in awe trying to picture Amu.

"I didn't get a good look because of the dark. I only saw her bubblegum hair and golden eyes." Ikuto calmly said to the soccer player, a hint of anger showing.

"Well this is new…" Kairi wondered and looked into his files.


Everyone was asleep, all but a certain feline. Ikuto went out for a walk and spotted another pink blob! He followed it and ended up near an apartment complex. He took note of this and sneakily went in.

He had heard it... everything… from when she left and what she did…

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