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"Tadase…" Everyone, but Ikuto hissed with clenched fists and gritted teeth ready to kill.

"I don't believe this, but it's true. We had the enemy with us the whole entire time without our knowing and he played along!" Rima shouted. Kukai took the tape recorder out of Ikuto's hands and rewind it to the part when Amu screamed. He winced as if he tried making all of her pain into him. Trying. And trying.

The group agreed that they would play along, but it was hard to agree. They had planned to follow Tadase to see where he was going when 'looking' for Amu the next day.

(Next day 2nd day)

The group silently followed Tadase as he made his way to an abandoned construction site. 'Why's he here?' Went through everyone's mind as they entered the site there they saw… Amu.

They were astonished on how she looked. Her pink hair swishing with the wind as if they were one and her lovely body with all the right curves any man who saw her would think she was an angel sent from heaven. She was wearing a sleeveless black leather jacket that stopped under her breast (forgot what they were called). Under that she wore a black blue shirt that showed her belly button a bit. She also wore blue jeans that was ripped in one knee with blue running sneaker that had black flames on the sides.(Too much description?)

They saw Tadase walking up to her and said something, but they were too far away from hearing range. Amu replied something back that angered Tadagay. Tadase slapped Amu sending her head to the left. He pulled out something from his pocket and cutted Amu on the arms and anywhere with visible flesh. Amu lied there on the ground in a puddle of blood soon after. Everyone gasped at Tadase's behavior and told Ikuto to stay back and nurture Amu's injuries while they go and try to make up an excuse for Ikuto and why they were late to getting to the hotel.

(Once they where gone)(Ikuto POV)

Amu is still lying down on the ground. As I made my way to her making sure she wont suspect me that I was following her.

"Amu!!" I ran up to her and picked her up my eyes filled with worry.

"Amu… can you hear me?" There was a slight nod from the pink haired girl when her dull golden eyes fluttered open to see my dark blue eyes.

"I-Ikuto, why are you here?" She managed to cough out.

"I should be asking you that." I asked her where she lived and it's not like she had a choice, but to tell me though I already knew where she lived. Instead of the apartment complex I went to she sends me to a different apartment complex. 'She must live in separate places for a hide out.' I thought. We entered her home.

As I bandaged her arm I noticed she wasn't looking at me at all.

"Who did this to you?" I asked. Finally after five minutes(actually five seconds)she answered.

"Nobody I just fell" 'Fell my ass! Tadase did this to you admit it!' Ikuto screamed in his head.

"Who-" But Ikuto was interrupted by…!

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